SPOILERS: Will Dylan’s Arrival Create Chaos For Nick and Avery On The Young and the Restless?

Nick/Avery/Dylan:The legal eagle attends her boyfriend’s club reopening, and is stunned silly when she sees her former love Dylan. Nick comes over before Avery can get the skinny on why Dylan’s been M.I.A., and tells the war vet Avery is his gal! Later, Nick notices Avery is not herself. She gives Nick a lame excuse, pushing him to mingle with his club guests.

Afterwards, Dylan returns and tries to explain to Avery why he lied about being dead, but she doesn't want to hear it. Even though Avery is livid over Dylan’s deception, she still has feelings for the guy. What does this mean for her relationship with Nick?
Nikki: The socialite confides in Victor about the secret she’s keeping.

Abby: The Naked Heiress returns to Genoa City (Yeah, that’s DC’s Luke you hear screaming kids).
Paul: The gumshoe finally has a showdown with Phyllis over the hit and run.

Michael/Fen/Lauren: The Baldwin’s troubled seed finally reveals he pushed Jamie off the roof. Lauren is flabbergasted by what she hears and refuses to believe her son would do such a thing. Michael has no trouble believing Fen is capable of such violence. Lauren storms out, just as Fen arrives home. 

Michael grills him, but Fen counters by bringing up Michael’s attempted rape of Cricket! Fen lashes out, calling Michael the biggest hypocrite on this side of the Midwest. When Lauren returns, she overhears the father and son's heated discussion. Fen leaves in a huff. Michael and Lauren have yet another shouting match over their son. With Jamie determined to press charges against Fen, Lauren is scared of what Michael will do with Fen.

Cane: The Aussie hustler puts his neck on the line for Chelsea.

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    [quote=JAYSON369]Good Stuff! And ABBY AKA THE NAKED HEIRESS IS BACK! Can’t wait to see her! With her sexy lil self! :love:[/quote]

    To post this twice, you must be really EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Avery was Roniah Touiousosopa’d. Shewas told he was dead when he was still alive. Can’t wait to see Abby. Love her!!! I don’t condone child abuse but Fen need a ass whopping and uncle Kevin need to give it to him to show what being bullied by a person such as terrible Tom is like.

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    All these stories are really kicking it into gear. Keep it going.

    Yes! Abby! Yes! Nikki!

    I hope this time Abby is written a lot more responsibly. Now bring back Ash and Tracy!

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    I can’t believe the elation for the return of Abby. Actually I have nothing against her but just hope this time around she’s quite changed and no longer “The Naked Heiress”.

    Regarding the Baldwin turmoil. I just know that Lauren is going to drive me bonkers. The evidence is there. You have every reason to believe it and also every reason to know when someone is using you. And Fen … bringing up your father’s past? Bad boy!

    I can’t wait to see Paul finally challenge Phyllis. No so much looking forward to the way I know that plow truck driver is going to react.

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    I am really sad to see all of these comments. I know that none of this happened this week and sure wish that if they are going to post spoilers, they would state so at the start of an article. I find it sad that anyone would even know of these events and would want spoil the surprise for the rest of us.

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    “SPOILERS: Will Dylan’s Arrival Create Chaos For Nick and Avery On The Young and the Restless?”

    if the soap gods are willing, so am I! I will not apologize for being a Phick fan from day one and probably infinity, but even still, I find the pairing of Nick & Avery to be sleep inducing regardless of Phyllis.

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    “SPOILERS: Will Dylan’s Arrival Create Chaos For Nick and Avery On The Young and the Restless?”

    if the soap gods are willing, so am I! I will not apologize for being a Phick fan from day one and probably infinity, but even still, I find the pairing of Nick & Avery to be sleep inducing regardless of Phyllis.

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    I’m loving these spoilers! Y&R has been juicey lately…Nikki has a major story coming on I can’t wait! Most everything story wise I’m liking but the Noah, Kevin, Chole, Adrianne and the money trail is weakest link. But the actress playing Adrianne is growing on me, she’s seems more settled down. I would like to see a better story for Noah & her.

    I’m very much enjoying the fleshing out of Chelsea’s character, w\Chole making both independent, strong women.

    I’m liking the Victor vs. Victor Jr., it has been set-up perfectly because the Jack\Victor is worn out and infuses new life for a blood feud and great storylines for the future. I’m definite like this direction, Abbotts @Jabot and expanding, Neil will have his own division, Newman vs Newman, with McCall I think will be desolved into Chancellor…Josh has positioned the characters.

    The Baldwins and the bully story the beats are coming to head and this is what I love the character driven stories! :love: I like this actor playing Jamie, w\Fen, & Summer…this is strongest younger cast Y&R has had in years and it’s starting to pay off big dividends.

    I do think Carmine\Lauren hookup is a real possiblity and not wishful thinking because Josh & Jill are putting those two characters in their orbit quite a lot! :love:

    I love Leslie more and more and Josh right now is giving the viewers on how to introduce characters. It hasn’t been rushed and thrown to much info to viewer but bits & pieces of both characters and why…I’m getting to know what makes these characters tick…I like!

    The new story for Dylan has possibilities w\Sharon, it kick starts some heat in Navery.

    I’m loving Y&R. :bigsmile:

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    hey mon

    Even I am starting to like the new Y&R. Very balanced, very well written. Not crazy bout the new music — still loving the old music of yesteryear. The bell tolling highly dramatic moments, etc — but, oh well.

    Twill be good to see Abby back, depending on how long she stays. Hope they don’t “Jill” her, simply having Jill on to argue with Katherine a few times, and then disappear again. So I hope JG&JFP doesn’t have Abby on, once or twice, just to needle her Uncle Jack, or her Dad.

    Liking the Murder Mystery of Tyler/Leslie/Marcus, and how it is involving Victor (yeah, he’s being blackmailed!), and the ramifications on Neil. JG turned his one-trick pony of horny Tyler, into someone who is multi-dimensional.

    Mac/Dylan is still an enigma. The good thing about Steven Burton is that he makes Josh Morrow look like Best Actor material. Burton has about 2 emotions, distressed and uncaring. Hopefully, he can pull a few more facial expressions out of the bag.

    What a foundational character Chelsea has become… Amazing… A joy to watch. Seeing Chelsea rejecting Anita’s advice, and Chelsea actually caring and thinking about Adam, made me think that Adam may want to think twice about his obssession with Sharon.

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    Love Abby. Can’t wait to have her back. Please Abby give Sharon hell about your horses and get then back! Love Niki too, so will love to see her get some story. Love Neil so I hope his story is sparkly.

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    love the fact that Chelsea’s Mom, April (??) popped in and spotted her looking at Cane.

    Didn’t like the elevator scenes – just did not ring true. Cellphones didn’t work? His tablet he was holding didn’t work? Couldn’t call for help?

    Ok – who is telling the truth? Jamie or Fenmore? Lauren needs to take a chill pill and remember back about 20-30 years ago when she bullied Traci Abbot! How soon they forget.

    So now we know that Tyler “saw something he shouldn’t have “…. his Mama’s murder? juicy storyline, if you ask me.

    What, exactly, happened to “Restless Style”? Did it just cease publication?

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    Looking forward to Avery & Dylan finally coming face to face and the kick off of the Nick/Avery/Dylan tri. love Navery so I hope they make it through this.

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    I don’t see how anyone who loved the old Y and R, couldn’t at least see some glimmers of hope.

    The past couple of weeks have really been coming together.

    Yes, I agree that Josh has slowly been building the base of “his” vision of these characters, but it’s a refreshing, welcome change.

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    tedew, I really think this is as much meant to send Lauren falling into Carmine’s meat hooks. I don’t like how they’re writing her were Jamie is concerned at all. It’s one think to defend your kid and a whole other thing to take another one in to your home and emotionally discard him at the drop of a hat. Lauren was right there with Michael when they “willingly” took Jamie in and this sudden mama bear bull bites.

    The Abby love IS a bit puzzling but, I like her and don’t mind her and with my thinking Lauren and Carmine WILL hook up, this might be interesting.

    I’m a MAJOR Phyllis fan and want this over! Paul and Phyllis in the same scene will probably be about Summer. I figure Phyl will walk into the coffeehouse etc etc. 17Ok, Cricket’s preparing to take her for every dime Nick has and that’s fine with me if it finally FINALLY shuts this 20 year old story down for good! If there was anything Phyllis did wrong it was not finishing the job. I didn’t watch the show then but if Chris was as irritating then as she is now, I get it.

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    Restless Fan

    The show is feeling more and more like vintage Y&R with a slightly different flavor. Stories are coming together nicely and I’m becoming drawn in again. I hope the ratings reflect the improvements.

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    Glad to see all this coming up but…
    PLEASE don’t put Dylan with the town piranha! She’s been with so many men in that town, a whole family and now they want to ruin another man? Granted, Avery is no saint but what you see is what you get with her. With the piranha you see a phoney, wanna be virginal innocent with flesh in her teeth from the last man she chewed up and spit out.

    If Dylan doesn’t get back with Avery, I rather see him with Chelsea!

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    Cuppa_Coffee … actually Sharon is probably being maligned a bit too much. Because … hasn’t practically every woman in Genoa City been with countless numerous partners; some while married or attach or some in moments of weakness?

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    The Baldwin’s troubled seed finally reveals he pushed Jamie off the roof. Lauren is flabbergasted by what she hears and refuses to believe her son would do such a thing. Michael has no trouble believing Fen is capable of such violence. Lauren storms out, just as Fen arrives home.


    It was JAMIE, not Fen, who says he was pushed off the roof.

    Your spoiler was incorrect!

    Jamie made the accusation and Fen denied it. That is what played out on screen.

    Jillian, you really need to watch the show first before doing your write-ups which are often full of mistakes and factual inaccuracies.

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