Jennifer Finnigan Premieres in TNT’s Monday Mornings on February 4

If you watched the blockbuster two-hour second season premiere of Dallas Monday night, you may have caught the promo for TNT’s upcoming medical drama Monday Mornings. The Bold and the Beautiful favorite Jennifer Finnigan stars as Dr. Tina Ridgeway, alongside Battlestar Galactica’s Jamie Bamber as Dr. Tyler Wilson and Alfred Molina as Dr. Harding Hooten, in the series about doctors who push the limits.

Monday Mornings premieres on February 4. Watch Monday Morning’s promos after the jump!


Photo credit: TNT

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    pew research has reported that Asian americans make up 50% of professional and managerial roles and are the most highly educated and have the highest graduation rates among all groups. shouldn’t tv shows w/ academic and corporate and medical settings have majority Asian americans then bec that would be realistic? of course not bec hollywood’s racist and they love to limit Asian american representation while they discriminate against Asian americans w/ hollywood’s racist portrayals and storylines.

    yet tolerant hollywood ignores realism and marginalizes Asian americans. only 1 Asian american male doctor and only 1 Asian american female doctor on this tv show.

    but hollywood is all for “realism” on tv shows w/c suppress the presence of racial minorities like mad men bec that 60s era show’s premise would limit the presence of racial minorities bec being openly racist was normal then. and hollywood is all for “realsim” on hbo’s girls right where racially its diverse ny premise is still abt a group of mostly ugly white women.

    hollywood would rather have ugly white women portrayed romantically than have Asian american males as romantic leading men.

    this new doctors show on tnt is going to portray the white chars w/ romantic storylines but it’ll ignore the Asian americans bec hollywood loves to bash Asian americans. typical from the tolerance crowd.

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