Whatcha Gonna Do When The Young and the Restless’ Bad Boys Come For You?

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

This week The Young and the Restless teases Genoa City’s men behaving badly. While watching the promo, the first thing my mind jumped to was Inner Circle’s "Bad Boys." Which Genoa Citizen you like to behave badly with? Watch Y&R’s "Men Behaving Badly" trailer after the jump!


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I don't see the women as weaker either. But I do see why she focuses a lot on the men. I'm a male who watches, but aren't the majority of viewers women? Makes a bit of sense to cater to the viewers, I guess. Bill Bell always had his hotties in various stages of undress.

But she isn't doing the writing so we gotta give that credit to Josh, who's elevated that element IMO.

My big beef was already mentioned. Shouldn't the core characters be front and center and the newbies in the back?

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I'm enjoying the new Y&R. I think we should all give the new team a chance to see what happens. What i grow tired of is the same ole complainers complaining about the same ole complaints. Never happy with story direction, actors, producers and writing!. Now even complaining about promos/advertising!! Why even watch if you dislike everything about the show? Seems like they won't be happy until they complain loud enough to get the show canceled and we're saddled with another celeb/talk show fest. You do know it's these same complainers that got MAB fired, don't ya?! As if they had enough power!!