Kristen Alderson “Praying For Positive Answers” RE: General Hospital Exit

On the heels of Michael Easton's announcement that he will no longer be on General Hospital starting Feb. 8, co-star Kristen Alderson has given an update about her departure.
As Daytime Confidential previously reported, Alderson, along with Easton and Roger Howarth will leaving GH due to the dispute between Disney-ABC and Prospect Park regarding the One Life to Live characters. Alderson said on Twitter:

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    Later, Starfish. (That Connie moment had me laughing.) Hope your “positive answers” lead you to stay away for good. Todd and McBain, however, will always be welcome back.

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    ^^ I laughed at that Connie moment aswell, lol.

    I truly feel bad for all the actors involved. They shouldn’t be blindsided like this.

    As for Starr, I’m pretty indifferent to her. I don’t dislike her but I won’t shed tears if she goes either. The truth is that none of these characters are vital to GH. The show will survive without any of them.

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    TV Gord

    Thanks for posting this. I follow her on Twitter, but I hate Twitter, so I’m hardly ever there. I love Starr and Kristen and I hope things can be worked out to keep her, Todd and John on GH. If they go, so do I. Sadly, this iffy attempt to relaunch the cancelled soaps will almost certainly put an end to any future visits from Blair or any of the others, but my feeling is that it’s only temporary (until PP inevitably runs out of money and doesn’t recoup enough of their initial investment).

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    she was easily the worst character/OLTL transplant in all the history of General Hospital.

    i’m sure she was a “okay” at OLTL but General Hospital is a different ballgame. She never brought it and always lacked everything.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=appleridge]I doubt the actors were blindsided. ABC knew when they asked PP to use the characters that PP could take them back if OLTL got underway[/quote]

    Yes, but who knew that was going to happen until a couple of months ago? Are the actors supposed to wait around when they are offered roles on GH?

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    TV Gord

    Okay, whatever. So they were supposed to turn down an offer to join GH in January because there was a chance this sketchy organization MIGHT get their act together in August? Really?

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    Maybe not turn down the offer, but definitely plan for contingencies. They were aware. That awareness shouldn’t stop them from what they were doing, but it should cause them to plan in advance.

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    @TV Gord…..”Sketchy Organization”??? Ummmm….the company produces the hit, ROYAL PAINS on USA, WILFRED on FX as well as numerous feature films. They are a legit company and not “sketchy”.

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