Robin Strasser Tweets: “March 11, 2013 #OLTL Returns to Life”

Production for the new One Life to Live has a start date. Robin Strasser tweeted:

Looks like La Boulaie is about to re-open for business!

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    Can’t wait to see Dorian and Vicki, one of the best couples of daytime. Robin Straser is the best, love her comments. I hope everything works out. I still hope some cable station will air OLTL. Still love to watch my soaps on TV. Also can’t wait to see David Vickers, who always made me laugh. I have a feeling John Paul L., Rex, will soon be signing on. Read he broke up with Farah Faith (GIGI). He always loved the East Coast and I think he was unhappy living on the West Coast. They should also do everything they can to bring Trevor back as Victor. Roger Howarth never signed on to Prospect Park, like Micheal Easton did, so he may not return to OLTL. Bring back Trevor for Blair and Tea.

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