MSN Money Highlights General Hospital's Turnaround

In recent years, the only time a mainstream publication, newsmagazine or website covered the daytime soap opera was to attempt to be the first to announce the genre's time of death. Today, fortunes appear to be improving for daytime sudser, with one renewal after another being announced. Heck, even a couple of cancelled ones are returning!

The soap that arguably led the charge in bringing the genre back from the dead, ABC Daytime's General Hospital, is the feature of a new article by MSN Money. From the report:

Ratings for the show, which turns 50 in April, are on the rise. "General Hospital" attracted more than 3 million total viewers during the week ended Dec. 28, the highest total in two years. Viewership among advertisers' target demographic -- women 18 to 34 years old -- is up 44% year over year, according to ABC.

GH showrunner Frank Valentini was interviewed for the piece, and detailed he was all too aware of the challenges he faced in saving ABC's sole surviving daytime sudser.

"There were concerns about the future of the show," Valentini said in an interview with MSN Money. "We are all aware of how the television viewing market has become increasingly fractured."

For more on GH leading the charge in reviving soaps, click here.


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Well that reporter should be fired for lack of research.

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I think the important thing to take from the media coverage is the positive press General Hospital and Soaps are getting once again, rather than the death knoll they had been receiving. These shows would never have nose dived in the first place if they had actually given the audience what they asked for in the first place, the characters and history they have watched for decades. Once you break the emotional bond the audience has with the characters, its all over, you have lost your audience. Phelps/Frons/Guza should sit up and take notice, they are the reason General Hospital was nearly cancelled. The audience is coming back since they have left.