NEP Broadcasting Building Studios For New All My Children and One Life to Live

While fans are celebrating Prospect Park’s decision to revive All My Children and One Life to Live on the web, one behind-the-scenes company hasn’t received much recognition for its role in helping the long-running soaps return. NEP Broadcasting, one of the largest mobile production services companies in America, is building the studios where Pine Valley and Llanview will be recreated.

In an interview with Broadcast Engineering, NEP’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager Barry Katz talks about the new facility, as well as NEP’s work on projects for Arise and Al Jazerra.

“At the same time, what’s old is new,” Katz noted. NEP is building studios in an old factory in Connecticut for the webcast versions of the soap operas “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” They start production on Feb. 25.


Read the entire article at Broadcast Engineering.

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