The Talk’s Sharon Osbourne Reacts to TMZ Releasing Her 911 Call

The Talk's Sharon Osbourne re-lived the harrowing 911 call she made to report a fire, earlier this week on the chatfest. TMZ released an audio recording of Mrs. O calling the emergency line to reveal a candle had caught a table on fire in her house.

After listening to the tape for the first time, Osbourne and the others on the roundtable discussed the pros and cons of 911 calls being released to the public. Watch a clip after the jump!

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    If you do not like it, Sharon, then get out of the business. In one of your many jobs, you sit on a panel of women who do nothing but drag others through the mud and get into other’s personal lives.

    It is a two way street.

    BTW: you sounded drunk in the tape. Is that why you were upset it was released to the public??

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