Catch up on DeVanity’s Soaptastic Season 3

Delicious web soap DeVanity released the fourth episode of its must-see third season today. In case you haven’ t watched the awesomeness that is DeVanity, we wanted to help you get caught up.

My favorite DeVanity storyline is the Lara (Alexis Zibolis), Jason (Michael Caruso) and Isabelle (Jaclyn Lyons) triangle. I can’t wait to see how it evolves over the rest of the season

Watch the first four episodes of DeVanity’s soaptastic new season after the jump!

DeVanity Episode 301 from Michael Caruso on Vimeo.

DeVanity Episode 302 from Michael Caruso on Vimeo.

Episode 303 from Michael Caruso on Vimeo.

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    If the rumor is true that Elizabeth is being put with AJ, that will be it for me. I love her character and I honestly hate his. Michael has every right to want to get to know his Dad, but I can’t believe he is so stupid all of a sudden, that anything AJ tells him he believes is true. He had a mind of his own at one time, not anymore. He is AJ all the way. Sonny and Carly have every right to be worried and a little pissed.

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