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Britt argues with Sabrina, and admits she told Emma she doesn't like her. Satisfied with her actions, Britt walks away from Sabrina and discovers Patrick standing directly behind her. He heard every word she said, and Britt panics. Patrick is angry she called Emma a spoiled brat. He quickly informs her Emma is the most important person in his life. Britt claims he's overreacting, and simply misunderstood her words. Patrick accuses Britt of making Emma feel unwelcome, but Britt refuses to take the blame for Emma running away.  

Britt doesn’t want Patrick to throw away their relationship, but he will not be with someone who doesn’t care about his daughter. Patrick declares he and Britt are done.  Britt plays the sex card, but Patrick knows he’s not the guy for her.  Britt blames Sabrina for trying to come between her and Patrick.  She accuses Sabrina of poisoning Emma against her, and using Emma to get closer to Patrick.  Sabrina denies it, but Britt says Sabrina wants Patrick for herself.  
John finds Rafe kneeling over Alison’s dead body, and calls the crime in to the station.  He tries to get information from Rafe, but the young boy remains silent.  Anna arrives, and John explains what he’s found so far.  She asks why John was at the scene, and he tells her that Alison called him to meet at the pier.  
AJ thinks he’s having a heart attack, but Liz checks him out and gets him to calm down. She explains he simply had a panic attack. AJ thinks the episode makes him sound weak, something Edward would never accept.  Liz advises him to get his stress levels under control. She reminds him the downfall of ELQ is not his fault.   AJ informs her investors are pulling out, and he needs to handle the crisis.  Liz brings up Tracy’s check being stopped by the bank, which leaves The Nurses' Ball without funding.  AJ knows the ball is important, and feels she should not give up on reviving it.  
Michael updates Starr on the events in Connie's office concerning Sonny and ELQ. Starr reminds him Connie is a pathological liar.  Starr defends Sonny, which surprises Michael. 
Maxie claims to be happy, just as Spinelli brings Ellie home from the hospital. Ellie immediately tears into Maxie for sleeping with Spinelli. She accuses Maxie of tampering with her car to get her claws into Spin, but Maxie denies it. Ellie demands to know Maxie’s excuse for bedding Spin.  Maxie doesn't have an excuse, but is glad it happened. She feels it gave them closure, and made Spinelli realize he was meant to be with Ellie. Maxie’s accepted this fact. 
Sam asks Lucy about Alison, and whether she’d lie for Lucy and back up the vampire story.  Lucy hasn’t seen Alison in years, and explains Rafe is Caleb’s son.  She tells Sam both Rafe Sr. and Caleb disappeared suddenly, and only recently resurfaced. Lucy insists she’s telling the truth about Caleb, and warns he needs to be stopped or the body count will rise.  
TJ finds out Molly paid for Rafe’s lunch, and becomes jealous.  He advises her to be careful, but Molly is sure Rafe is harmless.  Later on, they’re walking on the pier and come across the crime scene.  Molly is shocked when the police tell them that a boy killed his mother there.  
Ellie thanks Spin for being there for her, and in turn, he thanks her for accepting his apology.  Spin is certain they can put New Year’s Eve behind them now.
Lulu and Maxie arrive at the hospital for her check up and find Britt destroying the exam room in a fit of rage.  Britt declares it’s time for Lulu to know the truth about the baby.
Patrick apologizes to Sabrina, and admits Liz warned him about Britt.  He wants to know what Britt meant about Sabrina wanting him for herself. 
Sam returns to the PCPD and relays Lucy's warning about Alison being in danger to John.  He confesses Lucy was right. 
At the station, Anna tries to get Rafe to talk.  She inquires about his relationship with his mother, and if she was meeting anyone.  She asks Rafe if he killed his mother, and he vows he didn’t.  Anna thinks he knows what happened, and demands to know who killed Alison.  Rafe points to John McBain. 


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It's been very cathartic to see Britt get her comeuppance from Patrick over the past couple of shows. I have to wonder where she goes from here. If she doesn't have Patrick anymore, her only recourse in soapland is to become a psychotic killer. I'm curious to see where she goes from here.

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Britt's meltdown in the exam room seemed rather over the top considering she and Patrick have only been "dating" for a short time. I know he's good looking and rich, but calm down!

I don't understand why Ellie is willing to forgive Spin so quickly and yet ready to blame everything including her broken down car, on Maxie. It's like a bad episode of Jerry Springer.

From what little I've seen, I like the kid who plays Rafe. I'm just not sure why I should care about him yet.

Loved Anna.

MIchael seems quite ready and willing to put the blame on Sonny despite the fact that Connie is a lying liar who lies.

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^^ I like Rafe too and the PC-revisit is not as bad I thought it would be. Still, it would have been nice to have Alison around longer to care about her death.

Most things about this episode I found actively-annoying, like Ellie/Spinelli/Maxie scenes. Why exactly is Ellie continuing to live in that apartment?! Has there been any mention of Ellie's family? So ridiculous and so irritating, all of it.

Britt/Patrick/Sabrina was cringe-worthy. The actors are good but the characters are written in such a shallow manner, I found it so contrived. Britt behaving so outrageously and loudly discussing having sex with Patrick at the nurses' station AND getting irate with Sabrina. Seriously stupid. Where is Human Resources or at least Epiphany when you need 'em? LOL. After hearing exactly what Britt did from her own mouth, if Patrick forgives her, he'll be more than stupid but a horrible father. This storyline has been making Patrick look extremely stupid so I was happy that he stood up for his family but I know he'll return to Britt's orbit and that hurts his character. They went on like two dates and had semi-public sex! Patrick needs to learn from his experience with Lisa Niles and leave both Britt & Sabrina alone.

I felt that the Liz/AJ scenes lacked chemistry and was more Liz propping another character (ala Sabrina.) I don't want Liz romantically-involved with AJ anyway. AJ & Carly set my television ablaze!

Sam should become a cop. PCPD needs a cop, she'd interact with Anna & Dante and the PI business has always been a lame idea.

Michael's disloyalty to Sonny has been his M.O. since AJ appeared so not surprised he'd believe anyone (even Connie) when blaming Sonny is involved.

Jane Elliott makes every thing better! Luke and Connie are FAR more tolerable with her and I loved her expression when Michael stated that Sonny was the source of the ELQ-story!

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Granted, I am a veteran soap opera watcher, so I think I see things that are not necessarily there. I was wondering during Britts temper tantrum, if she is a plant. The way I see it, Britt has always been the aggressor. Patrick always seemed to be talked into going out with Britt, and the one and only time they had sex she walked in on the man while he was in the shower. It would have been hot if they actually had a relationship. Instead of a few random meal at Kellys. No, to me Britt has he'd an agenda from day one and it might explain why he just showed up out of the blue.(right about the time Faison came to PC.

I don't know who this new kid is, but I like him a lot. I am not sure if it is his backstory of being dragged around by his delussional mother and they are homeless. (Didn't I hear or read that his mother was a Barrington heir?) Anyway I like this kid. He does vulnerable very well.

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I was really into this episode and not exactly sure why. Lots of pent up frustration being let out (Britt/Sabrina, Ellie/Maxie). Felt as if everything is building up to something ... not quite sure what ... but lots of mysterious energy.

I really like the new kid, Rafe. Anna's scenes with him were touching. I already care about this kid and he's only been on the screen for a couple days.

Lucy is great ... her praying to her cousin at the end was powerful.

Loved seeing the Britch getting what's coming to her. I actually don't hate this storyline as much as some people seem to. I enjoyed seeing her lose it in the exam room.

Molly is one cool kid.

Awesome Ellie! It's nice to see that "confrontational" behavior that she mentioned.

Why is Sam always hanging around the PCPD? And why would a cop send her out to question someone?

As much as I am rooting for the Michael/A.J. successful takeover of ELQ, it all seems very superficial to me ... too fast. Michael seems to be 100% invested in AJ and ELQ all of a sudden. And the rise and fall of ELQ in one day seems silly too.

Still, have to say I am loving the show. First thing I watch when I get home from work each day!

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I don’t get Britt; she’s acting as if she’s been in a relationship with Patrick. A couple of dinners, watching a stolen DVD on the couch, and getting naked in the shower don’t make a relationship. I’ve always been a fan of the bad girl but I don’t see anything redeemable about this character that would make me want to root for her other than she is a beautiful woman.

Maxie is a great example of the bad girl that I root for; it’s hard not feeling bad for her even though she makes the worst choices. It could be because I’m not that attached to Lulu since I didn’t really watch while she was an adult until now and I remember Maxie as the sick little girl and the recipient of BJ’s heart. Kristina Wagner acted the hell out of that story line back then.

Sorry to see Allison killed off; I remember her fondly from PC but with all the returns coming up and all the characters already on the canvas it makes sense. Erin Hershey has hardly aged and still gorgeous. I wonder if it’s a coincidence that she was murdered while Kevin was in town. Does Kevin have something to do with Lucy and Allison’s belief in vampires? A little farfetched but as a psychiatrist has he found a way to create an alternate universe in someone’s mind? Maybe not maybe we will be visited by vampires instead.

Any time Anna is on the screen I am happy; her scenes with Rafe were good it’s nice to see her compassionate side. Finola is what brought me back to the show last year then Frank and Ron have had me hooked since, even when she’s not on for weeks at a time. For me GH is best when she’s included though.

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I was wondering with Britt if there doing Lisa Niles again hope not, but looks like there going that way kind of have to wonder if Pickle-lila will save ELQ again

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Oh God I was worried I was the only one who like this kid Rafe..I can't understand how the casting people can find me a kid who gives me so much emotion from not saying one word...yet bring me Kristina who can say a thousand things that all make me want to hurl

For the first time I found Molly interesting and not annoying.

How I want to smack Sabrina...the minute Brit put her hands on me I would have marched right up to HR and nailed the bitch to a wall (ok I would have laid her out but I gave up violence for the New Year)

After all the uncomfortable conversation between Maxie/Spin/Ellie it was nice of LooLoo to make it all about her at the end (insert rolling eye emoticon w/ a dash of sarcasm)

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AJ and Liz have me hoping for a relationship. They looked great and have chemistry. If AJ's panic attack eventually leads to the birth of Emily Webber-Quartermaine, I'm all for it.

Patrick must have the magic stick because Britt went HAM in that exam room. They've only been dating for a few months.

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Off topic but the girl that plays Allison has incredible hair, I mean wow it is beautiful.

Also I think RC is having Michael side with AJ so willingly because he now knows the real truth of how he was kidnapped by Carson from his real dad and he also knows what a hellish life he grew up in and I think while he is afraid to admit it, I think seeing AJ even with his faults and the Qs with their faults he knows he would not have been sent a bomb, shot in the head, killed anyone, sent to prison and raped, not to mention witnessed the emotional and near physical abuse that he saw Sonny commit against Carly on a daily basis had he been raised by his real dad. At least I am hoping that is where this is going that Michael is finally going to lose it and get to rail against his life and how he was just a pawn in their wars. How he always paid the price for their selfishness and how it took him killing someone and being raped to go from a soulless, hit ordering, illegal gun buying, shooting people on docks and leaving them to die (although now I wish that one took) monster to a person with remorse and a conscience. The story is there and hopefully RC isn't so focused on the freaking OLTL characters that he misses it, because it would be great material for MB, CD, SK and LW.

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I agree with everyone who has been praising the kid who plays Rafe. It only took a couple of scenes to totally pull me into his corner. Obviously, he's a good young actor who, as someone pointed out, does vulnerable very well, but I also wonder if part of the positive response to him has to do with the way the character was introduced. We're so used to younger characters being introduced lately as angry and snarling (see nuKristina and oldTJ on GH, Summer and Fen on Y&R) that it's like a huge breath of fresh air when they don't come on with a huge chip dangling from their shoulder.

Note the overwhelmingly positive response to nuNoah on Y&R, and even to the guy who plays Jamie, who is likable party because he's good and partly because Jamie's likable. Also, people seem to be responding to Kyle/Blake Hood more positively now that Kyle's not being such a douche (and he's mostly off-screen). I go back and forth when it comes to Kristen Alderson's acting, but I wonder if Starr might have received a warmer welcome on GH if Alderson hadn't played up the anger so much, delivering her lines with a snarl through gritted teeth. For those who didn't know her from OLTL, it made her immediately unlikable.

From what I've read, Britt's story will now be more a revenge on Sabrina tale than her trying to win Patrick back. I mean, he heard her call Emma a "spoiled brat." How do you come back from that? The problem with the revenge tale and with Britt vs. Sabrina overall is that for it to be truly compelling soap opera, at least one of the characters has to be someone viewers really care about. Otherwise it's just two relative strangers taking swipes at each other. I actually think this story would have been better and more evenly matched had it been Britt vs. Maxie from the beginning.

Ellie definitely needs some back story. I like the actress a lot, but the character is growing a bit tiresome, especially since she seems to secretly like the Maxie competition. Why else would she remain in her orbit?

The vampire story is shaping up to be better than I thought it would be. I just hope it wraps up fairly quickly and doesn't go on and on as long as the Connie mess.

Finally, am I the only one who thinks that taking the focus off of Sonny and giving him more human, relationship stuff to play has rejuvenated the character? He now seems more multi-dimensional and -- dare I say it? -- somewhat rootable, for once? A year ago, I wouldn't have thought it possible!

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I like the new kid. I'm genuinely curious who killed Alison. Britt got caught And I don't hate Sam so much anymore. That's a pretty good week. Plus I LOVED that Liz seems to be setting out to have a storyline not connected to propping up a teenage nurse.

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I really liked Rafe too! He is uber-cute, and can really translate emotions. I think the kid is staying, actually I think he is on contract.
If all goes well, could this be the new Chandler Massey?

I loved Anna with him, and just reminded me how much I wanna see Anna in mama mode! Please bring back Robin and Leora Hayward!

I don't get why John is cool as a cucumber. There are now two people who have claimed him to be this Caleb person, and he just takes it in as in stride as if they are some local village idiots? That doesn't ring true to the John McBain I know. To me he seems curious by nature, I would have thought he would dig up all places to see what it's about, if for nothing else, than the mystery value of it all.

Even Sam is doing more. Loved her scenes with Lucy, damn that Lynn Herring is a gem!

Loved to see Liz out of the hospital and with AJ but I agree that I didn't yet see much chemistry. AJ's "heart attack" scenes very pretty fake looking....

Not interested in TJ's feelings much, sorry.

Loved Britt's meltdown, I just kept waiting for her to attack Sabrina physically. I hope this now means that Patrick truly stays away from her.

Lulu & Maxie - both annoyed me to high heaven!!!

I'm glad Ellie spoke the truth to Maxie, but does she plan to still live there?! Lol!

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uh oh Ron is killing off young women again.

The major thing I hope he does not bring over from OLtl is a perverse affection for seriel killers focused on clearing out the women on the show. They killed a lot of women on oltl--a lot and the serial killer plot device is really, really old and never had the charm of who's the baby daddy, back from the dead, and any number of other soap classics.

Great that gh is not all mob all the time, but the penchant for snuff porn that was cartini's underside on oltl would not be any more welcome

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I did not see any chemistry between Liz and AJ. However, it was nice to see Liz away from the teenage drama between Britt, Sabrina and Patrick. AJ had that whole sweaty thing going on that reminded me of Niz. Blech.

Rafe is a cutie and a keeper! The young actor displayed more emotion without saying a word than Starr and Krissy provided with the deaths of Cole, Hope and Trey.

I hope Liz continues trying to get the nurses ball up and running, because she can easily contact Jax or Nicholas for funding.

Yes, RC seems to be in a killing mode over the last twelve months! Tired

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why haven't they had someone ie Liz call Jax, Nik,or even go to sonny. all of these people had a relationship w/robin and Liz has had a relationship w/all of them. it's stupid to have them acting like the q's are the only people in town w/money. unless of course they want to have Liz in the background for this story, she could even get brenda's number from someone.

the vamp story needs to be over, it's stupid. i'm sorry i never watched that show so i really don't care about that woman or her kid.

with the patrick/sabrina/britch story i'm sorry one woman is as bad as the other, sabrina is using patrick's wife and kid to get in his pants and she really doesn't know him well enough to be "in love" w/him, neither does britt.and really this whole s/l is moot b/c robin is alive and really do either of these two characters have a lot of fans?

yeah i'm pretty sure to become a cop you can't have a criminal background, people seem to forget that sam came on as a con w/a background as a hooker, she really shouldn't have been able to get a pi licence or a gun permit.

i like Liz and AJ, they're pretty and Liz has a humanizing effect on these guys, they become softer w/her. i really hope they do w/carson having to work to get mikey's trust back, the life that was chosen for him really didn't work out all that well. i don't understand how anyone can think a life w/ a recovering alcoholic businessman could be worse than a life w/a murderer or mobster? that was just stupid, and i'm glad mikey finally found out the truth and hope he gets all of it and everything his "parents" did.

and they really need to get Liz a real s/l, not her propping sabrina. I would love for her to get a love interest. and the bs that FV was saying about her needing to be redeemed was so stupid. you have a show where the male leads are murderers, mobsters,rapists,deadbeat dads, child killers. the female leads are child endangering cons,and carly and LIZ needs to be redeemed? Liz hasn't done a fraction of what these characters have done.

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Incidentally, President Obama is scheduled to make a speech on gun control at 2:30 eastern today, so don't be surprised if we see a partial interruption of GH.

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Everytime I ALMOST like Liz, I come over here and read comments about how awesome, holy, perfect and wonderful she is and I go right back to uber hatred. It's cool though, I feel the same about Saint Robin. Sick Sick Sick