CBS Renews The Bold and The Beautiful, The Price Is Right, The Talk and Let’s Make A Deal Throughout 2013-2014 Season!

CBS just doubled down on their support for their daytime lineup. The Tiffany Network has renewed The Price Is Right, Let's Make A Deal, The Bold and The Beautiful and The Talk for the  2013-2014 TV season. In a released statement, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler said:

Over the past few years, we have successfully transitioned our daytime schedule to a balance of program genres with new creative energy.

Those wondering about The Young and the Restless’ renewal, don’t trip. The Number 1 daytime drama was previously renewed for next season.

Senior VP, Daytime, CBS Entertainment Angelica McDaniel stated:

I am excited and energized by the pickup of our lineup for next season, which features a balanced mix of talk, game shows and drama. We have been #1 for over two decades, and our goal is to challenge ourselves to make our successful schedule even stronger.


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    [quote=katy kennicott]Did anyone doubt that The Talk with Mrs. Les Moonves would be renewed?[/quote]

    I could be in the basement ratings wise and it would have.

  2. Profile photo of LoveVillians

    Anybody that says B&B is good… I won’t go there. B&B is terrible. Read the live boards. Viewers talk more about what they need to drink to watch the show, then about a good story line. B&B is constantly being voted the worst soap.

  3. Profile photo of bottomchef

    congraulations to the talk! it’s a triumph for julie chen especially after the horrid news that zucker doesn’t think ann curry can carry her own primetime tv news show. it’s bec hollywood and the “tolerant” mainstream manhattan media do not want Asian american representation and yet they keep letting anderson cooper be the face of cnn despite his failed ratings. typical from the “tolerant” crowd.

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    At least The Talk & “Mrs. Les Moonves” support their fellow daytime lineup, unlike ABC, Katie, Chew, & ex Revoltion ever have done to any extent. So The Talk is OK by me, & YES I do miss ATWT & GL, but, let bygones be bygones.. As far as B&B, Love Villans, (love your name by the way) they are still way ahead of GH & DOOL, so they are doing something right.

  5. Profile photo of aveRex

    Bygones will never be bygones by me. I say, SCREW CBS! They can take all of the shows off the air as far as I’m concerned. I will always be bitter over the cancellations of ‘World Turns, Guiding Light and ABC’s One Life and All My Children. I’ve never watched a single replacement of those shows and never will.

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    Oh, well.

    I just hope this means Brad Bell & co. realize how VERY fortunate they were to get renewed, and now is the 11th hour to start doing something about that damn show.

    Of course, likely Brad will only see this as they did so GOOD as to get renewed. That’s not it, sorry.

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    Hurray! Regardless what some ppl believe but CBS has actually supported their daypart and out of all the networks CBS is stongest. Impressive to have all their daytime shows to be renewed in one strike of the pen! ;)

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    Congrats to B&B! So far, 2013 has been a great year for soap operas! Days and B&B have been renewed. GH is hot and not on the chopping block anymore. Y&R landed Steve Burton and is in an upswing compared to last year at this time..oh and AMC and OLTL will return, via the Internet in the Spring. :)

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    CBS has such a strong Daytime lineup. They’d be stupid (and they are not) to change what’s working. I’d love to still see ATWT on the air but other than that it so well balanced. Y and R is the only show I watch, but I can see why the Talk is catching on. They are pretty diverse with their daily line up and it’s smart of them to be traveling to different cities.

    And for those that doubt B and B’s power, the show hit a 2.8 rating one day a couple of weeks ago. NO SOAP has been near that other than Y and R. It has been slowly increasing it’s share, kind of like GH is finally starting to do.

    Congrats CBS!

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