EXCLUSIVE: Cameron Mathison Dishes Hot in Cleveland, Belle's and All My Children


DC: You've been a really busy bee, with your GMA correspondent job, Hot in Cleveland and you're also doing a guest spot on TV One's newest comedy Belle's. Can you tell me a little bit about the show?

Cameron Mathison: It was such a fantastic time and such a long time ago I shot that episode. I worked with a legendary producer/director, Ed Weinberger. He’s creator of The Cosby Show and so many others. He has this show and I’m actually family! The family has this restaurant. It’s just about family, life and keeping it going and tying it back to history and just a really, really good cast of actors and also serious and traumatic. I’m actually related to the family through a series of coincidences, but they don’t actually see it. There is a misunderstanding as to who I am, as to who my character is. As we did the math, it became clear I’m family. I love that aspect, being tied into the show. They mentioned it was recurring so that would be nice to pop back in and work with all those great people.

DC: What was it like working with Basketball Wives spitfire Tami Roman? Are you a closeted BBW fan?

Cameron Mathison: [Laughs] No, I’m not. You know I don’t want this to come out the wrong way, but I didn’t even know she was on that show when I started working with her. I just saw this beautiful woman who was really talented and funny and thought, “That’s what I’m talking about!” I show up on set and she’s very striking and gorgeous and when we started running the scenes I thought, “Wow, she’s good!” and I was thinking, “I hope they have some budding romance or something out of it. Then I heard later she’s a big star. I’ve seen and heard of her before, but not from Basketball Wives.

DC: What other projects can your fans look forward to this year?

Cameron Mathison: I did an independent film back in the fall called Carriers, but I’m not exactly sure where that will end up. Hopefully that will be put out somewhere some people can see it. I really enjoyed production.  I finished a movie for television for GMC. They are doing a lot of movies. It was a really interesting moving for television. Very different for what you typically see on television; it’s called The Carpenter’s Miracle. I play the carpenter in that and it’s an excellent script and really well directed. I was surrounded by really good talent. I play a conflicted character that saves a boy’s life and in doing so in a since saves his own.  That was a really good experience. I’m also up here in Toronto shooting a movie with Jennie Garth for ABC Family, that’s a romantic comedy. I’ve worked with Jennie many times over the years. She cracks me up and is amazing; another great script and another great comedy.


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As much as I like Cameron personally, keeping Ryan off AMC is the most hopeful thing I've heard yet about this tenuous renewal. Ryan was tiresome to the point of exhaustion.

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Ain't that the truth.

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I understand that many actors have other commitments now. Good for Cameron. I am not concerned about not getting to see Ryan Lavery in Pine Valley. There are a lot of characters we won't get to see; but hopefully, the characters we will see get good story.

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Hallelujah no Ryape

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Ryan and Greenlee are two characters that need to stay retired.