Young and Restless’ Kristoff St. John and Tatyana Ali Take NAACP Image Awards

The Young and the Restless’ Kristoff St. John and Tatyana Ali took home honors at the 44th Annual NAACP Image Awards on Feb. 1.The duo snagged Outstanding Actor and Outstanding Actress in a Daytime Drama Series respectively.


Even though Ali's character only appears when "the black people have a party" (Her words, not mine!), she and St. John received some love. Congrats to both!

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    Tatyana Ali? Outstanding Daytime Actress? What a freakin’ joke! Did she even appear for more than 5 minutes on screen in 2012? The actress should have refused the “nomination” on principle.

  2. Profile photo of pjc722

    It’s pretty sad that a talented actress like Ali gets an award for being arm candy and having no dramatic use on this show.

    Her character would have been better used to be the eye candy that Tyler wants and Devon to see things aren’t so chill in his love life instead of using Tyler to separate lily and cane after we watched lily go crazy after she lost cane only a couple of years ago!!!

    As much as the new regime is getting praise for reversing the dialogue on Y&R they are certainly not effectively using the actors and characters that already populated genoa city before bringing in newbies.

    Come on critics… Start talking abt this crap because we all know its true.

    Talented actress. Barely used

    That’s my take. What’s yours?

  3. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    I always get a good laugh when stuff like this happens. Ali is barely on YR and when she is the show doesn’t give her anything award worthy to do. The Image Award folks just recognize her name from the Fresh Prince and declare her the winner.

  4. Profile photo of josser

    Ali gets the award b/c NAACP members get to vote for her. It’s all about name recognition and not talent. It’s shameful. Actresses who actually do good work aren’t rewarded.

  5. Profile photo of njtaurian

    As an NAACP member and an Image Award voter, I would like to apologize to the soap viewers ONCE AGAIN for Tatyana Ali’s win. Though she is a talented actress of whom I have been a fan for over 20 years now, I do not believe her minor character and minimal screen time warranted a nomination let alone a win in this category (this year OR last year OR the year prior to that). Unfortunately like many award shows the nominees in the less prominent categories are pretty much popularity contests and rather than perhaps looking up YouTube clips of the nominees’ work, voters just chose the name they recognized. Once again (and for the THIRD year in a row) I extend my utmost apology!

  6. Profile photo of njtaurian

    I agree with you Jon. She stated in an interview that she “didn’t even know about this nomination”. She was already nominated for Lead Actress in a Comedy for “Love That Girl” so she was at the event anyway. However, she claims that she didn’t find out she was nominated for Y&R until her name was called as the winner. Personally, I’m still stinging from her first 2 wins OVER Debbi Morgan…I mean COME ON DEBBI MORGAN!!! Seriously?!? smh…unfortunately, it is what it is.

  7. Profile photo of PhoenixBanks

    Please get out of my head! LOL! Although I’m not a member of the NAACP, you took the words directly from my mouth/head. I was awake around 4AM over the weekend and decided to check the news where I learned of her win. I was beside myself with frustration. Thanks for your comment!

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