Alex Reveals His Relationship to Adriana on Y&R: “She’s My [SPOILER]”

The saga of the stolen mob money becomes even more complicated today on The Young and the Restless, when Noah (Robert Adamson) learns the truth about Adriana's (Jhoanna Flores) relationship with Det. Alex Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio). Watch the SPOILER vid after the jump!

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    hey mon

    “Sister. So, you have a twin sister. If she will not turn to the Dark Side…”

    Sorry, wrong hard-to-believe Drama. Hopefully Josh G jets this lame and stupid story-line ASAP, and sends Adriana packing back to NY.

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    How disgusting. That means we have put up with this crappy pair for too long.
    Don’t mind Noah, but the other two are non-talented hacks, and it is still a DUMBASS story line.

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    Yes they need to let this one go. Send the popo back to New York and have him let his sister keep the money. Lets have her invest the money in Newman then have her sit at the table. Cause the girl can act this is just the wrong story line.

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    Both of the actors can act…. what I don’t like is when someone gets a bad storyline, people say they’re bad actors…. it’s a bad storyline, both can act; Alex Chavez has more chemistry with nearly every woman he’s been in a scene with then most of the leading men on this show!!!!

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    It was better when Dylan opened his door and got a bitch slap from Avery.

    And wasn’t Nick attentive today, as well as Cane?

    Oops – that wasn’t Cane’s wife he was coming on to.

    Love that Gloria…

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    Their story is a snooze, but I don’t mind the characters, so I’ll put up with it. It’s not the first time in the last 6 years that a story has sucked. And this one sucks less than a lot others I can name…

    ;) ;) ;)

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    Well this is nice. He runs around in circles for weeks while harassing the pants off of Noah every chance he felt comfortable to do so, and through it all, not once did he bother to say anything about the bimbo A.K.A. Adriana being his sister. I wonder what her excuse is going to be for not telling Noah that Alex is her brother? Both Alex and Adriana need to be fed to the hogs!

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    While I think all the actors involved are good(I will say that other than the guy who plays Mason JFP has been pretty spot-on with casting), the story is just preposterous(though it’s still a distant second to anything involving Chloe and the Chipmunk). IS is smokin’ hot and has chemistry with any and every woman he’s encountered on the show–witness the scenes with Chloe today–but I suspect he’s gonna end up being just another one-note bad cop with very few layers character-wise. Too bad, cuz I could see him successfully paired with any number of women on the canvas(though, again, I’d start with Chloe because the Kevin/Chloe dynamic, or lack thereof, was rendered nearly unwatchable a long time ago).

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    It has been a good week so far, without Adriana and this BS story.
    Now if they would just can the backstory of Dylan and Avery. We all know they have a past. I find it disgusting to even show him in that run down room and dreaming of Avery. Give us a break and move on to now, and forget what happened whenever, we know that were connected at one time and frankly I don’t give a DAMN about their back story.

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