Bold and Beautiful’s Hope to Liam: “Don’t Let Me Go”

While Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) been away, Hope (Kimberly Matula) and Liam (Scott Clifton) have been playing on The Bold and the Beautiful. Well, they've done a lot of making out and giggling.

All of that may soon come to an end, since La Forrester II is carrying the latest Spencer heir beneath her ripped abs. Watch a sneak peek of today's The Bold and the Beautiful below!


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    Hope makes me mad and so does her mother Brooke! Why does she wait for Steffy to leave to get with Liam and whisper in his ear and everything? If she’s so sure of their love she wouldn’t have to do that. Steffy needs to have her baby and tell Liam and everyone else to go to h*ll.

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    I could not be any more bored with this storyline if I tried. This pregnancy is too little too late, I’m bored with these three and nothing they could do would make me interested again.

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    Steffy needs to tell Bill about his grandchild. Those 2 could share anything. She should also tell BILL, about what she saw & why she hasn’t told LIAM about their baby. Tell him where she will not be overheard. Leave it up to BILL. He will be sure that Liam finds out about their baby!!!! (Liams & Steffys that is). I still say that Bill should find out about his grandchild , ant way that he can, even if he over hears “Taylor” & “Steffy talking about the baby. Than BILL could say to Liam ” So, when were you going to tell your old man that he was going to be a Grandpa”? This painful, Nauseating “LOPE” needs to end. Liam is only 1/2 a man with HOEPE. He is truelly a whole man with STEFFY!!!!

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