Adam vs. Victor Becomes a Blood Feud on The Young and the Restless

Adam (Michael Muhney) and Victor (Eric Braeden) sparred over Newman.  Poor Adam, he will never get the approval he so desperately wants from his father. I think it’s because they’re just too much alike. Later, Adam told Sharon (Sharon Case) he’d never let Victor get the company back. 

He went on to tell Sharon he didn’t want her to get caught in the middle of his blood feud with Victor. She said not to worry, because she has her doctor and her meds. Of course, Victor’s little spy went running to Victor. Her ex-husband (Editor's Note: Ewwww!) realized Sharon is the key to getting at Adam. Considering Sharon has been the “key” to a lot of things for Victor, Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Adam, who knows what this story will unlock? 

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) didn’t seem too enthused by Gloria’s (Judith Chapman) interest in getting involved in the fashion business.

At Nick’s bar, he told Sharon he was glad to see her return to normal. That makes two of us!

Later on, Chloe returned to Crimson Lights, upset because the stolen money was missing from their house. Cut to Adriana (Jhoanna Flores) showing up at Noah's (Robert Adamson) dad's bar with the loot.

Cane (Daniel Goddard) sought career counseling from Katherine (Jeanne Cooper). Tucker (Stephen Nichols) interrupted their conversation to start an argument with the Aussie. Kay seemed to keep struggling with her memory. I hope they aren't going the dementia route with the grand dame of Genoa City. Kay was coherent enough, however, to understand Tucker when he said he was leaving town.

I was never a big fan of the Tucker character, but I admit him saying goodbye to Katherine got to me a bit.

Tuesday’s episode ended with Steve Burton pulling on a coat…da, da, da, dum.

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    Those Tucker/Kay scenes were quite emotional, and I’ve never really been much of a Tucker fan. Had he been written better from the beginning, it REALLY would’ve got to me, but those two acted their asses off in that scene…and the end, when Katherine wanted to say “I love you”…but only brought herself to say “goodbye”…idk. I miss Tucker now all of a sudden….

    Ready for Avery to see Dylan. I’m sure that will happen probably FRIDAY…can’t wait.

    I’m STILL not interested in this money story. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT. I’m ready for the writers to break up Chloe and Kevin. Put Chloe with someone else…Billy or Cane….or bring back Ronan, since Carmine is romancing Lauren :D

    Glad to have Sharon back….Sharing’s gone….at least for now.

  2. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    The Tucker/Kay scenes fell flat because they never had an emotional connection. And Stephen Nichols has been phoning in his performance for about a year. The Tucker character was a complete bust and the retcon (wait Jill’s not Kay’s daughter she’s LAUREN’S SISTER!) should have NEVER HAPPENED.

    The only worthwhile scenes on Tues. show were between Victor and Adam.

  3. Profile photo of kintex

    The Adam vs Victor rivalry is must see TV. Both actors were great.

    They should have kept Tucker around for a triangle with Victor and Nikki. I always wanted to see Nikki and Tucker together. After the way Katherine has shunned him while embracing Victor, I wasnt moved by her tears.

  4. Profile photo of richalan67

    Tuesday was a great episode. I wish though that I could care that Tucker left. Had it been any other actor than Stephen Nichols, I would have cared. I wanted to shove those dark glasses up his butt every time he wore them. I couldn’t stand him as Steve on DOOL and disliked him even more on YR. We are much better off without him.

  5. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    I would assume that Victor would embrace Adam as he is the only Newman offspring who is most like Victor. Loved the scene between those two.

    Loved the Adam & Chelsa/Sharon scene on Wednesday’s episode…. what is is with all of the people in Genoa City daydreaming? I have said it before and I will say it AGAIN – must be something in the water.

    Bye Bye Tucker. I thought that Jeanne Cooper was going to actually fall asleep in that scene. It just was not ” there ” – if you know what I mean.

    And Billy “hiring” Chelsea for the new J’Abott divison…. think Victoria is in for a wild ride these next few months!!


  6. Profile photo of tedew

    Victor has met his match and he knows it. He knows that Adam can outVictor Victor. What’s he going to do about it? He should have embraced the opportunity if even just to try to back stab in the future. After all, Adam really is the only one of the Newman runts who actually seems to have the business sense to run the empire.

  7. Profile photo of pjc722

    I understand budgets and even the actors other commitments outside of this show, but I think the fans deserved to see Tucker say good bye to Devon, Jill and even opt out of selling his shares to Victor in the end of Newman. I had high hopes for the character when he first came on under the original actor and didn’t mind it so much that he was then played by Stephen Nicols. But the writers on both regimes wasted the talented actors and could never once figure out how to make Tucker fit into the landscape of Genoa City.

    The last scene was heartbreaking.

    But I am surprised no one picked up on the fact that they are writing Katherine again as forgetting things that were recently told to her. She had to ask Cane to repeat what he told her the day before and Tucker had to remind her that Ester told her he was coming. Honestly, Jill and Josh should really look at the past stories and realize that we already had this story and Kevin (always on the wrong side of the law and ALWAYS acting as if it’s justified) and Gloria tried to gaslight her into signing things over to them.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Victor and Adam scenes because that is what acting is all about!! It brought me back to the 70s and 80s of soaps where characters like Rachel/Mac or Iris (Beverly McKinsey) would have dialogue that wouldn’t cut away and you could feel the emotions. (Of course there were MANY other great examples from other soaps back then too).

    I was EVEN more pleased witht he day before when Adam called out Victoria, Nick and Abby for being the reason why NEWMAN had to go public AND IT’S a shame that they writers had to write Victoria’s response to be so “I am better than you and that was different” instead of FOR ONCE showing that the Newman siblings can take blame for their actions where their father is concerned. Nick walks away from the company YET Jack and ADAM are bastards for taking it from his father. Victoria sues her father with her siblings for 1.5 billion bucks and the simple fact the company is publicly traded was to pay for their winfall and thus jeopardized its ownership for ever, and she thinks she had no blame in the current situation.

    Sure, it was sweet seeing Victoria ask Adam for the favor. But I wish they showed it as being more sincere by possibly and HONESTLY saying she is ready to be a sister.

    Victor is an jack-ass.

  8. Profile photo of BREDOB

    Really wasn’t too moved by the Tucker/Catherine good-bye scene. Catherine put so many conditions on Tucker coming back into her life. And him having to sell back the shares to Victor was, as far as I’m concerned, absoluely ridiculous. Something she had no right to do.
    The thing I’m most curious about is what diagnosis they will give Nicky. It sounds like it’s terminal. Is she a stage 4 ovarian or pancreatic cancer? Surely they wouldn’t mail her that kind of news. But her saying there aren’t going to be any more weddings, or any more divorces tells the audience a lot, while telling us nothing at all.
    I honestly hope against hope that Victor doesn’t take back control of Newman, although with Tuckers shares, he now has enough to do so. I like the new reforming(?reformed?)Adam. I know he has a history of doing bad things, but he really hasn’t done anything really mean in at least a year. I was deeply moved by him almost begging /Victor to just show him a little approval, just a scrap of love. Victor’s line telling him that he could have been a member of the family at any time, that he had chosen to be the outcast all the while, but at the same time absolutely refusing to show him one lick of any kind of love or even a little praise, made me hate Victor even more than ever, and made the audience realize that Adam really was not welcome to become a member of the family. As far as I’m concerned it’s Victor who has the black, empty heart. His kids are all quite aware of how conditional his “love” is, but yet he is still given the right to run roughshod over everyone, not changing one bit. Him telling Adam that he was empty was so cruel. Adam has done nothing but a good job at Newman, and it’s cost him his marriage. An there is not a word of thanks for the good job he’s doing, or for his devotion for the company.
    Time will tell all, but with the way they’re cutting staff in this soap trying to get back to the core characters, I worry that someone like maybe Michael Muhney might be the next to go.

  9. Profile photo of Amtronic

    I’m hoping for Sharon to discover she is bi so she can go after Victoria, and then cap it off with an encounter with a drunken Nikki. That would be a full sweep of the Newman clan.

  10. Profile photo of InnerBeauty

    I hope Adam makes Victor’s life hell. I am looking forward to seeing the feud play out between these two.

    Sharon won’t be normal for long as it looks like Victor will find a way to tamper with her medication.

    By calling Steve’s character Mac, it makes me forget what the character’s name is supposed to be. Dylan right? Oh, wait I get it, Mac is short for McAvoy.

    I’m sorry I don’t care for the new Noah, or his ex, or the money.

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    I like the father/son feud. I hope they keep it up since the Jack vs Victor thing is just so tired.

    It is too bad that the Tucker character was wasted and not well written. Kay and Tucker’s last scene was good, but when you have a goodbye scene, it should really impact you, and I was a little bit…”eh”… Hopefully this brings more screen time between Jill and Kay. That’s conflict I really miss. (And no dementia story please…)

    That goddamn money story…uuuggghhhh. The only thing I like is looking at Noah. :love: :love: :love:

  12. Profile photo of harlee490

    This brings new refueling for someone other then Jack into a feud…and it’s a blood feud. I like this direction.

    The scenes of Kay\Tucker was ok but the character of Tucker was mismanaged big time by MAB …again and lost cause. I’m glad he’s removed and progress forward. What this can do is give Katherine a big story from Tucker leaving and it will include Jill. It can create some aftermath story-wise it will be worth it.

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