First Impressions: Steve Burton Debuts as Dylan McAvoy on The Young and the Restless

What are your First Impressions of former General Hospital star Steve Burton’s debut on The Young and the Restless as Dylan McAvoy?

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    Don’t understand the Messiah-like hype. What gives?? I’m embarrassed for CBS Daytime.

    And what was with just showing the back of his head for the ENTIRE episode? For the benefit of the 5 viewers on the planet Earth who didn’t know he’d be on Y&R??

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    I will never accept him as anyone but Jason. He can go to Y&R all he wants. He is still Jason. I will never watch him on Y&R because of that. Steve Burton is dead to me until he goes back to GH.

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    I was lolling that he did “a couple tours in both” Afghanistan and Iraq. Not that there aren’t brave men and women who’ve done four tours in warzones, but OF COURSE “Mac,” played by Ubermensch Steve Burton and written by JFP (let’s be real; Griffiths isn’t even allowed in the room when Burton’s storyline is being written) is a super-duper soldier who will have all of the ladies in his lap in fewer than six weeks.

    Also: His haircut’s the same, his acting still barely warrants the word and Sharon Case couldn’t elicit a thing from him in their scene.


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    Restless Fan

    With the way JFP has unnecessarily overhauled the background music it looked and sounded like a scene right out of her General Hospital.

    Some stories are better. Dialogue is certainly improved. But Y&R is still boggled down with stories that seem to have come from nowhere (i.e. Noah and the money…zzzzzzz, still too many newbies). My question is, if Josh G really knows this show as well as its been said why isn’t he channeling more history like Ron and Frank are doing successfully at GH? Even Days has improved since the return of Kristen DiMera.

    Mostly I loathe how drastically they changed the music. I’m all for new material but the new stuff is about as generic sounding as you can get. Y&R now sounds like any soap that ever aired on ABC. I’m so distracted with how loud it all is and does nothing to compliment the writing.

    Regimes who know nothing about what made each show special can be a real pain in the ass.

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    I was more interested in the Victor vs Adam showdown. That is what stood out for me. Eric Braeden and Michael Muhney knocked those scenes out of the park.

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    I think any thoughts I may have about this superstar stud have been tainted by what I’ve read … I’ll have to give it time.

    Regarding the music these day? I think it is different and I rather like the new direction. It’s good to see some modernization.

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    hey mon

    He seems like an ordinary guy who just stepped onto the canvas. Not sure what all of the hype was about.

    I’d rather see what Summer is up to… and Kyle. Hopefully they are off-screen falling into love… as sister and brother!

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    Restless Fan

    Coffee_Junkie I agree. I have heard a few scores I like but I mostly hate it. The new music sounds like something they got from a mass produced library that you’d hear on Animal Planet with alligators chasing prey. It’s so not an improvement IMO. The music before was unique and created specifically for the show and it’s style. Honestly I’m not enjoying the show as much as I probably could because I’m so put off by how it’s scored now. JFP has not hit a home run in that dept.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]The new music is AWFUL. Y&R is now a blueprint for “How to kill a SOAP in less than a year.”[/quote]

    Of course, it just got a renewal, along with the rest of CBS Daytime. They must be doing something right.

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    Sorry, Steve but I stopped watching Y&R awhile back because the show just
    wasn’t interesting or compelling in any way. The only reason that I would
    ever start watching again is if they brought back original cast member Jaime Lyn Bauer as Lorie Brooks. She is a superb actress and a beautiful
    woman & might actually make the show worth watching. Until that happens,
    the show is off my radar … and I watched from the very first episode back
    in 1973. Bill Bell, you were incredible & I’m sorry that they are destroying your once brilliant show!

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    hey mon

    … and we have to call him Mac. All I could think of the absolute worst actress to ever the grace the Y&R screen, Clem Ford as MacKenzie Helstrom, Katherine’s grand-daughter. Please JFP, don’t make us call him ‘Mac’.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: When I’m impressed, I’ll tell you! Until then I am wondering what he is doing on Y&R? Steve Burton cannot do for Y&R what Victoria Rowell did. No matter how many other soap stars they try to put in there it ain’t gonna work. Even Jesus can’t turn a trick to fan delight. Now I like Y&R again, but so far Steve Burton is say persona non grata!

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    [quote=Restless Fan]With the way JFP has unnecessarily overhauled the background music it looked and sounded like a scene right out of her General Hospital.[/quote]

    I totally agree. The music is utterly awful. It sounds exactly like JFP’s General Hospital.

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    tedew, please don’t ever make a decision whether to watch or not by the comments on here. Most of them are mean and negative. And that’s about everything. Watch and decide for yourself. I really enjoyed Steve Burton on Y&R and think he will add a new dimension to the show.

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    The way they revealed him, you would have thought he was an already established character. Did they use the “Pan to the face” technique to say “HEY WE GOT STEVE BURTON, EAT IT BYTCHEZ?!”

    The dialog on the show is so GENERIC now!!!! I thought I was watching a commercial when he met Sharon.

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    I tuned back into Y&R specifically because of Steve. Yeah, it was unnecessary to not show his face until today, but as soon as they did, I couldn’t stop smiling. It is nice to see him on screen again. For as long as he is there I will keep watching Y&R. And also because of Michael Muhney. I couldn’t stand Adam at first, but since I’ve started watching again, I am team Adam all the way!

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    I think Steve Burton is gorgeous and a body to die for. I never thought much of his acting but then again that could have been his part on GH. I think that since Adam is not having any luck with the gals in GC he ought to re-explore his bisexuality and have a fling with Mack/Dylan, then Carmine, then Neil and go the “ho” route that Sharon does so well. Adam then realizes that Mack/Dylan is “the one” and alas Y&R has a “supercouple” for the 2000’s….bahahahahahaha

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    Angie Lucy

    I thought that Steve Burton smiled more on today’s episode of Y&R than he had in the last few years on GH. Some of that was the way Jason was written of course, but maybe some of that was his (or the director’s) choice. I don’t know, but it was nice to see. I’ll have to wait until his character actually does something before I weigh in on Dylan/Mac…except that I hate calling him Mac. We have a Mac. She’s a boring do-gooder who was last played by an unfortunate choice of actresses, but still we have a Mac.

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    I have to go along with the majority of the 27 posts ahead of mine and about 90 per cent of them feel as I do. This guy isn’t much of an actor in my books. I also am like the majority above, do not care for the crappy music. That use to be one of my favorite things about the show. Now we have a lot more newbies, that should never have been hired. The Adriana broad is just terrible and the money story and the awful NY cop is just horrendous.

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    This is the first time I have ever heard him speak/act as I don’t watch GH. I don’t think he’s as awful as some of the comments I’ve read on here, so I’ll be giving his character a chance as long he’s not shoved down our throats. Not bad to look at either.

    It is nice to see a happy, sane Sharon, and I can’t wait to find out what’s up with Nikki! Liking the story direction more and more.

    And now again for the music…I just don’t like it either. It doesn’t enhance any of the dialogue, scenes, stories, nada…

    Our old “tunes” were always fitting of what was happening on the screen at the time and never distracted you from what was going on. If the goal was to modernize or update the score that hasn’t happened. I’d rather hear some of the current EDM than that alternative, guitar ridden junk they keep playing. It’s a miss JFP, sorry.

    And one more random thought…for months everyone seemed to eat at “On The Blvd.” then it was gone. I liked it, but it was the only restaurant we saw. They torched Gloworm, and now everyone’s back at the Athletic Club (which I like). Can’t we have both places and The Underground too? Or was there another fire I missed? >) >) >)

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    I started watching because of Tyler. But it seems like Steve Burton lost some weight. He looks healthier. He didn’t really bring anything to the show today. I think they were doing a chem test between him and Sharon today so after this storyline is over with him and Nick/Avery, they will move him on to a Sharon/Adam storyline.

    They needs Dru back badly. Not only will ratings shoot up but I would love to see the Senator see that Leslie is in town and with Neil and he sends for Dru to come back to ruin the Neil/Leslie love affair. Or when Dru come back, her and Tyler hooks up which pisses off Neil. Leslie is pissed that Neil is pissed. Judgmental Devon is pissed and trying to break them up. Lily could get jealous about Dru and Tyler. Basically I just need Dru.

  22. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    They couldn’t show Steve’s face in earlier episodes where Dylan was on his way to GC, since Steve hadn’t filmed any episodes until the one that aired yesterday. The hands and back were a body double of sorts, I think.
    It was refreshing to see him in something other than a black t-shirt. I like black t-shirts and all but every day? Even on GH, Jason was in a suit and tie for like two seconds for a special event yet there was always something that made him change back to his gingerbread man style.
    I have watched both Y&R and GH, and mostly GH, just started back on Y&R after ATWT went off the air. I too sort of wish Y&R would be more with its roots. Like keep Tracy around long-term for once and bring Nina back.

  23. Profile photo of richalan67

    I for one do not want to see Drucilla back! We finally have Phyllis basically under control and not scene chewing. Dru hogged so much time and space. Her mouth has burned every bridge and hope of coming back. I like Leslie and think she has smokin chemistry with Neil.

  24. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    pferrando-I actually miss the old Gina’s set. They torched that back in the day when Colleen was still part of the cast and Kevin had a few more “wrinkles” to his character. (And I’m not talking chipmunk fur either. ;) )

    As regards SBu-I can’t help but think JFP has done him, as well as the entire show, a diservice with all of the advance hype/promotion. It didn’t work with GF, and that’s also taking into account that it was under MAB’s tenure. I would offer the opinion that his entry on to the Y&R canvas has at least one strike against it. And that is he has been set up, to a degree, as being “bigger” than the other members of the show. (I’m not talking acting ability. That’s a whole different post.) For some viewers, that’s like a red flag in front of a bull, serving to antagonize. I’m pretty sure JFP doesn’t see it as such, but the woman didn’t see (or refused to see) what was happening to the shows that she was executive producing. It’s too early to tell what, if any, impact Mr. Burton will have as it relates to story and ratings… 0:)

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    TV Gord

    People who haunt the message boards too often forget that there are soap fans who never read anything about the soaps they watch. Those people probably enjoyed the speculation about who this mystery person was. Who belonged to the back of that head?

    Just because YOU feel a certain way, it doesn’t mean everyone does. That’s probably the most frequent thing that crosses my mind as I read message boards such as this one.


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    I enjoyed it. I’m not into GH, so I don’t know much about Steve Burton….so seeing his face did nothing for me. however, it was a pretty classic soapy introduction…

    I don’t like the music for Y&R right now. Y&R always had the absolute BEST music, and now it sounds like those god-awful ABC soaps. Every now and then they’ll throw in a classic score and it just carries the scene THAT much farther.

    With the preliminaries out of the way…let me address this again, and yall already know what I’m about to say:

    I’m so tired of these GH’ers coming to every single Y&R post and complaining about a show they hardly watch. I’m tired of all the negativity…Y&R is not a blueprint for anything except how to be the number 1 soap for over 20 years. it’s not a failure, and at the end of the day, I don’t see why the soaps have to have this ridiculous competition. GH vs. Y&R is NOT a competition, and it never will be. WHY? Because I honestly believe we should support all the soaps. NO, I don’t watch GH as much as I do Y&R, because I’m just not invested in it, but I also don’t go to every GH post where everyone is praising how campy and craptastic the writing is, and say how BAD I think the show is. I respect everyone’s opinion, and for prospective viewers who may want to see what the majority think about the show, I leave it to their own interpretation. LET the people watch it and form their own opinion. You don’t have to flood the boards with negativity about Y&R just because GH is your personal favorite. And secondly, GH vs. Y&R is not a valid competition because Y&R damn near consecutively almost DOUBLES GH’s viewers, so obviously the show isn’t THAT bad.

    I don’t kiss the writer’s ass. I didn’t kiss MAB’s ass, I’m not kissing JG’s ass…but I’m being honest about how i feel. I think the writing is much better. The dialogue is MUCH sharper, and the only real criticisms I have right now are that I don’t like the new music, and I don’t like the stolen money story. ONE story out of at least six that they have going on right now.

    Point is, if you don’t like Y&R, or don’t watch Y&R, stop bitching about it so much and go cuddle up next to your Ron Carlivati picture taped to the pillow in your bed….geez.

  27. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    Stoney – I absolutely love your post. I am one happy camper to see Burton on Y & R. So Mr. Burton, I hope you are on a ton because I love those blue eyes and the rest ain’t bad either. Love the new Noah. I actually like most of the characters now that Phyllis is not such a focal point. Anyway, as always looking forward to my downtime tonight and watching today’s episode.

  28. Profile photo of JasamForever

    I am enjoying Y&R lately and GH not so much. When they decided to introduce vampires in PC I lost interest, plus there are way too many newbies walking around that I could care less about and this means the OLTL’ers as well.

    I am a big fan of Steve Burton, however I do have to admit his acting was a bit wooden on today’s eposide. I am sure he may be a bit nervous being on a new soap and playing a new character, so I am definately going to wait a while longer before I give my final judgement.

    What I love about Y&R is they actually show a LOT of characters in one episode. You may not see a character in the first 15 minutes, but may see the character in the second half. I like the rotation. The only character that I think is rotated too much is Adam and Sharon. I think they need to be backburned a bit.

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    [quote=richalan67]I for one do not want to see Drucilla back! We finally have Phyllis basically under control and not scene chewing. Dru hogged so much time and space. Her mouth has burned every bridge and hope of coming back. I like Leslie and think she has smokin chemistry with Neil.[/quote]

    I, like you, have absolutely no desire to see Dru backed. She was never that great, except in her mind. I don’t think too many shows think it she is anything special. About 3 or maybe less years ago, she was on Ghost Whisperer for about a whole 2 minutes in a scene anyone could have done. Maybe she will get more than two minutes tonight on Law and Order, but I could care less and hope she never returns to YR and if I never heard her mentioned again on this site, I would be absolutely thrilled.

  30. Profile photo of stoney07

    There’s a difference between Victoria Rowell and Drucilla.

    I said it the other night on twitter…I don’t know Victoria Rowell THE PERSON…but I DO know that her presence is missed on Y&R ONSCREEN. I don’t care about behind the scenes stuff…everyone on that set just about has an ego…not to mention that we shouldn’t take one side over the other. To be honest, I don’t care WHAT happened offscreen. DRUCILLA needs to come back, and since Victoria Rowell put her mark on that character, I want HER back as Dru.

    Some don’t want her back, and some do. this really had nothing to do with her, but since she’s been brought up, and since I’m already on a tangent and not in the greatest mood (woke up on the wrong side of the bed…grouchy) let me say, I’m sick and tired of Victoria Rowell being brought up whenever there is a Drucilla mention. Remember the good ole days when we hardly knew ANYTHING about these actors and we just knew the characters and what was best for the show? What has happened though, is some people have read that allegedly VR has this huge ego and was hard to work with, and now all of a sudden some “fans” of Y&R say that she shouldn’t be back…nevermind HER side of the story.

    What i say to that is, I don’t necessarily like Victor Newman…but as a fan of Y&R, I know the ratings would be affected if Victor was to disappear and never return. Same with Katherine Chancellor. it’s not about what we THINK about the actors and what they do offscreen. It’s about the character and what’s best for the show. And no one can say that Victoria Rowell’s return as Dru wouldn’t generate some GOOD press for the show and spike ratings…I don’t believe ANYONE would say that Dru’s return wouldn’t affect ratings…

  31. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    It’s funny how memories vary or how people tend to re-interpret facts to suit their own opinions. I do not recall the character of Drucilla “hogging” airtime at all. The show seemed well-balanced to me. Maybe, it’s MY memory that’s playing tricks.

  32. Profile photo of tedew

    sponge89 … never fear. I know I don’t (and probably most here don’t either) base my watching habits on what I read. I will always watch even when I’m not liking a lot of it because something is always interesting or amusing.

  33. Profile photo of richalan67

    Stoney… my not wanting Drucilla back really has nothing to do with VR. I don’t really get into reading about these people. I was trying to say that I did not care for the character of Dru. I believe the ship has sailed with that character. I want to see Neil and Leslie really have a hot romance. I think they are great together. I for one have never liked the back from the dead sls on any show. Go ahead and blame your mood on getting out of the wrong side of the bed. I blame mine lately on lack of sunshine here in the East :)

  34. Profile photo of stoney07

    not to mention the freakin tornado threats…I don’t understand it. a BUNCH of snow Saturday, and 76 degrees on Wednesday….but expected snow by Friday. I can’t…

  35. Profile photo of Jorpa

    I’m reserving judgement until Steve actually gets into the stories. Two days is not enough to judge him on. I will say, however, he looks better in colors other than black, and he didn’t look as bored as he did on GH.

  36. Profile photo of blake3b

    I would like VR to return as Drucilla. And it would be great if her sister Olivia did also. I don’t remember her hogging all the airtime, the show was always balanced back in those days.

  37. Profile photo of happy2

    I am a huge fan of General Hospital but Steve Burton is blending well with all the characters on the Young and the Restless. Today he shared scenes with several different people and he was happy and charming and sweet and kind. He smiled a lot and I just loved it. If you refuse to see his character on this show you are missing out.

  38. Profile photo of tedew

    acela … most here are not Y&R haters. Most are simply stating their feelings and providing constructive criticism.

    Likewise, no one is forced to read this blog of viewers.

  39. Profile photo of tedew

    Well physically I think Steve Burton is a rather odd looking fellow.

    What I don’t get is why Nick accepted this unknown stranger into his inner circle so readily. That simply does not ring true at all.

  40. Profile photo of Dyllan

    I thought Steve Burton has done okay, thus, far. I thought he had some nice chemistry with Sharon Case. I don’t get the hate, but I do agree they need to stop hyping him because he ain’t all that.

    I must agree with Stoney on random GH fans who do not watch Y&R and commenting how awful the show is doing. I’m not in love with the current regime, but they’re not that bad.

    IMO, VR was a bit of a ham and not in a good way. She sometimes bordered Stacey “swallow the whole damn scene” Hadiuk territory.

  41. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Dyllan – Stacy Haiduk deserved to hog the Show. I have to believe that she was a big part of the ratings spike that happened last year at the time, when she shot Jack at the Church. It couldn’t have been because our favorite diva (yes, I give in. I give in to the Cult of Melody) had killed Diane in self-defense. The kooky and the crazy was great on Y&R during MABs tenure.

    Having said that, back to Steve Burton. He seems like a nice guy. He has a very unusual look to him — almost Star Trek like, like an alien. But I think that is probably a good thing. Not crazy he’s a back-from-the-dead character, usually dont like that type of s/l. And I dont like that we have to call him Mac, cause now it seems that that is the death knell for Mackenzie Helstrom ever coming back to the Show. Which means no JT and Reed, as well. Too bad, cause JT was a cornerstone as someone who could bang the ladies (not part of a core family) as needed.

    Once again, it is wait and see with Josh G. More ‘stolen bags of money’ from him in the future, the bad? Or more Phack, and the Fen/Summer/Jamie triangle, the good.

  42. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I could tell Steve looked nervous, but he was so used to playing Jason all those years on GH. I hope he adds some excitement to Y &R. I can see an eventual hook-up with him and Sharon. I think he and Adam fighting over Sharon, and Nick and him fighting over Avery will add some needed heat to the show. Good Luck Steve!

  43. Profile photo of Brando

    I hate to say this but ALL the complaining about the “stunt casting” from JFP and JG is a moot point since MOST of you wanted MAB fired from the show, and now folks, YOU GOT YOUR WISH!!!!!!!! The old saying goes “be afraid of what you wish for”…in this case everyones terrified! Now I actually AGREE with all the complaints…the stupid back of head shots until the last 5 seconds of the show (classic JFP General Hospital move), the bad bad music…and the fact that he’s tied to a fairly newbie character like Avery! I admit I deleted Y&R off my DVR-series-pass the day after I watched the 1st JGP/JG episode…yes it’s THAT bad people…after 20 years I have given up on Y&R. Call me when Jack Smith/Kay Alden/Ed Scott are back at the helm…or MAB…hey at least she used history and brought back core family characters.

  44. Profile photo of noway

    Stoney, you are so right about GH and Y&R, I can’t even bring myself to turn the remote over to ABC, both shows are so different and always have been and to compare them is ludicrous. WTH? now I see they have vampires over there, where’s Buffy?

    Right now, some things are good and some things are really bad on Y&R, I just want the chipmunk and his annoying self to just GO AWAY. This Adrianna chick is horrible. Why so many days in between seeing character’s interact? Last we saw Fen hovering over Jamie, a WEEK ago? Come on Josh how do you keep a viewer interested? Drop this money bag filler story, NOBODY is feeling it.

    Besides the fact what I said earlier about SB my next thought about him, is where does he get his steroids?

  45. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=noway]now I see they have vampires over there, where’s Buffy?[/quote]

    There are no vampires on GH (not yet, anyway). There’s one character who THINKS there are vampires (maybe one or two others agree with her), but she’s in a mental hospital. No vampires on GH. :-)

  46. Profile photo of noway

    ok, TV Gord nice to know, if they travel that road then next you will have that hovering over Marlena scene, which I can never get out of my head, as one of the most RIDICULOUS things ever on a soap. |(

    Steve Burton a poopyhead? I hear that at least 10 times a day once the kids get home from school. :bigsmile:

  47. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Yeah, I was just having fun with that poopyhead line. :-) I have nothing against him, but I can’t lie…I’ve enjoyed GH more without him.

    I agree with you. I don’t mind them diving back into the PC/vamp history as long as it’s all in Lucy’s looney mind, but the moment anyone starts to twinkle, I’m outta there! ;-)

  48. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    SB as Mac was kinda what I expected; NEVER watch GH and to be honest my only knowledge of his “acting” is what I read on here or hear about on the podcasts. And it usually borders on comments like “wooden” and “overrated”. And now I’ll add “meh” to the mix. I know it was his first full episode so it could be nerves but yeah I don’t see what all the fuss is about; it was serviceable at best.

    @Hey mon–while I wasn’t fond of alot of what MAB did, I do agree that Stacy Haiduk–despite Y&R having to buy all new set pieces after she summarily chewed them to bits–was one of the few bright spots during her tenure. She occasionally went off the rails with her acting with that character(well, occasionally may be a generous word) but she sure as hell made it interesting.

  49. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Thanks ChrisGA. She was great, in a sexy and weird sort of way. Obviously, Emily would have been a much better catch for Jack. Too bad that MAB couldn’t keep her around.

    A poster on is suggesting that the long-lost Murder suspect is Keemo Abbott, that Congressman Wheeler is trying to cover up.

  50. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    First impressions of him acting or first impressions of him pulling out an engagement ring and staring at it? Cuz if I see that one more time I’m gonna cry.

    As far as the music is concerned, when Victor and Adam were going at it, I thought I was watching an episode of Law and Order…dun dun.

  51. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Stacey Hadiuk is so overrated. I remember all that excessive outrage about her not getting nominated for an Emmy. All that SH did was either scream “Dr. P” as Patty or gave some blank expression as Emily. Actually, her acting reminded me of Michelle Stafford’s. There was a dichotomy. Either screaming and spitting or a blank expression. She had no range in between. I still cringe at those hospital scenes. Damn! Bad memories. lol. She was cool as Mary Jane Benson, but it went downhill and fast after she shot Victor and killed Colleen.

  52. Profile photo of harlee490

    [quote=Brando]I hate to say this but ALL the complaining about the “stunt casting” from JFP and JG is a moot point since MOST of you wanted MAB fired from the show, and now folks, YOU GOT YOUR WISH!!!!!!!! The old saying goes “be afraid of what you wish for”…in this case everyones terrified! Now I actually AGREE with all the complaints…the stupid back of head shots until the last 5 seconds of the show (classic JFP General Hospital move), the bad bad music…and the fact that he’s tied to a fairly newbie character like Avery! I admit I deleted Y&R off my DVR-series-pass the day after I watched the 1st JGP/JG episode…yes it’s THAT bad people…after 20 years I have given up on Y&R. Call me when Jack Smith/Kay Alden/Ed Scott are back at the helm…or MAB…hey at least she used history and brought back core family characters.[/quote]

    Not everyone, I like how the show is coming along. I think JFP & JG is doing right by Y&R and setting up their canvas. I takes time to place the stories in position which is starting to happen.

    I’M SOOOO HAPPY AND MY WISH CAME TO TRUE…MAB IS GONE! :bigsmile: Y&R is itself again in its texture & feel. Y&R is quite entertaining right now. Yes we have newbies but they haven’t been swallowing the show as before. I can handle new characters because soaps have always had new characters to create story. The balance of mainly vets w\stories and w\mixture of new characters I can’t complain. Y&R is stilling finding its footing and I like what I’m watching thus far and by summer stories could be HOT!

    The best new character for me which I would be fine if offered him a contract is Senator Wheeler and Mark Pinter. I love watching him and EB together and nice to see a strong, male character equal in power as Victor not backing down or being afraid of TGVN. ;) Victor being directed to do something has a deliciousness turn. :love:

  53. Profile photo of pferrando

    Harlee, I have to eat my words, but I actually DO like the Senator. I didn’t realize they’d pit him against Victor, and I’m liking it.

    I miss Stacy Hadiuk too. It’s just one more example of a good character, that MAB ruined and couldn’t write for. Too much back and forth. We all should have felt bad for Patty, but how could we? And the pairing with Jack worked too for a hot second. I’d like to see her come back as Patty some day.

    What was this post about? Oh yeah that OTHER new guy…

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