General Hospital Caption This: We’re Crazy; Get Us Out of Here!


Take your best Caption This shot at these hilarious scenes of Todd (Roger Howarth) and Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring) on Wednesday's General Hospital!

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    Thanks for highlighting their scenes – Lucy & Todd ( or should I say LH & RH?!) in a mental institution – a match made in heaven… just flashed back to them both being on ATWT , though I doubt they had many scenes together if any…

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    “While were here. You want to hear about my duck?” -Lucy

    “You want me to bore you with stories of my parrot. We might as well pass our time by speaking some ‘fowl’ language.”-Todd

    I know a Parrot isn’t a fowl. But, come on.

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    If Cartini can’t work out a deal with PP to hold onto Roger Howarth (as Todd), this is going to be a huge loss to this show. I dont care if he has only been there a year and some people dont like the OLTL ‘invasion’. He has chemistry with everyone he acts with (i think someone else here said that too)….

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