It’s On and Poppin’ For EJami on Days of Our Lives!

Hot mess extraordinaire, Samantha Jean Brady (Alison Sweeney) has finally chosen between preachy cop Rafe Hernandez (Galen Gering) and corrupt mogul EJ DiMera (James Scott) on Days of Our Lives, and it's EJami for the win. Yes, yes, 10,000 times, YES!

If I can't have EJill, at least I can take comfort in the knowledge that Stefano's (Joe Mascolo) sinfully-seductive son is penetrating Will's (Chandler Massey) mother again on the regular. Watch a sneak peek of this week's Days of Our Lives below!


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    E.J. is just Sami’s choice right now. He’s her flavor of the month. I hope everyone that loves them enjoys it while it lasts because we all know from the past that it won’t. She’ll be running back towards Rafe or maybe even Lucas the minute E.J. steps one toe out of line. Honestly I want Sami to spend some much needed time alone.

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    I would love this if it were to stick, but it doesn’t seem that way, sorry to say. I have to agree with the one who said it’s just Sami’s flavor of the month.

    I’m so hoping Rafe would get together with Hope, it would be so much better and it would get Rafe away from Sami’s orbit.

  3. Profile photo of Cath

    Woohoo & FINALLY, I think are the words I’m looking for. I’ve been waiting nearly 7 years for them to stop dancing around each other & get together for real. They have such hot chemistry together, that whatever the writers put them through, it’ll always be entertaining.

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    Why are some people so sure this reunion isn’t going to stick for a while, especially since the current writers are likely not going anywhere?

    Has there been any rumor or spoiler to indicate that this reunion is fleeting?

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    Your description says it all… “Again”. What’s the new thing that will keep us interested that hadn’t happened the other 12 times they were together?

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    No, on the contrary, rumors & spoilers indicate that they’ll get even more serious in the next few months.

    It’s just that after nearly 7 years of letting this chemistry go to waste, people are skeptical & think they’re got gonna have the rug pulled from under them again and I can’t say I blame them for having this knee jerk reaction. LOL

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    I think Ejami will be around for awhile. It all feels different this go around…better. And I love it!!!!!

    That sanctimonious, smug Rafe is who makes me sick.

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    The difference this time is that they are REALLY together…not because EJ was tricking her, not because Stefano wanted them to get married to end the vendetta, not because Sami thought EJ was her hero rescuing Sydney (when he had actually done the kidnapping)…

    THIS time there are no secrets and Sami has chosen EJ because she wants him, not because she can’t have anyone else.

    This is really their FIRST time as a real couple. GO Ejami!

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