Redaric Williams and Angell Conwell Steam Up 44th NAACP Image Awards! (PHOTOS)

Redaric Williams and Angell Conwell may play siblings Tyler and Leslie Michaelson on The Young and the Restless, but they sizzled together at the 22th NAACP Image Awards on February 1. Former All My Children star Mario Van Peebles, Y&R’s Tatyana Ali, The Bold and the Beautiful’s Aaron D. Spears and Kristolyn Lloyd joined their primetime and film counterparts on the Shrine Auditorium’s red carpet. See more photos from the 44th NAACP Image Awards after the jump!

Kerry Washington

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    Angell Conwell looks AMAZING!!! Why can’t they outfit her like this on the soap?! Love that hair and she looks beautiful!!! On Y&R, I’m sorry, she looks like a boring big busted librarian rather than the tough as nails, no hold barred sex pot vixen of a lawyer she is~!!

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    [quote=pjc722]Angell Conwell looks AMAZING!!! Why can’t they outfit her like this on the soap?! Love that hair and she looks beautiful!!! On Y&R, I’m sorry, she looks like a boring big busted librarian rather than the tough as nails, no hold barred sex pot vixen of a lawyer she is~!![/quote]

    ^^I could not agree more! On Y&R, she is dressed so matronly.

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    it’s great that the naacp were open and inclusive to Asian american actresses freida pinto and archie panjabi and sandra oh attending their image awards unlike very commonly unwelcoming hollywood. there’s the alma awards for latino american contributions and then there’s highly publicized glaad but of course there’s no naacp and alma equivalent for Asian american actors and actresses.

    that’s bec Asian americans are systematically discouraged from even entering acting by racist hollywood thru casting Asian american citizens and historical figures and fictional chars w/ white actors while casting Asian american actors w/ stereotypical and unflattering roles. this becomes a feedback loop that hollywood uses to explain their lack of Asian american representations.

    Asian americans are the most bullied demographic in elementary school but no athlete and hollywood personality would ever speak against Asian american bullying bec it won’t get them any press unlike all the publicity of speaking against gay bullying. Asian american teenage girls have the highest depression rate of any demographic.

    that’s not suprising when hollywood’s highest rated tv show recently bullied an Asian american female teenager! american idol bullied and mocked a teenage auditioner who was a female Indian american. the panel kept mockingly repeating her indian name bec hollywood has made it acceptable to laugh and mock Indian cuisine and accents and names. religious beliefs and customs of indians are mocked from the very “tolerant” and openly gay nph’s bollywood themed music video. but no backlash for nph and idol from the tolerant manhattan mainstream media and hollywood of course. did idol’s panel mock the white gay guy that called himself papa peaches on that same episode where they mocked the indian american female? of course not bec gay bullying is the only kinda bullying hollywood’s against.

    and yet the Office of Minority Health (OMH) and National Asian Women’s Health Organization (NAWHO) has reported the following: Asian American girls have the highest rates of depressive symptoms of any group! Suicide is the fifth leading cause of death among Asian americans overall compared to the ninth leading cause of death for white Americans. While Asian american women have the highest suicide rate of all women 66 and older. 71% of southeast asian americans meet the criteria for depression and other major affective mental disorders w/ 81% among Cambodians. And nearly 16% of Asian american women have contemplated suicide compared with 13% of other Americans. Asian american females ages 15 to early 20s die from suicide at a higher rate than all other groups.

    fashion and the mainstream manhattan media and hollywood often shape the culture. hollywood has made it palatable to bash Asian americans and therefore hollywood has directly contributed to these high suicide rates among Asian american women. bullying Indian american female who is a teenager on american idol is a form of entertainment for hollywood. it’s great when people like wiliam hung are bullied and mocked for ratings right? it’s bec hollywood has to discriminate against asian american males by portraying them as asexual and dorky and heavily accented right? that’s how hollywood operates. they are openly racist to Asian american males and females but scream against any homophobia and are only concerned w/ lgbt suicides. typical from the tolerance crowd of hollywood.

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    tatyana ali mentioned that she only goes to y&r if someone’s having a party! talk abt tokenism. this is a large part of ratings being down for soaps and primetime tv as well. it’s the utter lack of diversity from the tolerant crowd of hollywood.

    representation from hollywood and the manhattan mainstream media is a zero sum game. more representation for racial minorities would necessarily have to come w/ a decreased representation for the white demographic w/c is already represented too much.

    and white actors don’t like that one bit. They enjoy having the limelight all to themselves. that utter love of attention is something that is subconscious and conscious depending on the actor and actress. thus there’s never a push from white actors and actresses for more racial diversity. but white actors and actresses can push for lgbt representation bec lgbt chars are often white and thus it won’t decrease their opportunities. white actors and actresses speak against lgbt bullying and gay suicides bec it’ll help their careers and get them attention and press and good publicity and favorable reviews for their acting. white actors and actresses are part of the problem. hollywood casting is the largest part of the problem. they often want white actors only for parts. look at the gh casting for the new char. they asked for african american and mixed race actors. and you know when they mentioned mixed race they meant part white. even racial minorities have to be part white to be more favorably considered by hollywood! and yet they keep preaching tolerance.

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    Yep, yep, yep.

    As a gay male I can safely say they need to sex up Angell like this on Y and R. She is hot, but since they’ve paired her with Neil, they’ve make her look dowdy. C’mon!

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