EJ and Sami Make Love on Days of Our Lives

Monday’s Days of Our Lives was the day many Ejami fans have been impatiently waiting on. Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) made love and professed their love and trust for one another.  Rafe (Galen Gering) and Sami who?

Meanwhile, John (Drake Hogestyn) visited Stefano (Joseph Mascolo) to discuss Kristen's (Eileen Davidson) manipulations in Salem.

Back in Salem, Kristen tormented and taunted Marlena (Deidre Hall) by gloating about how happy she and Brady (Eric Martsolf) are together. Kristen also implied that she and Brady could be getting married soon. Marlena told Kristen she’d decided to not let Kristen upset her, and allow Kristen destroy everything on her own.  When Stefano called, Kristen told him she planned to leave Brady at the altar.

Nick (Blake Berris) continued to plot to reveal Will (Chandler Massey) was the one who shot EJ.  At The Brady Pub, Nick ran into Marlena. She asked him if he was handling the drama in his life well, because what he was going through couldn’t be easy.  Later, Nick continued to formulate his plan. Talking to himself, he said, “One gay boy down, one to go.”

The funniest portion of the episode was Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) calling Daniel, (Shawn Christian) and using the recording of a baby crying to stop Dr. Hairy Chest and Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) from making love. I’ve never been a Chloe hater, but I’m enjoying her manipulations.

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    I love that Ejami is finally happening even though to write it properly it will not be easy for either character. I just hope the writers are not messing with fans and will not send Sami back to Rafe anytime soon.

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    I’m sorry, but I have never bought EJ and Sami together–I don’t think they have chemistry. She belongs with Rafe, and he belongs with Nicole. And I didn’t think their love scenes were all that. They don’t work for me

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    Here is the one reason I will NEVER tune back in to DOOL. The last time I watched Lucas was under a house barn whatever and Sammi had to have sex with EJ for his help. No thanks.That is rape pure and simple. Plus didn’t I read Ej and his father put a doppelganger in Rafe’s place which Sammi slept with,. And she ends up with him again.
    I know DOOL is the Sammi show but couldn’t someone kidnap her and give her a brain,maybe send her to OZ and buy her one.?
    Between EJ his family and his step mother,? brain freeze on her name .This show makes it impossible to watch.
    The ads on soap net show me nothings changed. Stay away.

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    [quote=lostfan]I’m sorry, but I have never bought EJ and Sami together–I don’t think they have chemistry. She belongs with Rafe, and he belongs with Nicole. And I didn’t think their love scenes were all that. They don’t work for me[/quote]

    While I do like that Sami–of all people–actually seems to humanize EJ, I kinda agree that she belongs with Rafe and EJ with Nicole. And those love scenes between the two were pretty mechanical and chemistry-free IMO.

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    It’s been kind of a letdown.

    I expected it to be all kinds of hot but I think (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) they should have left Sami with Rafe and have their disagreement about Will and Gabi gradually tearing them apart with EJ hovering around the edges, instead of it all happening in just one or two episodes.

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    M Leigh

    Loved the EJ & Sami scenes especially the ones where she confessed about the Rafe almost reunion & when she told him she had always been running from her feelings for EJ & then when he forgave her. They have great chemistry & the love scenes were great, except for that cheesy music.

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    I also agree that although I love EJami, it all kind of happened….too fast?

    I mean, a LOT of people have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and then it just…happened? It doesn’t ring true, too easy. Plus there was the fight Sami had with Rafe, which tells me, is this all really about EJ? The only way I want EJami together if they both really mean it and are in a good place for it to happen. I do not want it because Sami is on the run from Rafe.

    And I also agree that EJ & Nicole were magical together, they are so alike. And as I don’t see Sami as a heroine, she still does have four kids, and is not able to pull the martini-laced schemes anymore quite like Nicole can. The fact is, Sami HAS mellowed down whether we like it or not.

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    hey mon

    I think it’s great that he and Sami are getting it on again. Finally she will be happy a bit in life. Sami is always happier when she’s with EJ. James Scott is definitely leading man material, and will always outshine Rafe, and even Lucas. Plus, he’s written as if he is a stud-man in bed.

    Near perfect. Cause of his biceps and triceps. JK.

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