Olivia and Fitz Alert: Scandal’s Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn to Appear on The View Today!

The hottest scripted couple in primetime will be joining the ladies of The View today. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn, who play forbidden lovers Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald Grant III on Shonda Rhimes' hit ABC sudser Scandal, are scheduled to appear.

I wonder if the co-hosts will ask the stars about former The View nightmare Star Jones acting a plum fool on Twitter with Shonda Rhimes and fans over Olivia being in love with the married POTUS, when she could be with the Senate Majority Leader dude? Lord knows I jokingly take a few Twitter swipes at Scandal, but someone should tell Starlet it's a soap opera and to have several seats. Watch the promo for today's episode of The View after the jump!  


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    TV Gord

    That’s an incredibly hot picture from an incredibly hot scene from Scandal! I love that show! Disappointing that Kerry would cheat after everything Django did to free her, but I love that show! ;-)

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    scandal’s total ratings are doing great. it’s 18 to 49 demo is number 1 among its direct competitors. and it’s the highest rated scripted drama among African americans. nyt reported that hollywood executives are not comfortable discussing scandal’s ratings success. any guesses regarding their adverse reactions to scandal’s success? it’s bec making money is secondary to hollywood. hollywood is primarily abt shaping the culture. hollywood’s racists don’t want better portrayals for racial minorities. olivia pope is a human char. she’s smart. she’s the leader. and she’s not a stereotype. congratulations to kerry washington for scandal’s success and for being a fierce fashionista!

    scandal’s run a lot better than “deception” bec their writers don’t want to consider how growing up as a black woman among her mother’s white employers affected Joanna. i’m guessing the writers don’t wanna go there.

    here are some of the statements of deception’s heldens on racial issues:
    “It is a way to sort of deal with race without actually having to talk about it”
    “But it’s not really something we talk about too much in the writers’
    “Why it’s not a discussion? I don’t know”

    here are some words from deception’s gail berman on racial issues:
    “the character of Joanna was completely accepted into this family and became the best friend of Vivian”
    “those traditional lines of upstairs/downstairs were crossed when that friendship was made.”

    Joanna is a black daughter of the white core family’s maid. of course there should be race and class and gender issues. how could any of these chars realistically ignore racial and class and gender issues? what the heck? would they be saying the same thing abt a white gay char’s orientation? would a white gay char’s orientation not even be discussed among the writers and not even be a part of storylines? of course not.

    it seems like deception’s writers don’t wanna go there. yet racial and gender and class storylines would provide a lot of dramatic storylines and friction. deception’s a flop and scandal’s season1 was great.

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    I loved the interview and I loved the old scene from Ghost with Whoopi and Tony. He looks better now than he did 20 years ago.

    I just LOVE Scandal and Star needs to shut up because this is a soap opera. Liv is a flawed character. She’s in love with a married man who is president of the US but she tries to help others. She’s the kind of character you root for but also kind of hate. I just love her. I love all the characters on this show.

    Now with Deception, I don’t want to hear about how it was for Joanna to grow up with a bunch of rich white people. Not every show that has a Black female lead or Black characters in it have to explore racial issues. We live it in our everyday life and I really don’t want to hear Joanna talking about how she felt being Black in that household. I like the murder mystery, I like the love triangle except I can’t stand the cop played by Laz. It’s only been like 3 episodes. I do want to explore what Joanna’s life was after she left the house. Also Joanna hasn’t been around these people in years so let her get to know them again. I do want to see her mother and I want to know where her father is.

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