Watch One Life to Live Alum Jason Tam in 'Do No Harm' Teaser!

If you’ve missed seeing Jason Tam on your TV since One Life to Live went off the air, you can how see him in NBC’s new Jekyll and Hyde styled medical series Do No Harm. In the pilot, Tam plays Brandon, one of the new doctors under the supervision Dr. Jason Cole.

Rescue Me alum Steven Pasquale brilliantly portrays Jason Cole and his evil nighttime alter, Ian. After years of being suppressed by drugs Jason has been administering to himself before 8:25 p.m., Ian becomes immune and tries to destroy Jason's life. Pasquale stars opposite Phylicia Rashad, Michael Esper and Alana De La Garza. Do No Harm premieres January 31, but you can watch it already on or HuluPlus.

Check out previews for Do No Harm after the jump!


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I do miss Jason Tam. I wasn’t feeling the premise of this show but I didn’t know it would feature Jason and the Queen TV Mother of all TV Mothers Phylicia Rashad. I will most definitely check out this series now.

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