Did CBS Fricassee Plans For Syndicated Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis Talk Show?


Apparently being a reality TV star possessing an actual skillset isn't the key to nabbing a syndicated daytime talk show (Hello, Kris Jenner). According to the New York Post, plans for a chatfest featuring Food Network personalities Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis have been shish kabobed.

The project was rumored to have the participation of CBS Television Distribution and would have featured Flay and De Laurentiis in a Live With Kelly and Michael type set up. Don't feel too bad for the foodie friends, though. Flay currently hosts five series on The Food Network; while De Laurentiis is the center of the cabler's Giada at Home and also appears on Today.

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    I LOVE Giada and her recipes actually work! I find Flay a bit more annoying outside of BF’s Showdown. I wonder if De Laurentis & Flay would have continued their Food Network commitments and a syndicated talk show if picked up? I like them where they are at although Flay is overexposed. Still, a talk show with these talented chefs would beat the hell outta of the tedious The Chew.

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    Mr. Flay is my hate to love him guy. He has that arrogance that draws me like the a moth to the flame. As for Giada, she’s the kind of woman I want to hate but cant because she is simply too nice. Having watched The Chew a few times recently for varying reasons I think it’s improved and replacing Daphne and Clinton with Bobby and Giada could only help.

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    @maxsmom: “moth to the flame.” LOL. Bobby Flay could have that affect.

    The Chew would HUGELY benefit from an overhaul that swapped in Giada and Bobby but I would choose Carla and Mario! IMO, Clinton & Daphne are the only “TV ready” hosts on the show. The concept of the show is not bad at all but nothing gels.

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    Soapbaby, Bobby has that bad boy appeal.

    As far as tv ready, I think that Clinton and Daphne are too rehearsed and eager.
    I don’t like Mario but I think his recipes are interesting and I have loved Carla since Top Chef and though even I find his laugh annoying, I refer to Michael Symon as my husband when talking to my husband.

    So far, my love of 2 hasn’t outweighed my problems with 3 of course a show with my husband(Michael), lover(Bobby), and girl crush(Carla) might only appeal to me

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