Frisco Jones vs. Mac Scorpio: Which Man Does General Hospital’s Felicia Belong With?

The Aztec Princess received the shock of her life this week on General Hospital. No, Georgie (Lindze Letherman) isn't alive. Nor is she being held captive by Dr. David Hayward, in a hospital bed next to Josh Duhamel in Pine Valley, PA. However, Felicia's (Kristina Wagner) ex-husband Frisco Jones (Jack Wagner) is back in town! 

One thing stands in the way of Felicia running into her old flame's arms; she recently got back together with her other ex, Mac Scorpio (John J. York)! You remember him, the dude who raised Frisco and Felicia's daughters, while they were off chasing adventure and shared, blonde orgasms.

What is a girl to do?

Should Felicia reunite with world-travelin' Frisco, or stick with good 'ole, dependable Uncle Mac?


Frisco Jones vs. Mac Scorpio: Which Man Does General Hospital's Felicia Belong With?

  • Mac! Frisco's the ultimate deadbeat dad! (41%, 986 Votes)
  • Frisco! Sorry, Uncle Mac, he's the love of her life! (59%, 1,436 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,422


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14 Responses

  1. Profile photo of luverica

    Yeah, yeah! I know Frisco and Felecia’s suppose to be one of the “legendary” GH love stories. Whatever! It’s a new day. Not only is Mac far more attractive and has aged faaar better than Frisco (No tea, no shade – I’m just keeping it real – John J. York is the King Silver Daddy of Daytime TV) but I’m SICK of seeing Mac treated like the Rodney Dangerfield of soaps. Granted, I understand Frank and Ron will need to get a love triangle story out of this but ultimately, I want Mac to end up with Felecia if only to make up for the crappy way Phelps and Guza did his character. If that wench hurts my Mac, I will never forgive her or that helium voice of hers.

  2. Profile photo of Wings1295

    Mac, all the way. Putting aside the fact that Mac raised her daughter’s as his own, and took care of Robin, to boot, he has always loved Felicia and thought of her first. Frisco cannot say the same.

    And before anyone says I am a Mac fan cause he is “more recent,” I have been a GH fan since the late 70s. I was a Frisco and Felicia fan when they were together. But over the years Mac has become the better character – better person. Felicia doesn’t need to make that mistake again.

    As a side note, it actually made me a little sad when Maxie called Frisco “Dad”. Mac has been the only dad that mattered in her life for years. She should have said “Frisco” or “You”. I am hoping she corrects herself today.

  3. Profile photo of Peachstrup

    I agree, luverica, Frisco is a total non-entity on the canvas as it has been for ages. He used to be avery attractive man but the ‘work’ doesn’t work for me. I wish he had some lines in his face to show us who he is. Mac, on the other hand is wasted on the equally feckless female parent of Mac’s ‘girls’. And as to being a doll-well, Mac has it goin’ on-and always has! Frisco in his heyday may have been more handsome than Mac-but he was NEVER more attractive than Mac! Mac’s also loyal, mischievous, romantic, practical and useful with an infant. I like Alexis and Shawn, but I loved Alexis and Mac. But Mac maybe with-say-Laura, who wants the same kind of life Mac has always wanted. That might be interesting…

  4. Profile photo of luverica

    Peachstrup, I so agree. I wasn’t pleased when they ended the Mac/Alexis romance. I know there are quite a few GH fans who like her with Shawn but quite frankly, with Shawn being Sonny’s new butt-boy, I think Alexis could do better, and she had better with Mac. Question! How do they explain Felecia’s past absences?

  5. Profile photo of Purplerain

    Love how the mac fans are scared of Frisco. I don’t blame them, Frisco and Felicia are magnetic. Mac doesn’t even come close to their chemistry and he was the 5th weel in those scenes. Jack Wagner stole the show yesterday.

  6. Profile photo of soapbabie

    Felicia is a selfesh tramp who abondoned her girls and a nice husband to go play cops and robbers with her ex who also walked out on his kids……..and she slept with Luke! she deserves nothing but to be kicked to the curb. Mac should have more pride than to have anything to do with her. so she probably deserves Frisco who is as selfesh as she is.

  7. Profile photo of GatesBear

    Felicia has always been one of my favorite characters but with that being said — of the two choices …she belongs with Mac. I just hate how Frisco has been gone for.. 20 years? and walks in feels like he’s entitled to everything.

  8. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    Felicia should choose Mac because Frisco treated her like a dog for years. That’s why it made no sense for her to turn around and pay that crap forward to Mac and the girls.

    But really, I wish Mac would dump Felicia for Alexis (or almost anyone) because he deserves waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Felicia.

  9. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Personally I think taking a couple that is divorced in real life and forcing them into another romantic coupling is beyond cruel and just asking for trouble.

  10. Profile photo of iowaninmn

    I was glad to see another poster say that Felicia is one of his favorite GH characters. I am always surprised to see so many people who say they can’t stand her. I think the only explanation is that the only Felicia they have ever seen is a parent who is MIA for her daughters and a character is not central to the show. If these people knew Felicia from the 80’s and 90’s, I think they would be more forgiving.

    Felicia is a GH original. The actress didn’t bounce around from one soap to another like a lot of these actors. I think it says something about KW that TPTB tried to recast the actress at one point and it did not work out.

    Love Frisco too … but having said that, Felicia needs to stay with Mac. Sorry, Frisco.

  11. Profile photo of geniestl1

    I would have to believe that most of you Frisco bashers did not watch during the magical days of the 80s and the pure romance of F & F. Frisco was a loyal devoted husband and eventually father. Felicia was his soulmate and he did anything necessary to protect her and Maxie. His need to protect also extended to forces far outside of Port Charles. Frisco painfully sacrificed his family life to pursue his chosen career and heartfelt mission to this world. After Jack left, new writers, not knowing the depth of Frisco’s character painted him as this worthless husband and father who deserted his family. To see the real Frisco watch this clip. The pain he feels is just unbearable.

    Be sure to watch until the end. Another important thing to notice is that Felicia forgives him because she understands HIM, another fact that future writers chose to ignore. We have thousands of men in this country who have sacrificed time with families to serve to protect us in either the military or secret agent fields. Do we think they are worthless? I am thankful for them each and every day.

    JW and KW have a very amicable relationship. He contacted her when he was asked back to the show and she was happy about it. They are mature adults, raising 2 sons together and have respect for each other as professionals.

    Now for MHO! JW is FAR sexier than JJY! Frisco is a dream and Mac, although I do like him, is rather milk toast “ish” to me.

  12. Profile photo of Purplerain

    In reply to twb6yz : Kristina and Jack Wagner are both still VERY close. Have you read any of the interviews with JW concerning his come-back? He said he asked Kristina if she was ok with it , and she was. The fact that they both cosigned to be part of this storyline tells you someting…

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