John Stamos Visits General Hospital Set!

The New Normal guest star John Stamos recently visited the set of General Hospital and tweeted Instagram photos of himself with Kin Shriner (Scott). The former Blackie Parrish also tweeted a photo of himself with Genie Francis.  About Shriner he wrote,

visiting my buddy kin shriner (scotty baldwin) at my old stomping grounds -GH.

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    No Daisy

    Blackie! Wow he always looks good. Kin does too. I hope on set they keep the makeup person away from Kin; the last time he was on the orange glow aged him well past his years.

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    Kin looks good at 60 years young!

    Blackie’s story was one that so many regimes dropped the ball on. If I recall he went to jail for the murder of gf, Lou Swenson, but he actually didn’t kill her. He felt so guilty about her death he just ook the blame to punish himself. He was sentenced to about 2 years in 1984. No mention through the years if he ever got out of jail or what happened to him.

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    Damn he still looks so hot!!! It’s cool that he and Kin are still good buddies! And it would be great if he could visit GH for the anniversary. Frank is pulling out all the stops for GH!!!

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    Oh! Be still my old school GH heart! I am pondering changing my DC name in honor of all these vet returns! Love it!! Would love it more to see Blackie return…Hoping Scotty returns too and he & Laura are discovered to be remarried. Let Luke regret losing Laura! I hope Laura returns as a strong vibrant heroine! Would love to see Scotty scheme with Tracy…maybe have Blackie hooking up with Liz…endless possibilties for storylines!

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