Report: Jeff Zucker Doesn’t Want Ann Curry at CNN!

Ann Curry can’t seem to catch a break these days. Despite reports CNN was eyeing the former Today co-host for a gig, TMZ is reporting the cabler's head honcho Jeff Zucker is not interested in Curry! A source told TMZ:

Ann has been sainted because of what happened to her [on "Today"].  The fact is … she definitely can't carry a prime time show.

Curry shouldn't be too offended. Zucker is the same guy who thought Jay Leno could carry NBC's primetime lineup and that Katie Couric was the Second Coming of Oprah.

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    I disagree. CNN is a joke anymore and I only deal with it when there is nothing else on while working (intune radio). Sorry, but the only person CNN that even holds my attention is Soledad and she’s not doing that so much anymore. Ann, I hope you find some place that appreciates you.

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    Welp, that answers that question, I guess. Looks as if Zucker and NBC/Today are doing a tag team to squeeze Curry.

    I agree, though, CNN is not the venerable news channel that it once was.

    They lost my respect in 2000 when they kept projecting the wrong election results over and over (you’d think they’d wait for confirmation).

    I no longer subscribe to cable and CNN is one of the channels I miss least (along with Faux News Channel).

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    TV Gord

    If this is true (grain of salt time), I agree that Ann Curry might not be able to carry her own show, and I’ve been right at the head of the pack supporting her mostly because of the way NBC/Lauer treated her. The same thing happened when Conan got screwed by NBC/Leno. I was all for Conan, but when his show began on TBS, I was (and continue to be)…underwhelmed.

    Zucker has been hired precisely because CNN is in such a mess, and I’m looking forward to what he has in mind. He has more successes than failures in the TV industry, so I’m not ready to pile on the way so many of us jumped to the same sort of conclusions about Curry and Conan. I’m rooting for him, because I used to love CNN, and I’ve missed it.

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    She should go to Fox News, at least they care about hard news, vs. that Kardashian mom being on Today on 9/11 while every single other major network and news channel broke away for memorial services.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @TV Gord: Another episode of the Real Soap Fans of Daytime Confidential now?

    So you are right. Anne just can’t carry a show. But she can do interviews. Yet, CNN is not the place for her. Maybe she should go back to local news doing “7 on Your Side.” I kid…I kid!

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    I had no idea “hard news” meant fake news that is slanted to appeal to irrational, reactionary, unenlightened, fundamentalist, racist, right wingnuts and consists of flagrant tea-baggery. That’s what your Fox News provides.

    I would like to think Ann Curry’s standards are higher than that.

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    I would not wish Faux News on anybody! You sell your soul once you work for them!!!
    I feel bad for Ann, hopefully someone credible will hire her somewhere. She might not be able to carry a show but she is great with interviews and the celebrities seem to like and trust her!

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    TV Gord

    She has done some incredible work on Rock Center, and Brian Williams seems to like her, so it would be nice if she could stay there. Rock Center is moving to Friday nights, so you can be damn sure Matt would be long gone by then! ;-)

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    she can’t carry a primetime show bec she’s an Asian american female!

    this is exactly the product of hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media’s racism and whitewashing against Asian americans!

    they don’t give opportunities to Asian americans as leading chars on primetime and therefore they’ll use that to prevent Asian americans from having their own tv primetime shows.

    yet cnn can have the very bitchy and openly gay anderson cooper have his failed primetime tv show despite his low ratings bec he’s white.

    no one takes him seriously bec he ruined his brand. his failed daytime talk show has shown how unappealing and condescending and very petty he is.

    but hollywood and the “tolerant” manhattan mainstream media don’t think curry can carry her own primetime tv show bec they don’t want Asian americans to succeed.

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    Oh Yeah Jeff, CNN is so formidable, your ratings have been even lower than joke of a news channel MSNBC. Ann is too good for your shitty CNN. Go and F*** yourself a new one Jeff.

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    I think Fox News Covers more hard news than CNN. Fox News comes from a conservative perspective, but CNN has now become full of human interest storylines and fluffly celebrity news with the exception of Pier’s show which is now only focusing on gun control which I think is a dumb move.

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    [quote=bottomchef]this is exactly the product of hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media’s racism[/quote]

    gigglesnort at tv gord throwing personal attacks bec it can’t refute hollywood and the mainstream manhattan media’s racism towards racial minorities! btw nyt reported that hollywood executives refuse to discuss the success of scandal’s total ratings and having the number 1 ratings for its 18-49 demo against its direct competitors and it being the highest rated scripted drama among African americans! it’s bec hollywood isn’t primarily abt money. that is secondary to shaping the culture and racist hollywood people must be annoyed that a tv show like scandal is successful despite the lead being an African american female who is not some stereotype. Congratulations to kerry washington for her ratings success and for being a full fledged fashionista!

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    TV Gord

    bottomchef, I hope you’re as pissed off as I am that the NAACP Image Awards kept saying Friday night that Kerry Washington is the first lead actress in a network TV series in 40 years. I thought that was highly disrespectful to Regina Taylor, who starred in not one (I’ll Fly Away), but two (The Unit), network TV series long after Julia. Highly disrespectful.

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