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Alexis, John and Sam are discussing Lucy, when Kevin shows up out of nowhere. Apparently, he received Alexis' messages, and had to return to Port Charles.
Kevin explains Lucy believed she was a vampire slayer, and had a whole story mapped out in her head. She even thought he had a daughter, Livvie. He was forced to leave Lucy to protect his kids.  Kevin believes Lucy can now get the help she needs.  Alexis is surprised Kevin would leave Lucy this way.  He feels he should step aside, and let the doctors help her.  Alexis thinks he should support his ex-wife.

Todd calls Connie to find out why there was no newspaper printed today.  She explains his staff wasn’t welcoming to her, but she fixed the issue herself. The Sun will be sent out later than usual with the ELQ story on the cover.  Lucy overhears Todd say he’ll be getting out soon. 
Lucy wants to know, and get in on Todd’s plan to escape.  Todd isn’t interested in teaming up, but Lucy wears him down. He agrees to include her as long as she tells everyone he’s crazy. He plans to fake DID. 
Sonny runs into Tracy and reminds her he can’t get involved in her scheme because of Michael. He advises her to let AJ self-destruct.   Tracy reveals she has taken matters into her own hands, and AJ won’t be CEO for much longer.   Sonny is worried Michael will be caught in the crossfire. Tracy isn't bothered by something happening to Michael in the least bit.
Starr and Michael visit Connie to ask her to drop the charges against Kristina.  Connie refuses, because she has to protect herself.  She mentions Todd being crazy, which catches Starr by surprise.  Connie tells her Todd is in Ferncliff.  Starr heads off to see her father.  
Monica stops by ELQ to congratulate AJ, and warn him that Tracy will not go down without a fight. She also reminds him Michael will need time to adjust to the corporate world. At that moment, Michael arrives, ready for his first day at work. 
Alice meets with Tracy in place of Ned, who had to fly out to check on an ailing Brook Lynn.  Ned left his mother a note, which mentions Heather's comments about the will and Carly possibly having information about another Quartermaine heir. Tracy realizes she needs to stop the ELQ story from coming out.  
Sonny runs into Olivia, and explains what happened between Kristina and Connie.   He thinks Connie is punishing him by not dropping the charges.  Olivia thought things had gotten better between Sonny and Connie, and asks if they kissed.  Sonny admits they’ve connected, and he cares about Connie. However, he's still very much in love with Kate.  
Alison and her son Rafe return to town.  She’s determined to find Lucy, so she can help her protect Rafe.  Alison heads to the PCPD to speak with John, but can't believe her eyes when she sees him. Alison gasps, and calls him Caleb. 
Starr arrives at Ferncliff, just as Todd is showing Lucy his best impersonation of a person with DID. Starr knows he’s pretending to have the disease like he did when she was a kid. She still has the tape of him confessing to it.  Starr wants him to take responsibility for once.  Todd reminds her he spent 8 years being tortured, but she’s angry he protected Johnny and spit on Cole and Hope’s grave.  Starr threatens go to the police with the tape if Todd pretends to have DID.  When the orderly comes to get Todd for his evaluation, she decides she will sit in on it with him.  
Tracy runs to Connie's to stop the presses.  Unfortunately, she's too late, and the story is out.  Tracy claims she’s ruined, and will lose her sons.  Connie promises not to say anything, or reveal Tracy as her source. She feels they’ve become friends.  
AJ gets a call about the article and finds a copy of the paper. He's shocked to see the headline.  Monica is sure Tracy leaked the story, but AJ doesn’t believe it. He’s sure Sonny is responsible, but Michael refuses to believe his father would be behind the story. AJ remembers seeing Sonny meet with Tracy, and decides to find out the truth from Connie.  
Lucy’s sad her chances of leaving with Todd have disappeared.  Suddenly, Kevin arrives, and she’s thrilled to see him. 
Sonny visits Connie again to ask for leniency for Kristina.  Connie refuses to budge on her position, and feels Kris has to pay.  Sonny promises to give her something in exchange, and kisses her. Connie’s angry he thinks he can play her. 
Soon after, AJ arrives and demands to know where Connie got the story.  Connie points to Sonny, and says he gave it to her.  

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    I never watched PC, but I barely remember Alison from when she was a snotty teenager, forced to be a candy stipper at the hospital and complaining about it. It’s hard to wrap my head around the fact that she’s an adult….with a teenager!

    For those who did watch PC, am I to asume that vampire Caleb is the kid’s father??

    Loved seeing Kevin.

    Why would NEd write a letter to give to Alice to give to Tracy? Did he go back in time before cell phones? Wouldn’t he just text her.

    Loved Tracy changing her mind and Connie having already sent the story. I’m loving the friendship between them.

    Sonny is disgusting. Here let me kiss you to make you change your mind. Guh. And Alexis, you were once friends with Kate, maybe you can get through to Connie where Sonny can’t.

    Loved the Lucy/Todd interactions. Wanted more.

    Love Starr being pissed at her father.

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    Daniel St. John

    So all it takes to get Connie under control is the promise of some of Sonny’s sausage? Those scenes between her and Sonny were laughable.
    And is Kevin Caleb’s Renfield? He must be under the dominion of The Vampire Lord to be suffering from selective amnesia like he seems to be.

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    If I remember correctly, Livvie wished for Caleb to have a child, and the way her wish came true was that Allison and Caleb got together (I think they were hypnotized or something?) and it ended with Rafe & Allison marrying w/o knowing she was having Caleb’s kid. I used to LOVE Port Charles.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see how this is resolved. I thought Lucy was just delusional, but if Allison remembers too, and Rafe actually existed–how are they going to do this w/o it turning into Casey the alien part 2?

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    OK… either they are going to write that PORT CHARLES never happened OR now we are going to see that Vampires truly exist!

    Plus, John has back story on OLTL where he grew up with Michael and has memories that they share.

    GH is risking losing a lot with this story.

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    So all it takes to get Connie under control is the promise of some of Sonny’s sausage?
    :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp :Sp

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    I believed FV stated in the TVGuide interview that they were going to visit the whole PC vampire storylines but no vampires were coming to Port Charles. Im intrigued by the storyline so far and I don’t think GH are going to lose people over it.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=pjc722]John has back story on OLTL where he grew up with Michael and has memories that they share.[/quote]

    You mean, Michael, who died and then whose spirit inhabited the body of another guy, and everyone in Llanview saw him as someone different than who he himself saw in the mirror? Yeah, I guess we can’t mess with the credibility of THAT relationship! ;-)

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    Good one Gord! Oh why, oh why are they going to kill Allison? Why, oh why? I am crushed! Seriously, she hasn’t aged a day! She’s so gorgeous and so great to watch on screen! First Downton Abbey, now this? Can we please get rid of characters we don’t like!?

  9. Profile photo of liason4real

    It would have been great if Dr. Allison Barrett and her son Rafe came to town months ago instead of Britt and Sabrina. We could have had a Sarah Webber/Patrick/Allison hospital triangle while Liz dated one of Jimmy Lee Holt’s hot sons!

    A poster over at TWOP referred to Sonny’s “sausage” as greasy. :Sp

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    OMG YES! I will gladly trade Sabrina, Britt, Starr, Connie/Kate, Kristina for Allison! PLEASE LISTEN TO US CARTINI! They are so persistent about bringing all this Port Charles business stuff back into play that, ya think they’d wanna keep her around and not just drop off her son who is JUST introduced. Way to bring back a legacy family Carlivati praises so much!

  11. Profile photo of slat40

    PC was great, I am totally loving this stuff going on! I think it’s so funny that everyone who sees John is like “Caleb” LOL!! I think it would be cool if something came out of this s/l, I know some hate it, but I love it!! :) LOVED seeing Kevin. :) Todd and Lucy were fun together, but I want her with Doc and Todd with Carly. Still can’t stand Sonny, love the interaction between Connie and Tracy, they both balance each other.

  12. Profile photo of dannyro

    I really hope they don’t kill off Alison. She’s much more interesting than Sabrina and Britt. Unfortunately, the one thing this show does not need is another female in that age range.

  13. Profile photo of Yoryla

    It was nice to see Kevin….but is it really Kevin? Something tells me this is a very much alive Ryan Chamberlain, who is holding Kevin hostage somewhere and lying about PC being in Lucy’s mind in order to make her look crazy. Something was definitely off about him. Anyhoo, it was nice to see Jon Lindstrom back where he belongs.

    Loved all the Q bonding and seeing the ELQ offices again! The AJ/Monica/Michael scenes were filled with warmth, and I couldn’t help but be over the moon happy for Monica. She hasn’t had much to be happy about in recent years, due to all her family members dying one at a time, and this moment to see her son running the family company must have been so special to her. And then as the cherry on top, she got to see her grandson by his father’s side. She looked radiant. My heart just melted. I am so happy for her, and the boys too.

    I am loving the Tracy/ Connie friendship/ alliance. I really hope they explore it further. It makes Connie seem more viable – who’d a thunk it!

    Is this thing with Krissy really such a big deal? So what, she’s in prison. So is everyone else at some point in time, lol.

    I can’t even believe we got a day where Lucy Coe meets Todd Manning! To see these two soap opera staples together is a milestone in itself.

    Why is it that Starr is the most interesting and can hold her own the best in scenes with Todd, when with some others it is mediocre? Loved her confronting Todd.

    I really don’t have any opinion on the PC stuff yet. I will reserve that until the storyline progresses. I will say this, I think things are not what they seem, I think RC has more tricks up his sleeve. For some reason I don’t think he would completely negate the PC storylines. I do not think Lucy was imagining things, but I also don’t think we will be seeing any vampires in the present time.

  14. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I’m sorry…I am a big GH fan, but at the moment very few of the front burning story lines are interesting for me. I never watched PC, so I don’t know who these characters are, nor am I interested in learning about them. The show has been buried and dead for a long time now. Let it stay that way, as well as these vampires, who I also don’t care for.

    I don’t like the Lante/Maxie story line at all. I am still skived out by the fact that Spixie had sex on the night she miscarried, and disgusted at the improbability of her being impregnated on that very eve. I know it is a soap, and we accept all kinds of ridiculous things…but I generally think the best story lines are the ones that are the most feasible. For me at least…. Stories that are the most true to life, that tear at your heart…. Not the ones that have you shaking your head in incredulity.

    I can’t stand anything Konnie. She just grates on my nerves as well as being a HUGE airhog.

    I also hate Patrick being sandwiched in between these two horrible newbies. It is so irritating to watch. The only bright side to this is, I love Emma and I get to see her a bit.

    I love seeing all the vets coming back. I just wish their stories were better. I love seeing Lucy, Kevin, Heather… and I am so excited with Frisco and Laura on the horizon…To be honest that is the only reason I am still watching….the vets…or else I would have turned the channel on all these current stories. I read all your comments and I see a combination of some liking and some not liking…I would have to fall in the disliking column for a diehard fan though I will stick it out, but I am disappointed and FFing A LOT.

  15. Profile photo of ANGELWENDY15

    I watched Port Charles and thought Micheal Easton, as Caleb the vampire, was so sexy! I’m not sure how this story is going to work on GH. There are so many different story lines going on at once it makes my head spin. But I want Micheal Easton and Roger Howarth to stay on GH so if they somehow have to put twists on their characters I’ll take it. They both breathed such life into the show, I want them to stay on!!
    Loved seeing Kevin and Allison. They both haven’t aged a bit! Love seeing the always great Jane Elliot with her own storyline, instead of just being in Luke’s shadow as she was under Guza/Phelps. Yes, the show still has its faults but just watch Soapnet at 4 AM. They are showing the GH episodes from 2009. EVERYDAY it was Sonny, Jason, Spinelli (I like him so much better now, more matured instead of those endless stupid nicknames, calling Jason his master-Yuck!).
    I laughed over AJ’s and Micheal’s hair, exactly the same spike look. They actually look like father and son. Can’t wait for Laura and Frisco to come on. It’s GH’s 50th anniversary so I guess that’s why they are bringing on all these different characters and stories. But I’ll take it, as long as GH stays on the air.

  16. Profile photo of InnerBeauty

    As soon as Sonny insinuated that he would have sex with Connie if she dropped the charges I thought to myself, the DC posters will have a fit about this. I don’t understand why the character has to be written this way. Why couldn’t he have offered support and genuine friendship with the chance of a relationship? This is what it seems Connie really wants, is for him to accept her in all her Connieness and forget about Kate. Is that what we are supposed to think he meant when he was groping all over her? It doesn’t do his character any favors when they write stuff like this. After all Sonny is supposed to be a likeable character with flaws. Can we see more likeable behavior please?

  17. Profile photo of bishbay

    Sonny may have feelings of a sort for Connie but he’s been clear that he misses and loves Kate, and presumably has no interest in sex with Connie. So that scene with Connie was a twist on the usual soap staple of a virtuous woman offering herself to a man she doesn’t love. Could you imagine Guza-era Sonny ever being in that sort of position? And Sonny was doing it for the love of his daughter, thus actually putting action behind his constant bleating about his love for his children. I actually think it’s a significant improvement for the character, even if I think the framing story with the show’s worst actress (that poor girl who plays Kristina) is an utter failure.

  18. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    [quote=GHFan777]I don’t know who these characters are, nor am I interested in learning about them.
    I don’t like …
    I can’t stand …
    I also hate …

    I know you said you’ll “stick it out,” but why? If you don’t like GH now, you never will.”

  19. Profile photo of katehhoward

    SO NO ONE THINKS THAT RAFE IS ACTUALLY THE LOST QUARTERMAINE HEIR? I guess I am the only person thinking that this whole Vamp story won’t be what it seems and that Caleb was a serial killer…and some way some how a Quartermaine is involved.

    I hope they do not end up making Connie, Tracy’s daughter.

    I love Britt, Sabrina, Felix and everyone on the canvas. Alison is here just to usher in the new Q I feel.

  20. Profile photo of GHFan777

    Wow FoxyMegan…I must have missed when they put you in charge of other posters comments. If you read my post you know why I am still watching. I am not going to elaborate any further on my post with you however, as I don’t feel the need to defend how I feel about some of these story lines and characters…..

    I will say that I never call out other posters on what they post on here, as I feel we are all entitled to our opinions. If you are happy with these story lines and Port Charles characters, good for you.

  21. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    [quote=DonnyA2001]Good one Gord! Oh why, oh why are they going to kill Allison? Why, oh why? I am crushed! Seriously, she hasn’t aged a day! She’s so gorgeous and so great to watch on screen! First Downton Abbey, now this? Can we please get rid of characters we don’t like!?[/quote]

    One of Ron Carlivati’s FAVORITE things to do is bring back certain (usually supporting or minor) memorable characters from a show’s history and then kill them off in a few episodes. I don’t mind it as long as it works to move forward current story. He did it on OLTL with Pamela Stuart, Lee Halpern and Powell Lord.

  22. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Even though the actress hasn’t been doing anything lately (that I know of), I just find it hard to believe that Erin Hershey would come back to PC only to be killed a few episodes later. They could have recast the part or just brought on Rafe Jr. to avenge the death of his mother offscreen. But who knows…

    And I loved seeing Kevin, but why was he such a dick? He just came to PC to tell Alexis what he thought about Lucy and was going to leave without even seeing her? Have they been seperated? Weird.

  23. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Believe it or not, not all actors and actresses are as invested in the characters they play as some fans are. Maybe she’s just back to give the character a proper sendoff.

  24. Profile photo of mipeony

    Loved seeing Kevin, even though I thought he was acting a little weird for him. I was surprised they went with the story of Lucy making up Livvie and Caleb in her head.

    Loved seeing EH back as Allison! I severly miss the original recipe Rafe though, BG was so good looking, it’s a shame they didn’t bring him back in some way. I’ve said this before on here, but I loved Livvie and Caleb ALMOST as much as I did Rafe and Allison. And I thought that ME and EH had chemistry back then also (who else remembers the hot barn sex Caleb and Allison had because of the wish baby-rabie-minded Livvie made on Caleb’s ring??),they could’ve given her a different story now and made a triangle between her, Sam, and McBain.

    I don’t see MB as a sex symbol anymore, so seeing him mackin’ on anyone, especially Connie is just unappealing. When Connie used to kiss Sonny, she would always wipe her mouth or make faces behind his back when they were done. I just don’t think she’d be falling for Sonny so soon. They should really put this DID storyline out to pasture.

  25. Profile photo of Joliefan88

    Michael McBain came on as John’s brother, Max and Gabby’s son AL Holden Died, You should get your facts straight! Michael NEVER saw AL in ANY MIRROR!

    Al Holden died, his love for Marcie was so strong that his spirit came back to earth. Appearing to Marcie in visions, Al saw his chance to be with her when Michael died after taking the wrong medication. Seeing another chance, Al’s soul entered Michael’s body. However, there was a catch–Marcie believed him to be Michael. That same day, Al’s deceased stepmother, Luna, told Al that he only had until Valentine’s Day to make Marcie recognize him. As the months went on, Al got closer to his goal, but then learned that he would lose his memories if he succeeded in getting Marcie to fall in love with Michael. On Valentine’s Day, Marcie finally realized the truth when she saw Al in Michael’s eyes. Al then told Marcie that although his spirit had to go to heaven, Michael would have his soul. After a final kiss, Al left for heaven, and Michael and Marcie had no recollection of his ever being there. However, both did remember their courtship of the last few months and started a new relationship.

    So yea John has FAMILY and HISTORY on OLTL and that is where John needs to be! WITH HIS FAMILY!

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