First Impressions: Kevin Collins and Alison Barrington Return to General Hospital (PHOTOS)

What are your First Impressions of Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) and Alison Barrington’s (Erin Hershey Presley) return to General Hospital? See more photos of their return to Port Charles after the jump!

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    I had sort of remembered Alison previously, and within a minute I remembered. Although, I admit I am 1% scared where this storyline is headed, I am enjoying seeing her back on my screen and excited about the story. Just like with other storylines when I was concerned, Ron proved me wrong.

    Kevin, I remembered completely, and its as if no time has passed with him being on the show; felt like it didn’t skip a beat with him.

    Often times with characters coming back after a long time, there is a period of adjustment, but I can say with both of them, they slid right back in.

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    Was never into the soap Port Charles or the vampire shenanigans. Never cared for Michael Easton or Kelly Monaco nor any of the characters they played. Liked Lucy and Kevin but was never at the top of their fan clubs. Not a fan of Ron Carlivati’s campy style. So why is this the most interested I’ve been in a story line on a soap in ages?

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    I didnt watch PC but didnt Alison come from wealth ? She stills looks the same though didnt like her dressing like a bag woman. And Kevin still is the same. Hope we get a mention on Serena and Christina.

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    No opinion really on Alison, never watched PC and this is the first I saw her.

    Very nice to see old characters, and love to see Jon Lindstrom. However, I’m not all that convinced this is Kevin.

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    Interesting twist with the McBain stuff. Kevin said he couldnt have been brainwashed long distance from Seattle. For those who didnt watch OLTL, Seattle is relevant to the McBains. I think John’s brother lives in Seattle now.

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    [quote=J Bernard Jones]

    I’m not all that convinced this is Kevin.

    The thought that this is really Ryan DID cross my mind, too! LOL[/quote]

    That would be amazing if Ryan came back. But didn’t he die in a fire? And they showed him acting all crazy (didn’t he set himself on fire?) Would need a really good explanation to make the reveal that it was really kevin who died. And 10+ years later is when he would finally say hey Lucy its me Ryan?

    BTW Alison doesn’t look like she aged a day from this photo.
    I hope they don’t kill her off.

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    So why is this the most interested I’ve been in a story line on a soap in ages?[/quote]

    I could not agree more! There are so many ways this story could go and that is keeping my interest. I love how it makes the audience wonder how the mind really works and what is real and in our immagination.

    Follow me here – I believe that Helena Cassadine has something to do with this. She has some how brainwashed these two women(Lucy and Alison)in to believing that John McBain is Caleb and Sam is Livvie . Did Helena know who Sam was before she came to PC? Could she have used Sam’s picture to make Lucy and Alison believe that she was Livvie? Could she have shown the Rock Star picture of Stephen Clay to make them believe that he was Caleb? I also believe that if Michael Easton plays more than one role it will be of Stephen and a Priest. Didn’t he play a Priest on PC? Thoughts?

    BTW- Can’t wait until Genie Francis come back!!!!

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    Secrets and Lies

    Love this story and all the possibilities – who’s telling the truth, who’s lying, who’s delusional, who’s good, who’s evil — just so many ways it could go! I’m gonna continue to avoid spoilers as much as possible because this one is gonna be good.

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    Kevin’s seemed like a dick. He ain’t Kevin or he’s glamoured!

    Just got a confirmation from a source….Allison’s a goner…if you are reading this Carlivati…BOO! Shame on you for keeping Kristina and killing what you refered to as a legacy character. I am very sad.

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    I just watched it and he was a total dick. The love of your life is begging and crying her eyes out for you to just believe her and he was so cold. Lucy broke my heart today, it was awful. Lynn Herring made me cry today.

    And Allison bit the dust today. Man, fuck you Cartini! You suck. I was so excited to get her back and only got 2 measly days. Really sucks. Have fun putting Lindsay Morgan in a storyline.

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    what a surprise it was to have alison barrington return!!! and to bring her son rafe, the son she had with caleb is BRILLIANT! i totally think the writers are making john into caleb now so that they can keep the actor since one life to live gets to keep the rights to john. bringing on caleb’s son is no coincidence!!! also… alison’s dad was deceased on port charles before she ever aired, i’m wondering did her mother elizabeth barrington have an affair with alan?? could alison and rafe be the new quartermain heirs??? i’m hopeful, just so it doesn’t turn out someone like connie/kate doesn’t turn out to be tracy’s daughter or some nonsense.

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    I love the Vamps on GH. It is so good. Everything is superb. I though when Todd and Johnny finally got caught it wouldn’t be able to carry on. Cartini did a great job with this.

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    I love this storyline. It’s so soapy and just brilliant. I love that RC makes this connection to “Port Charles”. Can’t wait to see all these twists and turns to work out.

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    What a waste of a great character in killing Allison. They should have killed any of the following: Kristina, Kate/Connie, Sabrina, Steve, Johnny, Max, Milo, Epiphany, Ellie, Coleman, Britt, Felix, or Alice. Time to trim all the useless fat GH! Olivia can go too, but first she needs to start seeing all the murders happening and then bite it herself. Please let this be at least the start of a major serial killer plot that gets rid of all these unnecessary characters.

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    Who knew a story line could polarize fans before it has even got a chance to have life breathed into it? I for one am thrilled with the story. I was a fan of PC from day one. I mean lets face it–it only makes sense that Ron and Co would address the happenings of Lucy, Kevin, etc. C’mon! They lived in Port Charles for goodness sake! I know GH and PC were separate entities, but the town was the same and some of the characters that were important to GH were pivotal to PC. However, if I wasn’t a fan of PC, I still wouldn’t have an issue with the current story lines. For one, I don’t watch soaps to live vicariously through the characters, I watch soaps for entertainment and as long as the stories are entertaining I don’t care how much I have to suspend belief.
    I will say that I don’t think we will ever see a vampire on GH, so those who are going on and on about it should probably take a deep breath and count to ten. With that out of the way, I hope Kevin stays around for the long haul (doubtful) and am disappointed that they killed off Allison.

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    For sure. Remember, this is the show that went to #1 by having a madman freeze Port Charles from a tropical island! That’s not what I call playing it safe or being realistic. People complain the soaps are stale or boring, but when someone tries something new, people cry it’s not realistic. Think about the most talked about plots of the past 30 years that spiked their show’s ratings. Ice Princess, Eterna, Viki goes to heaven in a white spaceship, OLTL goes back in time (twice!), Marlena is possessed, Carly got buried alive by Vivian, characters coming back from the dead over and over. Not sure about anyone else, but none of that has ever happened to me or anyone I know!

    How about enjoy the ride. Be glad there are still soaps. Give the GH team some time to let us know where it’s going. The great thing about GH is that it tapes just a few weeks ahead. If the story is a big bomb, they can get rid of it quickly. I know I like certain things and not others, but I do like to see where an interesting story leads….

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    [quote=Secrets and Lies]Love this story and all the possibilities – who’s telling the truth, who’s lying, who’s delusional, who’s good, who’s evil — just so many ways it could go! I’m gonna continue to avoid spoilers as much as possible because this one is gonna be good.[/quote]

    My thoughts exactly. This s/l is very exciting, and it’s almost too good to be ruined by spoilers. I can’t wait to see how everything falls together!

    The “Who Killed Allison” arc is gonna be awesome. At first glance, Jimmy Deshler, the newbie playing Rafe is good actor, and Rafe and Molly have fabulous chemistry together.

    I can’t wait to see how they throw Kin Shriner into the mix!

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    Alexis: “Did we have a torrid affair that Ive forgotten about?”
    Kevin: “Only if I have forgotten it as well.”

    Oh my, why do I have a sneaking suspicion that the answer will be…YES,

    Theres some kinda alternate universe memory/ brainwashing thing afoot and I hope Cartini uses it to make Kevin/Ryan Sam’s father. Why not tie the Gothic Cassadines into a Gothic tale of Vampires? Even if they turn out to be some machination of Helena’s (pure speculations)

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