General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Connie’s shocked when Kristina attempts to attack her with a baseball bat.  Kristina accuses Connie of killing Trey.  Sonny arrives, and convinces Kris to leave.  Connie shouts that Trey was better off without crazy Kristina, and Kris lunges at Connie. Sonny is forced to pull them apart. A frazzled Connie calls the police.

Patrick asks where Emma is, and Britt has no idea.  Anna arrives and he informs her Emma is missing. Anna immediately calls in some officers to canvas the area, and issues an amber alert.  No one at Kelly's recalls seeing Emma leave, so Patrick starts to worry someone may have taken her.  Anna thinks she may have wandered off, and asks if Emma has been upset lately.  Patrick mentions Emma being having serious reservations about the new woman in his life. Anna asks Britt how things were between her and the young girl.  Britt lies and says she and Emma were getting along fine. 
Anna wonders if there is someplace or someone Emma would run off to seek comfort. Patrick thinks of Sabrina, and tries to call her. However, he isn't able to reach her. 
Michael has proof Tracy used dirty money for the benefit of ELQ. Tracy claims Anthony fabricated Michael’s "proof".  AJ decides to call the FCC, and Tracy stresses that she can’t go to prison.  AJ only wants her to step down as CEO.  Tracy points out AJ won’t be able to take over immediately, because he’ll need to be voted in. She continues on, and states that with Lucy’s vote in the air, they would still be deadlocked.  AJ asks her to sign her shares over to him. 
Tracy turns to Michael and reminds him that she was good to Abby. She wonders if he believes Abby would want this for him. Michael just wants the chance to work with his father.  Tracy signs the papers and vows the fight is far from over.  Michael gives her the originals, and he and AJ celebrate their victory. 
Max and Milo take Spinelli to The Haunted Star to get his mind off of Ellie. As they arrive, Felix drags Liz and Sabrina to the same place.  Felix sends Liz over to Max, and Sabrina to Spin, while he buys Milo a drink and flirts.  Felix propositions Milo, who says he isn’t gay.
Steve informs Ellie that she’ll be discharged tomorrow, and asks about Spinelli.  She tells him Spin turned to someone else. Steve admits he was in a similar situation, but feels grateful Olivia forgave him in the end. 
Sabrina complains about her sad love life to Spinelli, who in turn, admits he slept with Maxie on New Year’s Eve.  Lulu overhears, and becomes enraged with Maxie. Maxie is less than pleased with Spin for blabbing.  Lulu wonders if this is what Britt wanted Maxie to confess. Before she can answer, Dante steps in and assures her nothing has changed. Lulu apologizes to Maxie for always picking at her.    
Maxie’s angry with Spinelli, until he tells her Ellie dumped him.  Maxie attempts to tell him about the baby, but Spin receives a phone call from Ellie. She wants to see him, so Spin heads out.
Dante and a few officers arrive at Connie’s.  Sonny wants everything to go away, but Connie is adamant about pressing charges against Kristina. Kristina openly admits she had every intention of killing Connie.  Dante has no choice but to arrest Kristina.  Sonny is angry with Connie. 
Ellie informs Spin she’s upset, but understands why he slept with Maxie. She tells him she loves him, and Spin asks to be forgiven. 
Lulu apologizes for yelling at Maxie, and promises to worry less. She admits the baby means everything to her.  Maxie swears she’ll deliver a healthy baby for Lulu and Dante. 
Sabrina wanders around on the docks, and comes across Emma. 
Tracy searches for Todd, but finds Connie instead. Connie explains Todd's current situation. Tracy wants her to publish the proof that she used dirty money at ELQ. Tracy professes if she can’t have ELQ, then no one can.   

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    I want Anna to find out what Britt said to Emma and open a can of Scorpio-Devane woopass on her.

    Interesting to have Tracy go the paper with the information.

    Max/Liz: Just no!

    Someone needs to explain to me how two seemingly intelligent women find Spinelli so wonderful. UGH.

    Man, the actress playing Kristina is just not good at the dramatics. Someone should sit her down and make her watch scenes of grief stricken Patrick so she can understand how it’s done.

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    I really want to know when Kristina fell so deeply in love with Trey. I know they were planning to move to Cali but they had only rekindled their relationship. The way this girlie going on and on ad nauseum one would think that they had been in love for years. I just don’t get it.

    Can we kill off Brittle?

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    [quote=Perkie]Max/Liz: Just no![/quote]

    Seriously?! Liz/Max would get me to effectively tune out.

    The show has not been very good since Anna/Robert/McBain exposed Faison.

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    I just don’t get the writers of soaps when it comes to writing the business aspect/side of their shows these days. Never have I seen or watched it be so much about “he took my toy, give it back” and then they other kid hands it back like they do on all four soaps.

    On B&B, every other day there is a switch at the top and never for the better. And although they talk about what the customers will think of the change in creative direction and all that, they still do it. In the past year, we have seen Ridge in charge, Thomas in charge, Eric in charge, and now Rick in charge. We’ve seen Hope give press conferences in the president’s office to discuss her virginity, her marriage, her divorce, her singlehood and all else.

    On GH, tracey fought AJ for control of ELQ. Now, on paper Tracey is the best person to run the conglomerate because she has been at the helm for the past couple of decades while Michael has only worked there for a couple of months and hasn’t set foot in the company since his prostitute girlfriend died. AJ on the other hand worked at ELQ but has been on the lame from the law for the past several years and comes out of the wood work and demands TOP BILLING! I don’t get it since they keep talking about investors and the stock market. In my book, no matter what Tracey has done before, AJ would never get the reigns of the company and the board would hire an outsider to run it.

    On Y&R, there have been sooooooo many CEO’s at the helm in the past year as well that I am surprised the stock is worth much more than junk. First Victor, then Nick and Victoria, then Sharon, than Victor, than Jack, then Adam, than Jack again, than Billy and Adam, than Jack and now back to Adam. I’m sorry, but for the amount of time they mention the stock price in the same breathe as “we must take down Adam” I don’t get why the company just isn’t in more of a tailspin.

    Over on Days, I am not sure what any of the companies do over there. Victor and Stefano were both mob bosses, one local the other international. John lost his company when EJ stole a billion dollars without anyone ever finding it and John is now starting it up again but what is he starting?! It’s as if they just go out there and buy this that and the other thing and PUFF we have BASIC black II.

    I just wish they would write a little bit more realistic. With soaps in primetime making a huge comeback and soaps on daytime making a resurgence, WHY on earth are the soaps scribes on the 4 remaining network soaps still writing like its the 80’s and we all have a mental deficiency that to write any more intelligently would make us drool more!?!!!

    The dialogue is fine. It’s actually much better on GH and Y&R these days. But the stories themselves are ridiculous and are not being told where I don’t feel like an idiot for watching them. Pay attention to a great redux of DALLAS or the intrique of SCANDAL or the amazing stories of THE GOOD WIFE and start bringing that level of creativity to the daytime soaps. Otherwise, daytime soaps will always be a GUILTY PLEASURE I do in the closet.

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    I love General Hospital, but I find myself fast forwarding through most of the show. I don’t care about ELQ, and yes I realize that is the only way they can use AJ, which I personally wish they had never brought back. Michael is someone I don’t even recognize and poor Sonny has no story, Britt is a character I truly wish was run over by a really big truck. I love Spanelli and Ellie, Patrick and Emma, Luke and Carly and Todd and I am excited about the Nurse’s Ball. All this inhouse fighting is not my cup of tea, but it is necessary for the story to unfold. The Kate-Connie story is getting silly, a grown woman steals a book from a child, is that all they can do with her wicked self? The misplaced grief over a child who had no voice until he was dead to Connie is lacking. Mac & Milo & Elizabeth are entertaining, but they also have been left by the wayside. Poor Johnny is reaping what he sowed, which never happens and Sam and McBain, I can’t watch because of Jason being gone. Monica, well I am so disappointed in her that it’s a good thing sweet Edward and Lila are gone, because they would be having her for dinner for hiding, excusing and her misplced loyalty to her other son.

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    Max and Liz? Hell, no! I think it is very obvious there are NO eligible men that are not rapist or child killers that I would want to pair up with Liz. RC should have brought on Q heirs from Edward’s other son, Jimmy Lee Holt. One of the Q heirs could have been a doctor and the other one part of ELQ International.

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    Loved to see Tracy in such top-notch form again! This is the Tracy Q I know and love (to hate). And imo it is totally in her character to try to take down ELQ completely, if she can’t have it herself.

    I love AJ & Michael, and how much they look alike. Michael truly is AJ’s mini-me.

    Having said that, today was the first time I kind of felt they were going a little far with it. I still believe Tracy had a right to run ELQ, and AJ just seemed like he is ousting her out of spite, more than because of concern of ELQ. And it showed in Michael’s face he was starting to doubt himself for helping AJ. And I’m glad he is keeping his wits about himself. Even though I think Michael has done plenty of wrong things to protect Sonny, but I still don’t think he should now do the same for AJ just to “even the scale” somehow. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    Loved Anna in professional mode. I too, was totally expecting her to ream The Britch out and put her on notice. But obviously she is not yet in the loop about that woman.

    Today was the first day I liked Kristina. If nothing else, Lindsey Morgan could possibly train that psycho side of hers. There might still be a place for her somewhere. Besides, anyone who goes against Connie is a friend of mine. Get her, Krissy!

    The HS scenes were just crazy all around. Maxie of course was her usual self-absorbed self, but Lulu also annoyed me. She is getting crazy with the questions and doubt. Of course, we all know she’s right – but she doesn’t know that. So just be quiet for a while.

    Liz looked amazeballs – if only (any) man were there for her………..

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    while I adore Emma no child of mine would ever be so disrespectful to another adult but I was also mad at Patrick why would he allow his child to go to the bathroom alone then get pissy with Britch when she left Emma at the table alone.

    Really hate to think that Maxie would just come clean to Spin about the baby but not to the woman whose child she is supposed to be carrying. Yes Maxie has done some selfish things in her past but she has shown growth why are we reverting her back. Sorry but until DNA proves that this is SPin’s baby I am still considering this fetus as Lante’s.

    Love my Lizzie and I thoroughly enjoyed the drinks at the Star, but please I want a real man for my girl.

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    I am with agreement with those who NuKristina can’t act. She is absolutely horrible, holy crap. I hope they recast or find a way to bring back Lexi, yes it’s a soap and looks mean a lot, but at least take some acting classes or something. I can’t take any of her “emotional” scenes seriously at all.

    As if Liz is being relegated to this…..I hope that love interest FV was teasing about in his interview is on his way soon, she needs a proper storyline, where have her kids been, I don’t think we’ve seen Cam and Aiden since JJ left.

    This whole Maxie/Lante/Spin storyline…..I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, I don’t buy that girls would be battling for a dude like Spinelli, call me shallow if you must, but it’s not plausible in my eyes. I’m really hoping they don’t drag out this paternity secret for too long, I actually enjoy the Maxie/Lulu friendship, with the misogynist of writers GH has had in the past, there were no strong female relationships, and it was nice to actually have one on the show. Eventually they’ll somehow have Spin remember what Maxie told him, and I’m sure Ellie won’t be sticking around for long, and I don’t see him wanting to give up a child he knows is his.

    I really hope Britt doesn’t spin something to make it appear that Sabrina took Emma, cause I can see her sinking to that level, I hope Emma tells her dumbo father what Brit said to her, and he ends it with her. I dislike Brit as much as I disliked Lisa, and oh boy, I hated Lisa.

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    Seeing Sabrina with Spinelli really showed that Sabrina needs to be with people in her own age group. Her and Patrick make no sense unless she will be Emma’s playmate.


  11. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    I think they made it clear that the Max/Liz “date” was nothing more than light comedy. Even Liz herself said that there wasn’t any possibility of anything happening with Max, who — like Milo with Felix (LOL!) — didn’t even realize he had been set up! LOL Calm down, folks!

    As for Lindsay Morgan yesterday — even Andrew Trishitta was doing a major facepalm.

  12. Profile photo of logan_echolls

    To add….Sonny allowed Konnie to call the police on his daughter. How many times is Sonny going to talk his booty calls side over his children??

    I thought these new writers were going to try to improve Sonny.

  13. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I love corporate stories but I think GH has handled this fight for ELQ all wrong. AJ should have been fighting to get back into the company first and then, once inside, he should have begun to try and oust Tracey. The way the storyline has played out so far just seems really rushed and largely superficial.

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    [quote=logan_echolls]To add….Sonny allowed Konnie to call the police on his daughter. How many times is Sonny going to talk his booty calls side over his children?
    I thought these new writers were going to try to improve Sonny.[/quote]

    I’m confused how did Sonny “allow” Connie to call the cops, Sonny kept telling Connie to call the cops back but she refused. Maybe if his daughter wasn’t such an emotional drama queen he wouldn’t had to hold her back.

    Also I am waiting for the day Sonny stops asking Dante for favors, I mean it’s one to ask in private but another right in front of another cop.

    Sonny clearly was on Kristina’s side in this mess

  15. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Lulu looked fantastic but this epi was largely a mess outside of the elq stuff and felix, who is growing on me.

    Couldnt stand michael ranting at tracy about using MOB money (gasp). Does he even know that aj embezzled from ELQ. Doesnt compare in terms of endangering the company and a betrayal of the family. If michael had said to tracy look this is the Quartermaine tradition and Im just going after what I want, I would get it, but the whole self righteous stuff had me SMDH.

  16. Profile photo of DanielAvery

    I hate how they write this whole “I want to be CEO at ELQ” rivalry. I’ve been watching for about a year and still don’t know exactly what ELQ makes/does to be profitable, and I’ve yet to see anyone working there other than Tracy in her office (now AJ’s). You’d think it was a one-person company, with CEO as the only job there. It’s an uninteresting rivalry when you have no sense of what the “prize” is.

    That said, what exactly did they make Tracy sign over? It couldn’t have been her “voting shares,” because (as the will reading highlighted) she HAS no voting shares. She might have the voting proxies for several relatives, but having her sign over a proxy to AJ means nothing if the actual owner of the shares decides not to go along.

    And how could Tracy NOT know Todd was in jail? I would think his recent activities would be quite the new stories.

    WHY is Connie still walking the streets? She very nearly killed Ellie (reckless driving at the LEAST) in the commisson of another crime (kidnapping), as she fled the scene of another crime–assault (Starr ended up hitting her head and going to the hospital). They conveniently gloss over the Ellie angle the most. If I was facing what Ellie is facing, I would be demanding the cops find out WHO hit me, WHY, and making sure that person was in jail. And a lawyer would be prepping a civil suit to sue that person for every penny it took to get me back on my feet. Poor girl has NO ONE from the look of things, so this could potentially ruin her financially. She ought to sue Connie down to her last tacky earring.

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