The Bold and the Beautiful’s Maya: “You Did This Dayzee, Now You Need to Make It Right!”


Clarence's The Bold and the Beautiful updates should be on and poppin' this winter, thanks to the story arc kicking off between Maya (Karla Mosley), Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd), Marcus (Texas Battle) and Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor). So far I'm intrigued by the exploration into Dayzee's back history via an angry Maya, determined to be reunited with her daughter.

Could noble, sainted Dayzee have actually been involved in some sort of illegal baby brokerage scheme? I do wish someone would grease the scalp of Maya's head, before running a hot pressing comb through it. Even still, I'm enjoying Mosley and Lloyd's performances so far. Watch the latest B&B promo below!




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    I’m so diggin’ on this story so far. I like both actresses and homeless Dayzee sell Maya’s baby to survive the streets. This story has drama in it and could be great! Next up my man LSV. :)

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    Ya know…I am kind diggin’ Karla Mosley’s performances. I stopped watching GL when she was on so I did not know what to expect from her B&B turn. Kristolyn Lloyd is one I normally like but her performances are so flat. I am not expecting much from Texas Battle and Lawrence Saint-Victor but Mosley is a pleasant surprise.

    A promo that did not feature Hope/Liam/Steffy or even Brooke? Whoa. I’d love Pam and Eric to get together. Alley Mills is underrated in a thankless role.

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    Jamey Giddens

    for all of you old CBS soapers out there, and I am one : shades of Rose Deville!!
    You should enjoy this week’s DC podcast. Melodie and I had to school Luke on who Rose was.

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    Daniel St. John

    I am still completely annoyed by Texas Battle (recast please! Preferably with Andra Fuller from the LA Complex) and his mere presence in a scene can drive me to distraction but Mosley and Lloyd are doing good work. And I have always like LSV so he should help distract from Marcus’ awfulness.

    And as much as I loved Sally Spectra I always loved her as Rose DeVille even more.

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    I am enjoying seeing Karla Mosley as Maya. I enjoyed her performances as Christina (with Remy) on Guiding Light. Great addition to B&B. One comment – she needs to drop that ‘Sideshow Bob’ haircut! It’s distracting.

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    I’m loving Karla Mosley, too. Her character has an edge that is really needed on the show. However, I still think the actress who plays Dayzee is BORING.

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