Will Fenmore’s Antics WRECK Lauren and Michael’s Marriage on The Young and the Restless?


A father hellbent on preventing his son from going down the same unspeakable path he once traveled; a mother who refuses to believe her child could be guilty of the heinous crime he's being accused of commiting. No, this isn't the back page copy for Jodi Picoult's next best-selling novel, it's the saga of the Baldwins on The Young and the Restless

On today's episode, Lauren (Tracey Bregman) and Michael's (Christian LeBlanc) relationship continues to suffer, as what happened between Fen (Max Ehrich) and Jamie (Daniel Polo) on that roof divides the once-disgustingly happy couple. Watch a sneak peek below!


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    A the teens say “this story is the shit! ” and this is Y&R’s best plotline right now.

    Tracey B coming back as a major force instead of being window dressing ( hard to believe this cougar is someone’s GRANDMOTHER in real life ); it brings back memories of the terror a younger Lauren was; and Michael’s past.

    I love how much rage seems to be inside of Fen, but why? The way he threw Michael’s past into his face today was awesome!

    I just wonder how come Lauren is so sure her little Fenmore is so innocent?

    And Michael hasn’t worn a suit in months – I know he works out at the GCAC!!

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    hey mon

    Agree. This is the best s/l that The Show has. I hope that Jamie is somehow kept on, and is given a contract of some sorts. The way that Fen tells off his Dad is pure classic, and totally realistic. My kids do it to me all of the time. Lovin it.

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    This storyline is really kicking ass, IMO – this kid playing Fenmore is knocking it out of the park!!! I can’t wait to get home and watch today’s ep in SOAPNET at 6pm!! Also, it’s nice to see “Y & R” getting back to the basics: good, character-driven story and not outlandish, farcical plots a la Maria Arena Bell! In short, I am liking what I have been seeing and will continue to keep watching as long as it keeps coming!!

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    As Kristen DiMera said “Karma is a bitch and her name is Kristen.” In this case “the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son” and that would be Fen. Fen is giving his parents GRIEF and the fallout is awesome. Neither Michael nor Lauren were angels during the early days so it is no wonder that Fen is behaving this way. Kudos to all the actors involved in this s/l and thank goodness that Lauren is front and center again.

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    You know why this storyline works?

    Because characters that we actually know the history about, that we’re actually invested in are involved in a storyline with some reasonable logic.
    And we give a darn because we’ve watched these characters’ histories unfold for some time, years and decades in the cases of Lauren and Michael.

    And then comes the acting:

    Fen getting in Michael’s face like he did: I actually felt concerned that things might get out of control and physical. Fen is a volatile youth, isn’t he? Hopefully there will be some real exploration of where this swell of anger is coming from.

    If Lauren does end up shagging Carmine– it should be a gradual shift that leads to it. Maybe she and Michael, tired of arguing, each deals with Fen separately since they don’t see eye to eye.
    Maybe they avoid confrontation but this leads to a rift. And in the midst of that romantic vacuum where they are no longer connecting as husband and wife, enter Carmine.

    In other words, if they’re going to ‘go there’, I hope it’s not the head spinning, lightning fast, jumping into bed- in other words, please don’t do Lauren like they did Sharon! Have it actually make some sense. In their favor, at least they set up the scenario by establishing a rapport between Lauren and Carmine (the bar scene).

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    This would be perfect time for Lauren’s mother or Traci to reappear in town. A few good scenes to remind us of Lauren’s troubled adolescence would be a welcome beat in this story.

    That being said, the victim in this story has few ties to Genoa City families, which reduces the consequences. Imagine if Fen was bullying Jack’s son and it affected the business relationships between the families? – That would certainly raise the stakes a bit.

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    This storyline has definitely ramped up in the last couple of weeks. Christian LeBlanc, Tracey Bregman and especially Max Ehrich–who with any justice will be giving Chandler Massey a run for his money come Emmy time–have all been beyond stellar during the whole thing. Nice to see the Baldwin/Fenmore clan front and center where they belong.

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    Holy cow Batman! I just watched today’s eppy on CBS and it was smoking good! :p Baldwin\Fenmore family dynamic is front & center causing all kinds of drama between Fen & Michael, Lauren & Fen, Lauren & Michael, it just rocks! The fallout w\family is spilling out all over the place and with 3 amazing actors in each part and knowing the histories, is my kind of soap.

    Then add the remaining characters in this S|L w\Jamie, Summer, Paul is in mix now, wait until Phyllis & Nick has to contend with Summer’s actions in this mess…causing a deep cut in their friendships…as Fen is still pursuing Summer and Jamie is doing the same thing…DRAMA..I love it! :love:

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]If Lauren were to hit the sheets with Carmine and Fen found out, it would be very interesting to see how he reacted.[/quote]

    ITA, SoapArmgeddon let it happen naturally and not forced because the tension is putting a strain on the Baldwin’s marriage and then Fen finds out his mom is sleeping with the bartender ;) Good drama, hot cougar story, great aftermath!

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    TB and CLB are awesome together. TB like a fine wine has gotten better with age, ooh and I couldn’t stand her back in the day with Tracey. This Fen kid is just plain creepy, and Michael is worried, he is going to turn out like him or perhaps like the chipmunk. But what is his problem, don’t see the reason for all this rage? Like he said today 4.0 average and was it swim team captain at some swanky private school.

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    If only the other stories on Y&R were being written with so much depth I would be screaming to the high heavens that “Y&R has returned, baby!!!” Sadly it hasn’t. Stories are still being dropped out of the blue.

    For whatever reason, something is now happening to Nikki and she’s hiding the dire consequences of it. Clearly from the piano scenes it’s arthritis. Lol

    The Tyler and Leslie story is a miss with me because their hasn’t been any redeeming qualities given to Tyler. I don’t care enough abt Tyler other than wanting his shirt off in most scenes. This character came on full of himself and is still there. Leslie went from a fighter to a dull lover of Neil and a scared little girl. Gone was the lawyer out to save Sharon or Phyllis.

    The Avery and Dylan story is compelling and I’m looking forward to it. But have to say I wished it wasn’t at the expense of nicks intelligence. It was clear to everyone that Avery was on the verge of tears after talking three times to Mac and nick missed it each time.

    Gone is compelling story for jack. Seriously, he’s no where other than starting a fashion company with a group of fashion don’ts.

    The Lauren and michael with fen story is great!! I wish though that michael was less aggressive towards fen in finding out what went on and actually answered his son’s question that “no he does not think he tried to push him off the ledge”. Clearly with Jamie, as compelling the story is of bullying, has the ability to be aggressive and no one is even mentioning that. The kid is in the system less because of his dad being in jail and more over the aggressive vandalism of his dad’s girlfriends place. So the prospect of Jamie lying abt fen is greater than fen lying. I just wished michael would say that. And if this story does lead to fens arrest I hope we see michael quit the da’s job so he will rep his son.

    With summer I think the show either needs to give her a new guy who sees she’s sad and cheers her up because he likes her or Phyllis and nick need to realize that summer is a walking public service announcement for severe depression. If the show goes there she is a perfect candidate for an attempted suicide (I am not praising suicide but as a public service this would be a compelling reason to do it) because summer has been lost for a good long time and only seems to be that much more lost with every appearance. It would be nice if Avery noticed it and went to Phyllis and calming told her that summer is depressed. And that Phyllis didn’t attack but was so overwhelmed by what Avery has been witnessing that Phyllis hugs Avery and says thank you. And then Phyllis goes to summer and asks her “are you ok?”

    Whether they choose to do this or not, the show had better cheer up Summer quick or ask the talented actress to tone down the downer mood because she makes me sad everytime I see her.

    All in all, I will say out of 6 stories is giving us a solid show and just needs to tidy it all up a bit across the board.

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    Nikki goes to Chicago on a fundraising mission, but could be a cover for something else. I wonder if the senator/congressman was one of her clients back in her dark days. Wasn’t Avery out of town at the same time too?
    Actually can picture Lauren and Carmine for a minute. But then Abby’s coming back, so will see if there is anything left.
    Cane & Lily have their Athletic Club dates so it doesn’t make sense that they would chem test Cane & Chelsea and Lily & Leslie’s brother. But soaps always like to mess with a good thing. Cane/Chelsea are the only extramarital pairing I can see here. If Michael and Lauren ultimately bust up Michael and Chelsea could be a good odd pairing.
    It’s great to see Steve Burton in something other than the standard short sleeved black t-shirt and jeans and to do something other than wield a gun. As much as I like him, I have never seen so much hoopla over a new actor to a show or character. It’s not like Jerry Douglas was coming back full time after John comes back from the dead or Eva Longoria was coming back to reprise her old role. Genie Francis, Jack Wagner on GH coming back and all the publicity about that makes sense, but then again, they weren’t on The View recently to talk about it.

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    Does anyone else think that maybe writing Fen as this angry angst filled teenager could be explained by his inability to cope with his sexuality because he may have an attraction to Jamie?

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    hey mon

    Nope. Fen is just a son of a bi+ch. Literally. Lauren was one of the worst human beings back in her day. She only began changing when she ‘met her match’ in Sheila Carter, and realized that she’d be dead meat if she didn’t have some friends to fall back on. And Michael, well, where does anyone begin with that ex-psycho.

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    Even though Lauren and Michael were imperfect human beings (to put it mildly) in their younger days, they were never shown to be bad parents. So I still don’t get why Fen has turned out the way he has.

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Even though Lauren and Michael were imperfect human beings (to put it mildly) in their younger days, they were never shown to be bad parents. So I still don’t get why Fen has turned out the way he has.[/quote]

    Yeah, the storyline is pretty engrossing and the acting is on point but Fen’s behavior just seems pretty unexplainable and unwarranted to me. Michael and Lauren practically worship that kid and he’s turning all sociopath because what? He’s going through a rebellious stage or because he thinks a girl led him on? That’s the part of the story that just rings hollow for me.

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    I really hope Lauren doesn’t go there with Carmine. It’s just not her. Maybe Paul, yes, she would possibly go to him for comfort, and he also could convince her that Fen did push Jamie. They have a long history. But Lauren is no longer a hook up girl.

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    Maybe it’s the “me” factor or “I’m entitled because” being spoiled & being raise with very little discipline and having everything at his touch. I have known a couple of people that wasn’t exactly angry but thought they could do what they want with no reprecussions because never having been said “NO” to by the parents and it led them in dangerous situtions and one is in prison I knew in high school. They had everything handed to them and never had any parental discipline growing up.

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    It is the best storyline on the show!!! Love seeing Traci back from recurring. Y&R is good. Love seeing Sharon and Adam in the office together today. She looks fierce in that powersuit. Like seeing Gloria as well she is so good. Neil needs to stop. His daughters husband isn’t going to leave her for someone he’s just trying to help. Real food on the table with Phyllis and Jack at tht GCAC how awesome is that. Attention to detail again.

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    [quote=Yoryla]Nobody in this show is going to be gay. Gays don’t exist in JFP’s world.[/quote]

    Lol, spoken for truth though, to be fair, they’ve never really much existed in Y&R’s world period(except for Rafe, who was akin to a blip on the radar).

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    hey mon … exactly! I just don’t think it’s very realistic that Lauren can’t even entertain the possibility that Fen is a demon, possibly inherited from both sides (she forgets her own nasty youth). I also seriously doubt that he (nor anyone in Genoa City) will turn out to be gay in the near or distant future.

    Regarding Nick. He does seem rather dense again. First hiring a new bartender he doesn’t even have a clue about and then ignoring the sudden change in Avery. Nick usually is much more suspicious than that.

    Nikki. It would be interesting if her current mood had nothing to do with health but more to do with a past we don’t know yet. Is it possible that one of her children is not actually a Newman; or is there another Nikkiling around?

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    Well, and Phillip…

    But as far as this story goes, it is by far the best one going on right now. I know some people on here don’t like when Christian chews through the scene, but his performance has been spot on when it comes to he and Max. Not to mention they are so believable as father and son.

    Why Tracey still isn’t on contract is a puzzlement to me…

    I love when history is correctly used and explored. Especially when it’s played out for longtime viewers. (Cough…”this rock reminds me of you”…)

    I hate to see back story created for current story.

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    hey mon

    I love when history is correctly used and explored. Especially when it’s played out for longtime viewers. (Cough…”this rock reminds me of you”…)

    Hilarious. Reminded me of the scene in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, when Anakin said to Padme, comapring Tatooine to Naboo, “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.”

    Who doesn’t think that Padme and Anakin shouldn’t have Fire-trUCKed each other royally in that movie?

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