Check Out The First Chapter of General Hospital’s Tie-In Novel ‘Love in Maine’!

Poor, Molly Lansing (Haley Pullos). The little Port Charles novelista worked her tail off, penning a work of fiction, only to have a talentless hack put her name on it and publish it. Welcome to the world of a newbie professional writer, Mol-Doll!

ABC is offering fans of General Hospital the chance to read the first chapter of Love in Maine, the novel Connie Falcon-Crazy, er Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) stole from lil Molly.  Here's a snippet of the prose:

Phil stared down at her. She noticed the tattoos on his forearms, indicating he'd probably spent some time in the Navy. She had to really concentrate in order not to stare.

Can you say, "restraining order"? Love in Maine goes on sale March 12. Read the entire first chapter of Love in Maine here!

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    How dare they do something like this? I’m sorry but this is an utter disgrace. Printing out the text “General Hospital celebrates 50 years” and having the name Connie Falconeri associated with any of that is sheer lunacy, not to mention disgusting.

    The simple idea of publishing a real book as a tie-in to the show and it’s 50th celebration is great. But with this particular character? And not to mention that she stole it from a teenager?! I’m sorry, I do not understand what they were thinking with this.

  2. Profile photo of SteveHardy

    ^^Oh, come on. It’s just promoting the fact that the show is in it’s 50th year.

    All books that have been released by the production staff are labeled, “As seen on General Hospital.” It just so happens that this is GH 50th. Why wouldn’t they promote that?

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    Secrets and Lies

    This book spinoff was a fun idea and it’s a pretty good read so far – the first chapter kind of reminded me of one of Stephen King’s non-horror short stories or novels – complete with spelling out the sound of the Maine accents. I’ll read this.

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