First Impressions: Jack Wagner Returns to General Hospital as Frisco Jones

What are your First Impressions of Jack Wagner’s return to General Hospital as Frisco Jones?  My thought was "Poor, Mac" (John J. York). 

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    No Daisy

    Better than I anticipated. He looks 100% better than in the floppy haired pictures of him lately. A hair cut shaved years off of his face!
    Storywise, I’m not sure I care if Frisco or Flea are in a story. After all the years they abandoned Maxie, why would she want either (but especially Frisco) back in her life?? If this is going to turn ito a F/F/M triangle, maybe it is to make up for Mac getting screwed over in the past. I don’t know, maybe the storyline will grow on me.

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    No Daisy, that was my thought. Maybe this is to make up for Felicia doing the dirty with Frisco, producing Georgie. Maybe this is to tie back to that story and maybe Frisco knows where a much alive Georgie is and is coming home to bring her home?

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    he looks a million times better than he ever did on B&B.

    He does look really good. I was amazed at how good he looked compared to what he looked like on B&B (A Bell soap for crying out loud!). Also, in the previews for Genie Francis’ return she even looks better. Say what you want about Frank Valentini but I want that man producing my life.

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    PLEASE let Felicia have finally grown up and choose Mac without doing something stupid. Mac deserves to be happy, and Frisco needs to hit the road soon. He hasn’t been in Maxie’s life, and I hope she sends him packing.

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    Daniel St. John

    [quote=SavePortChuck]One thing is for sure… he look a million times better than he ever did on B&B.[/quote]
    I thought the same thing, like he shaved 10 years off or something. The BB lighting must be harsh as hell.

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    While I want Felicia to ultimately choose Mac, I LOVE me some Frisco Jones especially on with a shorter haircut and a 5 o’clock shadow (way better than what he had on B&B)!!! Whew, someone give me a fan!!!

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    I hope Felicia stays with Mac, but I hope Frisco’s will mean a bunch of ’80’s flashbacks! Frisco and Felicia were so adorable … and Kristina is still beautiful!

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    DC is touting the Access Hollywood sighting but he was also on Access Hollywood Live this morning and I know this because I have waited all 17 years for his return while enjoying his Melrose Place detour and trying but failing to enjoy his Bold and Beautiful turn.

    Heck, I have firsthand testimony from a former GH actor that Jack is less heroic than Frisco but I still want not just Frisco and Felicia, I want those crazy Wagner kids to get back together in real life :)

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