Whatcha Gonna Do When The Young and the Restless’ Bad Boys Come For You?

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

This week The Young and the Restless teases Genoa City’s men behaving badly. While watching the promo, the first thing my mind jumped to was Inner Circle’s "Bad Boys." Which Genoa Citizen you like to behave badly with? Watch Y&R’s "Men Behaving Badly" trailer after the jump!

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    Actually … the only thing I want to know right now is why did the Superbowl organizers hire Nick (or Nick’s invisible crews) to handle the power and electronics yesterday?

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    I like how some of the guys moved their head to let us viewers know they where thinking or in Redaric’s case hiked his eyebrow & winked, lol. Cheesy promo but the guys are definitely nice to look at.

    Also wanted to add Cane’s squinted smoky eyes combined w/ his thinking aloud head movement just made this promo in the funniest way.

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    And this ladies and gentlemen is how you know that Jill Farren Fucked-up is in the house. Men eat the show while women are dumbed down get to have creepy daydreams about douchebags. YUCK. I can’t wait until weget an opening full of dudes and Luke Spencer, oops i mean Victor Newman walk out of the shot for no reason.

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    I wish the promo had more PUNCH and excitement to it but it was sexy!!

    Too bad Nick saying “even good guys can be naughty” sounded so goody two shoes! Wish he just said EVEN GOOD GUYS HAVE TO BE BAD

    And Tyler is sexy but also seems gross to me the way they are writing him. If Lily succumbs to him its just an ego trip for the character. And WHY ON EARTH would Cane ever cheat or think about cheating on Lily?! If anyone should cheat it would be Lily being stuck with the brown noser of a husband Cane.

    I like the direction of Dylan/Mac and although Billy is a bad boy he also comes across as an idiot! (He did pay 5 million of a baby, mind you, that his wife didn’t ask for and then lost in the end)

    Adam is my FAVORITE out of the bunch. Keep him bad but give him a little softness towards Sharon and Chelsea and that will make him KING on this show. Once Eric quits, Michael/”Adam” will own Genoa City.

    QUIT already, Eric

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    Lol! This promo is VINTAGE JFP. Exactly like her GH years – men, certain men, are the ones that rule the world (=the show). It’s so predictable, it’s almost funny.

    And another thing, Dylan and Tyler at the front and the “oldies and the not so important ones” at the back. And of course the “really oldies” (Jack, Victor, Paul) are not here.

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    Poor Y&R, It doesn’t stand a chance as long as JFP is there. She will destroy the women and prop her chosen few men. This promo reminds me of the General Hospital opening that ran for years showing only the men of the show and not one single woman. When will this delusional woman realize that the female characters are the backbone of these shows. Guess what Jill, General Hospitals ratings are coming up fast since you got the boot, hang onto that number one spot while you can because I give GH one more year before its back in the top spot in daytime.

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    Good lord, two out of the 6 men are new. ALL are hot. And ALL of them have stories involving and basically BASED AROUND the women.


    I almost forgot, this is Y&R….go on….

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    Whatever, they’re all hot; I still think Robert Adamson smokes anybody on that show in the hot department, though Joshua Morrow is right there with him. Oddly enough, out of all those characters Nick is the only one I really consistently don’t mind(again, odd because I used to think he was one of the biggest d-bags on daytime). However, having said that, Cane(-Lily and +Chelsea)has really been growing on me in the last week or so(though someone should mention to him that Jack Nicholson called–he wants his Joker’s grin back). Speaking of hotness, where the hell is the guy who plays Chavez? It’s obviously more to that character than they’ve revealed and I suspect it involves being plenty bad(in the best way possible I’m sure ;)).

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    I wonder how KSJ feels about being left off this? He’s not quite Jack’s age but is over 50…I think he could have been featured.

    You guys have me cracking up comparing this to GH sausage-party opening. Hilarious.

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    I just finished watching the opening of Nick’s new “CLUB” the underground and all I can say is WHY did they have 2 grand openings for a place that should be closed down already?!!! I don’t understand the point of having the first opening to only see basically the same opening BUT without any of the cast who went the first time. Devon and Lily… no show. Cane wasn’t at the first or the second one. Billy was MIA but understnadable since Nick is a dick to him.

    Was it just to make it seem that DYLAN was the best graphic designer around? I mean, OF COURSE, people who go to night clubs wear suits and ties from the office and go because of flyers on telephone poles. And where is the dance floor with all the talk of a DJ and “underground music”. The place looked more like a dive bar than a night club.

    And speaking of it being a nightclub because either the GCAC is also a 24 hour diner since Sharon and Adam left the club and went there for a dinner after going to the club OR that club is going to fail BIG time if it’s open early enough that Dinner is still being served at the local hotel.

    Did anyone laugh at HOW DUMB Nick sounded in the preview for tomorrow’s episode where he walks in on Dylan/Mac and Avery and says to Avery “there you are, I’ve been looking all over the place for you” instead of saying to Mac/Dylan “dude, what are you doing out here when I have a “nightclub” packed with people out there?”!

    Sorry, but I am waiting on critics to start questioning Jill’s direction on this show!

    That’s my take.

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    Looks just like the final shot of GHs former credits, with the men of Port Charles all gathered inexplicably…and then Luke gets up rebelliously!

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    This promo is SO incredibly lame. Granted all of the men are hot as hell but the expressions were comically bad. Like a spoof of soap operas bad! Now, my version of Y&R’s “Men Behaving Badly” would have just been clips of these men shirtless and no words! Lol.

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    I liked the promo, it targets a certain age group of characters, maybe this will be new promo. Next group could be Victor, Jack, Neil, etc same with the women which I see coming.

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    TraceyAbbott….[quote=TraceyAbbot101]Leslie changed her name??[/quote]

    Yes, TraceyAbbott “Valerie”! I picked up on that immediately, was it her call girl name?

    OK, help me out TraceyAbbott what do you think? I liking this story very much connection to Senator Wheeler. When the Senator was talking to Avery he spoke about a woman employed by him…could this be their mother was murdered? Did Tyler see it happen when he was young and “Leslie” trying to protect Tyler or do you think it’s something completely different?

    Fen isn’t gay, I know ppl want him to be but I disagree because they are leading up to fighting over Summer.

    Did Jamie just had it and found a way to “return” the misery to Fen…blaming Fen for pushing him? I think their was struggle or did Jamie jump a suicide attempt? This has opened story for Paul now that Jamie is staying with Paul, which would be nice and Paul could adopt Jamie?

    I’m so enjoying the new younger set this time around, the strongest Y&R has had in years with Jamie\Fen\Summer. I love how they are showing all aspects of the bully storyline…on Jamie, the ones who did the bully, Fen\Summer, Summer having regrets, Fen continued the bullying, the strain on Michael\Lauren’s marriage, the complications it poses for Michael. Wait until it comes out about Summer’s part, Nick & Phyllis will have their hands full. Avery will protect her neice, Fen’s attorney could be Leslie and we could have a showdown between Leslie\Avery in the court and w\Avery tying into the case she is working on now could involve Leslie…the setup between both Avery\Leslie could be exciting to see play out over the bully story.

    Now we are seeing more bits of disagreement on business front between Neil\Cane once again…is this how they are going to put a wedge between Lane?…boils down to loyalty and Lily is a daddy’s girl…she turns to Tyler, he to Chelsea…I like the Cane\Chelsea setup and actually enjoyed the freshness of Lily\Tyler, he’s cocky and Lily sees right through it ;)

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tyler a.k.a Malcolm Jr. I LOVE HIM!!!!!

    I love this storyline with Leslie. I’m love that the actress can do two roles at the same time. She also has a show on TVOne that airs on Fridays and she has a front burner storyline on Y&R. To think the Senator was knocking boots with Leslie. Loves it!!

    Sick of Dylan’s look of pain. Steve Burton has been doing that same freakin face for 15 years at GH. He needs to switch those looks up.

    Where is the bad boy bartender? I love when him and Tracy together.

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    I was thinking the same thing. JFP, when she was on GH, always worshipped the men and made them the main stars of the show while women were treated like weaklings. I see it happening on Y &R now. I see again the men are the main stars of the show!

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    This was well I have a way of describing it but anyway it was so stupid. The new kid can’t be compared to Shemar.

    I will ask again does this new guy Burton have another facial expression? So far I’ve only seen one.

    Looks like what people have been saying about JFP is true. Since the showdown between Adam and the old man last week this has been a total snooze fest. My only experience with her was when she went over to Santa Barbara, I think that was about the time I stopped watching,because that rape business was creepy, and to me never fit Leigh McClosky(yes he is just an actor) and so she is basically a one trick pony and hasn’t changed her MO in 25 years, then why do they keep giving her jobs? I actually caught a show on the HDTV the other day instead of the laptop, where I can basically block the music out of the mind, but the music is not Y&R and really loud on the HD, to the point of jarring, it just doesn’t fit. Back in the day when they had Danny’s “concerts” it wasn’t even like that.

    I just don’t get it if she screwed up at GH, and then went over to Hollywood Heights and that didn’t even survive a full season, what is she going to do here????? Don’t they have any starving artists in LA that needs an EP job, instead of recycling the same old people.

    KSJ isn’t 50 yet, and still looks mighty fine. At least he got rid of the earmuffs.

    They can have all the window dressing they want, if there isn’t any substance they will not attract new viewers.

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    Well, we have heard from all of the same complainers yet again. The promo doesn’t do anything to me, sorry, but waiting for the Bad Girl of Genoa City to come out. The show is on fire. I have a group of friends and we all watch it. 100% of us think it is really really good right now.

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    Yeah…its the same usual suspects….JFP jFP JFP….

    Well I’m enjoying the show, and the promo I’m almost positive isn’t indicative of what’s going on with this show. The women aren’t any weaker now than they were before.

    We have Nikki actually STANDING up to Victor.
    We had Chelsea finally divorce Adam once and for all.
    We had Neil basically BEGGING Leslie for a relationship when she said she couldn’t because she didn’t want to be with a coworker.
    We have Sharon acting a bit more sane
    We had Tucker almost on his knees begging for a relationship with his mother (which made me cringe)
    We got a lot LESS spontaneous couch sex, and the couples are actually building relationships….holding conversations.

    But the women are weaker, and the show is dominated by men? I’m convinced, majority of the “usual suspects” don’t even watch the show. I’m positive of it.

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    ^^ Just to add to stoney07’s post (not that he needs any help) Victoria is a stronger character. Avery has a POV. Lily has a job (although I am not sure what she actually does…LOL) Chelsea and Chloe are starting a business. Lauren is more vital (and I hope has a sordid affair with Carmine.) Y&R may not have the most exciting stories but it has returned to actual character development. The other remaining soaps don’t come close in that area.

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    Adam and Billy should be in the front. Tyler and Steve Burton should be in the BACK since they are new and less important. Typical JFP. Like we watch the show for HER new hires…

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    I don’t see the women as weaker either. But I do see why she focuses a lot on the men. I’m a male who watches, but aren’t the majority of viewers women? Makes a bit of sense to cater to the viewers, I guess. Bill Bell always had his hotties in various stages of undress.

    But she isn’t doing the writing so we gotta give that credit to Josh, who’s elevated that element IMO.

    My big beef was already mentioned. Shouldn’t the core characters be front and center and the newbies in the back?

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    I’m enjoying the new Y&R. I think we should all give the new team a chance to see what happens. What i grow tired of is the same ole complainers complaining about the same ole complaints. Never happy with story direction, actors, producers and writing!. Now even complaining about promos/advertising!! Why even watch if you dislike everything about the show? Seems like they won’t be happy until they complain loud enough to get the show canceled and we’re saddled with another celeb/talk show fest. You do know it’s these same complainers that got MAB fired, don’t ya?! As if they had enough power!!

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