One Life to Live’s Bob Woods on Connecticut Shooting Schedule: “We’ll Be Working Five Weeks and Be Off Five”

Will the taping schedule for Prospect Park's reboots of All My Children and One Life to Live prove less taxing for the casts and crews than the traditional daytime model? Bob Woods thinks it will. Here's what the soon-to-be-returning Bo Buchanan told Soap Opera Digest

"It looks like we'll be working five weeks and be off five, six weeks, so it's kind of cool! Especially compared to what it was, because that's what burned me out. We were doing four shows in a day and that's just too much for an old guy like me."

Woods also shares his faith in OLTL's new executive producer Jennifer Pepperman in the Feb. 11 issue of Digest.

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    Let’s hope this keeps things refreshing for the cast, crew and fans. I cannot wait to see what stories the re-boot gives us. Here is hoping it is as intense and driven as Dallas is! Hey there is a thought, why cannot the show work as short 13 week seasons like the cable shows do. We could get three of them a year! That would be awesome!

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    I just hope that the writers and the new producers take advantage of what is out there and try and REcreate the genre of soap opera so that it is not so cheap and quick looking or feeling. It would be amazing where the stories and the sets gave the same richness as primetime soaps/dramas and, at least, had the same feel.

    Sure, I know that soaps are expensive as are sets but when you look at the first episode of THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL and you see the large main lobby of FORRESTER that is between Eric’s and Ridge’s offices you would be amazed to see the tiny space that exists now in that lobby AND IT STILL gets so much foot traffic. It’s sad. Even the sofa at Bill’s is only a 2 seater and over at Erics, you would be hard pressed to get more than 3 on that sofa that seemed to fit 6 in the first episode.

    On Y&R, the same. Sets are being reduced and reused. Victor’s old office doesn’t need a total redesign, it just needs new decor. The hallways of Jabot look like they haven’t been spruced up since they appeared on the show.

    Days has the dullest color scheme around while GH is the only soap that seems to have a huge sound stage for large sets, albeit dull ones.

    In the case of B&B and Y&R, these lobbies are being used every day now so instead of that cheap ass restaurant that looks like it was done by a TLC decorating competition, enlarge them and give them space where having people always secretly congregating to discuss issues will seem less ALL OUT IN THE OPEN and more ‘private’.

    That’s JUST ONE way OLTL and AMC can make sure that the redux of the soaps have a truly new and original look and that it might be matched by an even better stript.

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