Even After Sex, NO ONE Can Stop Obsessing About Freaking Steffy, Liam and Hope on Bold and Beautiful!

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) is back in L.A., while Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) wax poetic about their daughter’s relationships with Liam (Scott Clifton). Yep, nothing has changed.  After all this talk about Liam having sex with Hope (Kim Matula) and Steffy I’m surprised Taylor and/or Brooke hasn’t tried jumping his bones.

Bill (Don Dimaont) loved it when Katie (Heather Tom) showed up scantily clad. The two made love, but their afterglow wasn't complete until they too discussed Steffy/Liam/Hope.

On what planet are so many people continually obsessed with the love lives of the same three people, year in and year out?

Liam and Steffy, you guessed it, talked about their relationship.  She said she’d seen him and Hope together before she left for Paris. She also revealed she trusted him to get Hope out of his system once and for all. I wish I trusted that this story will someday become more interesting.

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    What a boring mess…Boring boring boring.

    Hope Liam Steffy is boring. The constant discussions between Taylor and Brooke arr boring. Eric and Tay are boring even before they started.
    Bill and Katie are boring.
    The forrester/logan feud is boring. JY as Rick is well boring. Bring back Kyle Lowder. He actually could go up against THomas.

    You know, you actually hope that the Marcus/Dayzee storyline is on, because we need something new.

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    I’m very happy because I finally cut the cord and have given the show the boot. I used to watch B&B every day because it came on right after the news and before DOOL. After watching yet another variation on the Hope/Liam/Steffy BS last week, I finally decided I couldn’t stand it anymore (see Jean Hagen in Singing in the Rain) and have stopped watching. There is nothing else going on in this show and I’m constantly amazed they still get ratings. Ridge/Taylor/Brook BS was also very annoying and unless they resurrect Sally Spector I’m done.

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    Why can’t this triangle from he!! stop? It’s boring. And you can’t make me believe that Bell can’t find a story for Bill/Katie away from those three. :(

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    So how long has this been going on now? I’m thinking over a year maybe two? The only other story being Stephanie dying & Katie having PPD.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Did all the writers quit? Is the only writer they could find a 15 yr old girl?
    Please, for the love of God, Bill Bell! END THIS SHIT NOW!!!

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