Y&R’s Joshua Morrow and Steve Burton Live Chat With Fans!

You have to hand it to The Young and the Restless; the soap sure is working its butt off to get fans hooked on Steve Burton and his new character Dylan McAvoy. Burton joined veteran Y&R hunk and fan favorite Joshua Morrow (Nick) for a live chat with viewers.

After the live chat and Morrow giving Burton a grand tour of the Y&R set, I’m convinced these two need to take their comedy routine on the road. Watch the video after the jump!

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    Its Official. I am sick of Steve Burton. This is reminding me of that JLO film “Gigli”. They shoved it down viewers throats so much, that it became a flop.

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    hey mon

    Seems a little bit over the top, cause they are going to be a-fightin for the same woman, Avery. So maybe they should cut out the nicey-nicey so much, when on screen probably, they are going to be bitter enemies. Specially if Mac ends with ol doe-eyed Sharon, or get-ready-for-Oz, Phyllis.

    So enough is enough. Reminds me of the forced friendship that was shoved down our throats when Billy Miller joined as Billy Abbott, and The Powers kept going out of their way to say how close he and Dan G were.

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    Love these guys! They really are like a comedy team. A very hot comedy team :) I’m totally enjoying Steve’s character so far and loving how it looks like some of his real life personality is coming out in Dylan. Great addition to the cast and you can’t beat him and Joshua Morrow together. As someone else said “yummy!”

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]new name for the soap: ” The Young And The Hung “.[/quote]

    Since they’ve never actually whipped out their…ahem…”equipment”, I don’t think we can really go with this.

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    I don’t mind it….I don’t know if Nick/Mac will be bitter enemies. I mean they are fighting over a woman…but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll hate each other. The way the story is written is pretty different and interesting, because neither of the guys are real “bad guys”…its just the way things turned out. IDK. But Josh Morrow reminds me kinda of myself, and now I have to wonder, am I that over the top and semi-obnoxious?

    The answer….

    yes…. :(

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    I do think this is a bit of overkill. I’m okay with the story, but it’s CLEAR that SB is going to be a big focus of Jill’s (again, I hear).

    If he wasn’t as attractive as he is, I’d REALLY be annoyed.

    Always enjoy Josh.

    Stoney…over the top? Hmmmmmm.

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