Jack Wagner Dishes General Hospital Return With Access Hollywood

The last time General Hospital viewers saw Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) in Port Charles, the lovable WBS agent/singer was helping Felicia (Kristina Wagner) as their daughter Maxie (then played by Robyn Richards) battled Kawasaki syndrome. Eighteen years later, Wagner has returned home to the show that made him a household name. Access Hollywood was on the GH set to get the details on Frisco's return. Wagner revealed:

When I talked to Frank [Valentini], the [executive] producer, and we decided that Frisco would come back it’s like, ‘Is he coming back [with the] ‘out of the Turkish prison look,’ with a little gruffy beard and Harrison Ford in ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark,’ or, is going to be more Michael Douglas ‘Wall Street’? So he said, ‘Let’s make it Turkish prison.’ So, I’ve cleaned up since I’ve been back.

Watch Wagner's interview below!

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    Kristina Wagner is gorgeous. She has held up well. The same can’t be said for Jack. I loved F&F, but I don’t want them together. I don’t want to see Felicia toss Mac to the curb for the 100th time. If Felicia chooses Mac over Frisco I can’t wait to see Mac’s reaction since he always ends up the loser.

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    Love Jack Wagner being back as Frisco!

    I thought he looked way better than I expected and way better than on B&B. I have to admit, I love Mac and I really love Mac & Felicia together – but seeing the sparkle in Felicia’s eyes yesterday when Frisco showed up was something I have not seen in her when she’s been with Mac.

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