Victor Wants Something From Avery on The Young and the Restless!

Watch out, Nicholas Newman (Joshua Morrow); you're horny, old toad of a daddy will be hopping to talk to your latest blonde bombshell today on The Young and the Restless! Luckily for Avery (Jessica Collins), Victor (Eric Braeden) says he only wants to chat about her charitable foundation for the wrongly accused. Yeah, like he only wanted to transform Sharon (Sharon Case) into a strong, independent woman! 

This reeks of that no-good Congressman Wheeler's (Mark Pinter) handiwork.  Watch a sneak peek from Y&R below!


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    I like how this story between Victor & Senator Wheeler is unfolding and Mark Pinter :love: is fantastic as the Senator! It’s so nice to see that (this time on the Jack front)someone is pulling the strings on Victor :love:

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    Y&R is hot today with Steve in his new role as Mcavoy. Not really a Steve fan but he might be a good addition to the cast. When he saw Sharon it was instant Lust. Billy is hot as always with his former hookup Chelsea. He seems to love her frocks. Nikki looks absolutely radiant. Glad to see Phyllis is hoggin my tv. Nikki having second thoughts about TGVN and the karets on her finger.

    Mack and Nick! Falcon video Pac69 waiting to happen. Chelsea wants a cool half a mil out the deal. Adam quickly wrote that check but pulled on her heart strings. Money is everything to that man. Chelsea took that check and walked out the door.

    Victoria’s hair is looking better and better everyday. Sharon in that fabulous blue dress. Go Sony thankyou for a cash influx.

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    Hopefully not because it’s good seeing others maybe getting the upper hand on Victor. I hope Adam’s promises come to fruition. I hope the Senator keeps Victor in line. I don’t mind Victor playing his power games but I draw the line when he uses health issues as a weapon (Jack, Sharon, etc.). And I truly despise his mole.

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    hey mon … exactly!

    If Victor does stoop to causing Sharon more grief and it’s because of something he did regarding her meds; then he really must brought to account for whatever he may have done.

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