Katie Couric Books Exclusive With Joe Paterno’s Widow

When Katie Couric's self-titled talk show premiered many of her interviews seemed soft. Looks like The Perkie One has learned her lesson, and is finally going after “big gets”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Couric will follow-up her headline-grabbing exclusive with Manti Te’o by interviewing Sue Paterno, the widow of disgraced Penn State coach Joe Paterno. This will mark the first time Mrs. Paterno has spoken on the record since the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal broke.

Photo Credit: Katie

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    Oh my God!! I live 45 miles from Penn State and they have made this man into a god. 20 years ago I said that he would do anything to protect his name and sports program, including covering up a crime. Little did I know he would help cover up a child sex scandal!! He use to bench his players if they got busted for under-age drinking. What a hypocrite! To think that she will go on television and talk about how wonderful her husband was makes me so freaking ill!! She needs to remember the young men who are still struggling with the effects of the abuse that they suffered and he could have stopped by reporting the pedophile!!

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