Eric’s Memo Makes Taylor Hot to Trot on The Bold and the Beautiful

Boo, hoo hoo! Thomas (Adam Gregory) was still pouting about Rick (Jacob Young) getting the top job at Forrester. Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) told Thomas and Taylor (Hunter Tylo) that going to work in Europe might be a good idea, because it worked for Rick.

Why is Thomas such an annoying, spoiled brat? That question shouldn’t be one of soap’s great mysteries, but it is.

Brooke and Taylor argued about their sons and then both went running to Eric to plead their case. Brooke told him it would give Thomas good experience. Taylor said this was another case of the Logans winning. Before Taylor could finish her thought, Eric shot off a memo to the company saying he’d promoted Thomas to vice-president of Forrester.  

Eric’s memo excited Taylor so much, she forgot herself and kissed her childrens' grandfather! These two are well on their way to being as repulsive as Victor (Eric Braeden) and Sharon (Sharon Case) were on The Young and the Restless.

Marcus (Texas Battle) and Dayzee (Kristolyn Lloyd) were at a market, when Maya (Karla Mosley) showed up. She wanted to know if Marcus was helping to find her baby. Dayzee said no. Dayzee showed Maya a picture of her baby with the adoptive parents, but admitted it was from a long time ago.

Dayzee tried to convince Maya that her daughter was happy. Maya accused Dayzee of getting a payoff from helping find the baby a home. Could sweet, little Dayzee be a baby broker?


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    I am not sure why BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL is rushing both stories where Brooke and Taylor are concerned.

    With Brooke, she was there for her sister and then all of a sudden RIGHT AFTER HER BEST friend passes away she turns and kisses Bill on the lips?!!! Sure one could argue she has been through a lot BUT when will soaps write that people don’t turn to their EXES that they despised the hour before or lock lips with their siblings significant other just to ease their own pain!

    I think the character of Brooke has matured a great deal and think that she should stick clear of Bill ESPECIALLY since he is her sister’s husband and a man who has done everything BUT lock her daughter in a tower prison! I mean, honestly every other word out of his mouth about Hope is that she is a dumb crazy blonde. Brooke, as her mother, should HATE Bill and only tolerate him because of her sister!!!

    And then Taylor, the shrink, is crying LOGANS LOGANS LOGANS more pathetically than Jane did on the Brady Bunch with MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA! It is fine to think that your daughter shouldn’t lose to Brooke’s kid and that your son deserved the PRESIDENT position BUT to ignore all the actual signs that point to reality is absurd! Why brooke didn’t say to Taylor when she said “my daughter is now with Liam so Hope should stay clear” that “Steffy didn’t stay away when Hope first had Liam” OR even why Taylor isn’t saying to Steffy “this guy Liam is weak and not a person I want you with” is confusing to me. AND then throw in Thomas’ tantrums about losing fair and square to Rick is just a cry baby reaction from a spoiled brat and Taylor should be supporting him and not just egging him on.

    As for Taylor locking lips with Eric, I just don’t see it. PLUS, Eric just lost his wife LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AGO. Take your plastic lips away from him. It’s just out of character for Eric (the new Eric) to jump in the sack after losing Stephanie and pronouncing that’s its tough to go without her that Eric would hook up with his ex-daughter in law and mother to his two step grand kids.

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    Eric and Taylor were a bad combination in the 90’s and they are again, they’re making Taylor as bad as Brooke working her way through the Forrester men, Ridge,Thorne,Ridge,Eric,Ridge,Thorne,Ridge,Rick,Ridge,Thorne, Eric….

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    Well…HT has zero chemistry with any of the guys on this show. Since she came back from the dead she has slept with Thorne, Ridge, Stephen, Nick, Whip and Rick. Its getting sick. I dont think even Brooke had that many men during the last 7 years.

    The only guys she had chemistry with was Whip and Stephen.

    This situation with Eric is a mess. Its not only out of character for Eric, because I think it would be much more believable if he actually went back to Donna, because they really loved eachother. The Pam and Taylor flirtations are ridiculous.

    The Logan/Forrester feud is ridiculous. The forresters that are complaining are technically not even Forresters, but Marones, in blood line. The one true Forrester in the mess is Rick, but he is a LOgan apparently. They also seem to forget that Eric always sided with Brooke in the past. For some reason he always believed in her.

    Brad needs to fix these plot holes, because its not going anywhere. And why is Steffy so boring the last six weeks?

  4. Profile photo of MysteryStory

    I don’t mind Taylor and Eric if only for it to get under Brooke’s skin. Plus, what else would Taylor do? When was the last time we saw her or anyone of the one adults actually working? Really? You might see Bill at work but is he really working or just moaning about Hope or drinking? The workplaces are just backgrounds.

  5. Profile photo of noway

    PJC your post summed it up perfectly, I will add Liam is a waffling DOUCHE, and Taylor is a shrill whiny pain in the ass. This is so not good drama.

  6. Profile photo of stoney07

    Of course I have to be in the minority, but I still see it as Taylor’s arguments were valid.

    What in the world has Rick done to merit being in charge of Forrester Creations. I’m sure he has contributed, but overall, have he or his sister done any MORE than Thomas and Steffy? Not really….And then the ridiculous fashion “Showdown” where the cafeteria ladies and janitors sat in was beyond absurd, and Eric basically based his decision off of who had done more for Forrester, which bids the question, what was the point of the “showdown” in the first place, if he already knew who he was going to choose? Better yet, what was the point of the showdown, since we ALL already knew who he was going to choose?

    We all call Taylor whiny, and I love my Tay Tay, but I have to agree she’s been reduced to whiny recently. But psychologically speaking, THIS is realistic. We can’t pretend like Taylor’s life wasn’t TERRORIZED in the past by Brooke Logan and her family. We can’t pretend like she didn’t carry BROOKE’S baby, only to birth it and basically be manipulated by RICK to give it up to Brooke, who hasn’t even seen the damn child since Taylor gave him to her. WE can’t pretend like Brooke wasn’t there all throughout her marriage to Ridge trying desperately to break them apart. We can’t pretend like Stephanie didn’t PROMISE those shares to Thomas only to make a copout video only to be seen after her DEATH. We can’t pretend like Hope deserves to be at the company, when her ONLY line was a huge FLOP because everyone saw how hypocritical she really was. We can’t pretend like Rick Forrester isn’t the one who STOLE the FC designs and sent them to Jackie M….only a couple of years ago, IF THAT!

    We also can’t pretend like THomas Forrester, along with Brooke, didn’t produce one of FC’s most successful lines in YEARS. WE can’t pretend that Steffy Forrester didn’t single handedly get the company back after Bill Spencer had taken it. If it weren’t for Steffy, Eric’s old ass wouldn’t even be employed. We can’t pretend like it shouldn’t bother Taylor that Stephanie was her best friend for the entire duration of the show (Well at least since the early ’90s)…and then five minutes before her death, she decides to be Brooke’s best friend, sending away all those who have been there for her, so she can die in bestie Brooke’s arms. Hell yeah that would bother me if my best friend did that. Not to mention, Stephanie Forrester was never a coward, and it was definitely a coward move to record a video telling Thomas (whoopsie, I lied…the company’s not yours)…she would’ve told him that to his face BEFORE she died. But I digress…

    A lot of what Taylor says is valid. The only thing I don’t get is the kiss with Eric. I don’t understand it, but that’s how Brad Bell operates, so I’m not surprised…

    I also find it hard to understand how Taylor is sooo disgusting for kissing Eric (I don’t understand it…but disgusting???), yet Eric is the one who just lost his wife a little over a month ago. It wasn’t disgusting for him, and it wasn’t disgusting for Brooke to have children by this man AFTER falling in love with Ridgie Poo…but its disgusting for Taylor…double standards much? And Taylor NEVER proclaimed herself to be a “saint” like people describe her. That’s the label others planted on her (Brooke) because they saw how she carried herself. But after years and years of losing to the vixen, I would think she’d take her cue from Brooke, exactly how HOPE is doing with Steffy.

    But it’s alright when Hope does it too, I guess… Go ahead Tay, I feel you babe…

  7. Profile photo of Duchess

    stoney07 – If you’re in the minority then I’m right there with you! I feel like Taylor has been the voice of the audience questioning the Stephanie/Brooke closeness and wanting her there at the end plus giving her the engagement ring. It’s been wonderful to finally get Taylor’s point of view on what’s happened through the years with the Logans after a few years of her being marginalized and only being a talk to for Steffy. I am loving a confident Taylor going after what she wants and deserves for herself and her children. Plus it’s great to see both Eric and Taylor on the frontburner again. Go Taylor!

  8. Profile photo of Dyllan

    Eric should be mourning about 5 days. I never saw his marriage to Stephanie as very “passionate”.

    BTW, Team Taylor! I completely see her POV. She’s pissed after taking years of crap from Brooke.

  9. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I don’t get the same vibe from Eric & Taylor like I did from Victor & Sharon. I guess it’s because I expect this kind of behavior from B&B. this is the same show that damn near went there with Ridge & Bridget. Rick screwing Steffy & Phoebe is pretty much the same thing.

  10. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    If they would just take Taylor into full on bitch mode and make her going after Eric be about gaining a foothold in Forrester’s while pissing off Brooke and dissing Stephanie’s memory then I would be all for this storyline. But as it stands Taylor is a dreary bore who makes my fast-forward finger get really jumpy.

  11. Profile photo of Yoryla

    This is all so disgusting.

    Hasn’t Taylor been ruined enough ever since she came back in 2005. The Taylor we all knew in the 90’s was long gone, and this is just more of the same.

    She is really getting the royal Sharon Newman treatment.

  12. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    That is why I think they should just make Taylor a full blown villain. The character as she was has been completely ruined so just make her a conniving bitch on wheels and try to salvage something from this mess.

  13. Profile photo of syren515

    [quote=Yoryla]This is all so disgusting.

    Hasn’t Taylor been ruined enough ever since she came back in 2005. The Taylor we all knew in the 90’s was long gone, and this is just more of the same.

    She is really getting the royal Sharon Newman treatment.[/quote]

    THIS. And Stoney07 is right, IMO. Taylor and her children are sacrificed daily on the Logan’s alter.

  14. Profile photo of harlee490

    I’m liking the story for Taylor and actually surprised because I was always team Brooke.

    I’m not sure of Eric & Taylor but Hunter Tylo has been very good of late and I was never cared for her acting style. Taylor made some very good points about over the years. I’m happy Taylor is having a major story, her being a doctor suffering from depression could be quite intriguing for the character of Taylor.

    I want Brooke vs. Taylor again because its always fun to watch when both get physical…the slap heard around the world was HOT! ;)

  15. Profile photo of tashikins

    While Stephanie and Brooke wanting closure and making up for past hurts is great, Taylor does have a right to be hurt. Or maybe Steph just ‘liked’ Taylor because she wasn’t Brooke and used her all these years to hurt Brooke. Taylor deserves her bitterness but I do not want her with Eric–he has no loyalty to anyone (maybe Brooke whom I always believed he adored and was sexually attracted to). She need a powerful hot hot man like Bill. A man who hates the logans and is loyal to Taylor. She has been second to Brooke in Ridge’s,Stephanie’s, Nick’s affections. I loved her with Whip. Ridge does not deserve her but I wish they woukd bring on a new Ridge who would declare his love for Taylor.

  16. Profile photo of stoney07

    I am convinced that Brad Bell is infatuated with Brooke. Something about Brooke Logan, or possibly KKL just makes Brad Bell’s hormones go into upheaval everytime she walks on set. Maybe then he changes the scripts around at the last minute, when he sees her. Because there’s NO POSSIBLE way any competent person or writer could see this show as balanced. NO WAY. There’s no possible way he genuinely believes that he writes things in a balance.

    The Logan’s ALWAYS come out on top. My question is, since we already know this, why CARE about the storyline? We already know Tay and her children will lose, they get painted as the bad guys for saying they are treated unfairly, and yet the Logans run around like their stuff doesn’t stick. Give me a break.

    As I see it, Brooke is always going to be the most manipulative witch on the show. Donna is the irrelevant plastic trashy Logan. Katie is the whiny, nagging, emotional Logan. Rick is the scheming, slimy, manipulative one (like his mom, but more slimey)…Hope is the hypocritical bitch that I wish would DIE a horrible death.

    Everyone else is written as the bad guys outside of this perfect family. They have terrorized half the cast in one way or the other, yet when the other characters speak about it, it is written as if THEY are the bad guys, attacking the Logans. I don’t get it.

    Remember the days when B&B really got HOT…after the ’80s…throughout the ’90s, when the entire Logan family, except for Brooke, had been written OFF….and we had the actual FORRESTERS on the show? Rick was, in the late ’90s, a viable character that you CARED about, as was BRidget. There really was no Forrester vs. Logan crap back then. And honestly, I don’t think there should be that kind of rivalry now. It’s boring, and since the Logans, including RICK FORRESTER always win, who cares to watch this? Rick Forrester was Rick Forrester all the way up until Kyle Lowder took on the role. Bridget Forrester was written off because she honestly wasn’t on team Brooke or team Forrester…she was just BRIDGET, and Brad forgot how to write for sane people.

    My poor Taylor has been completely ruined. She only shines now when Brad Bell wants to make her look insane and unstable.

    Meanwhile, all of Brooke’s sins are forgiven, though she hardly acknowledges anything she’s done…and then when someone brings it up to her, she says it was a “long time ago”….just like it was a “long time ago” when she had outside wall-sex with Hope’s boyfriend, or allegedly “Made out” with Thomas while they were high on berries….good lord.

  17. Profile photo of Yoryla

    ^^ I couldn’t agree more if I tried with stoney.

    It truly is horrendous. Frankly, I am way past caring whether B&B is renewed next year or not. And to me, it is a big shame, because B&B was the original soap I ever watched, and the one that got me into the soap world.

  18. Profile photo of tashikins

    Agree Yorla and Stoney–horrible writing. They ruined Taylor! I love her with Steffy but Steffy is also going to lose to Hopeless. Why don’t they bring back the Marones and let them be a power family that will blast the Forresters, who without Mama Stephanies, are weak any way.

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