How Much More Vapid Can The Bold and the Beautiful’s Steffy/Liam/Hope Triangle Become?

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) continued to argue about Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope’s (Kim Matula) relationship with Liam (Scott Clifton). Taylor told Brooke she came there to give Brooke a little reality. I wish someone would give Brad Bell a reality check about just how vapid and nauseating this arc has become.

Liam and Steffy yacked their heads about their relationship. Yeah, nothing new to see here.

Thomas (Adam Gregory) asked Eric (John McCook) for a clearer definition of what his new position entailed. He specifically mentioned hiring and firing.  Thomas told Brooke that Hope had been in the fashion business all of five minutes. He’s been in it, what six minutes?  

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    Talk about replaying the same story over and over. What they are trying to set up is another triangle only this time Stephanie’s role will be split between Brooke and Taylor. Basically B&B is the most green show there is, since all they have to do is reuse old scripts just changing names, for the next 25 years.

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    this hardly believable . why wouldn’t there be lots of guys competing for Hope and Steffi? ( and not from another generation like Bill S. or a extended family member like Thomas…)
    Oliver , somebody , SOS! Please break up this LA “Bermuda” triangle!

    I guess the next big news out of B&B will be the Ridge recast and the return of Kimberlin Browne as Sheila… hope springs eternal…

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    I completely buy into the Steffy-Liam-Hope storyline, right down to Bob Hope being Steffy and Liam’s favorite comedian of all time! I’m sure Brad Bell couldn’t decide between Bob Hope and Danny Kaye since most young people today can’t get enough of Bob or Danny.

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