Days of Our Lives Alum Mark Valley Joins Body of Proof Feb. 19 on ABC


ABC's sexy, sleeper hit procedural Body of Proof returns Feb. 19with a new face who should be quite familiar to daytime soap fans. Mark Valley (ex-Jack, Days of Our Lives) is joining the cast as as Det. Tommy Sullivan, an old flame of medical legal investigator Dr. Megan Hunt (Dana Delaney).

This will be a reunion of sorts for Valley and Delaney. The two played dysfunctional siblings on the short-lived-but-brilliant Fox soap Pasedena. Watch a promo for the premiere of Body of Proof below.

Body of Proof premieres Feb. 19 at 10/9c.

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    Scooter Smith

    Sorry to disappoint you, but this video was published, then 3 days later they pushed it back 2 weeks, so it didn’t automatically get preempted by the State of the Union.

    Tonight on ABC is going to be the Bachelor.

    Its a shame that NBC didn’t have the same forethought for Smash. I love that show, and the state of the union will kill any momentum the 2 hour premiere tonight might build. :-(

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    [quote=bishbay]… And not a terrible actor.[/quote]

    He was terrible in the beginning and got better as time went on; but he never seemed completely at ease. I’ve always liked him in primetime series. Soap opera acting is not for everybody.

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    Cordelia Chase

    I loved Mark Valley as Jack. I enjoy Matt Ashford’s abilities, but I never liked his Jack, as I always identified him with his rape of Kayla. Valley’s Jack was like a completely different character yet one whom I still recognized. And incredibly hot. I thought he was a great recast and was really rooting for his Jack and Jaime Lyn Bauer’s Laura.

    Stephanie Cameron as nu!Jennifer was almost unwatchable in the beginning, but after 18 months, she had turned into a real contender. I was disappointed when she was let go in favor of Melissa Reeves, who’s always been vastly overrated, IMO.

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    Margaret Thatcher

    Agree totally about Melissa Reeves. She’s just plain awful. I DVR Days and fast forward through her painfully bad acted, one-dimensional, portrayal of Jennifer Horton. I have to think there is something untoward between Reeves and Ken Corday. What other reason for this wet rat to be in every scene?

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    Melissa Reeves’ Chik-Fil-A stuff has not done her any favors with the hair and makeup department. The gray roots, the haggard face (HD is tough if you don’t have pros looking out for you!)…you reap what you sow, Missy.

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