John Abbott’s Ghost Welcomes Jack Home to Jabot on Young and Restless


Whaddya know? The Ghost of John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) is actually capable of being kind and supportive to his son "Jackie" (Peter Bergman) on The Young and the Restless! On today's episode of Y&R, Ghost John is there to greet Jack when he returns to Jabot.

It certainly is nice to see the past tense, perfume patriarch having his son's back for a change. I was getting tired of all those bitch sessions from the Great Beyond. Watch a sneak peek from today's episode of The Young and the Restless after the jump!


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    hey mon

    I think that Ghost John is simply in Billy and Jack’s mind.

    Brettyboy, you’re right. Ghost John is on a #ell of a lot more than when Jerry D was on contract back in 2003 & 2004.

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    hey mon

    tedew — I am exaggerating about John, of course. But, before John met Gloria in 2004, and after he and Gina stopped dating in late 2002, there was a long stretch in 2003 where John did nothing. He really didn’t even give out that much advice. I remember him popping up in the ‘Jill is Katherine’s daughter’ s/l, but that was about it for months.

    Ghost John now, and Alistair Wallingford in 2006-07, is a an unusual example of what LML did to get someone down to recurring status. Kill off the legacy character, and bring him back as a double and ghost!

    He could be a Ghost, ore he could be in their minds, who knows?

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    Finally we get a gentle ghost back.

    This is one character that I’d take back. I don’t care how they bring him back. It’s a soap…and we’ve seen it all. Have Gloria be involved somehow since Jeffrey is MIA.

    Stupid LML. >)

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    This was good episode and Jack saying he going to rebuild the Abbotts, Abby coming home and I think BE will be returning as Ashley my gut tells me and chatter is intense on the internet. I think we will see Tracy popping up more…for the House of Abbott!

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