DAYS’ Cousin Julie to Gabi: “GIRL, You Didn’t Know Yo Man Was SHANKED in The Big House?!”

Ya gotta love a well-meaning Cousin Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) on Days of Our Lives. On Wednesday's episode, one-half of Salem's first supercouple revealed to Gabi (Camila Banus) that Nick (Blake Berris) had been stabbed in prison! Before Hope's (Kristian Alfonso) half-sister/stepmother could spill too much Brady Pub tea, Nick showed up.

Speaking of Hope, The Fancy-Faced One got all up in Nicole's (Arianne Zucker) boo-tah for trying to frame Kristen (Eileen Davidson), by snatching up those Titan files from dumb bulb Brady's (Eric Martsolf) laptop. Kristen had other things on her mind, namely trying to get Brady to jump the broom with her!

Elsewhere in Salem, U.S.A., while Sami (Alison Sweeney) attempted to hash things out with Rafe (Galen Gering), her boy Will (Chandler Massey) was a' flashin' back over those shirtless, bedtime rituals he used to share with Sonny (Freddie Smith). Watch Wednesday's DAYS recap vid below!

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    [quote=SoapArmageddon]Nick is on a one-way train to Crazytown, U.S.A. They need to keep this boy away from sharp objects.[/quote]

    OH LOL….LMAO…and hiccup…I guess on my day off I shouldn’t drink quite as much with my husband! ;)

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    ^^ I don’t think that was Hope’s office, it was probably a conference room at the police station.

    However, the scenes at said conference room were Awesome! Can you believe Victor coming in, saying “I brought candy! Tee hee” I swear, John Aniston is one of the best comedic talents on that show!

    He could only be upstaged by Kristen’s insinuations about Father Eric’s collar to Nicole. How much I loved all the Kristen/Nicole stuff, and Kristen saying how much they have in common. It’s true! Oh please soap gods, let these two become Best Frenemies For Life!

    Also I want to see more story on where Bo is. It became clear Hope knows something and is keeping it a secret, even from his father. Makes me think there is a super-secret cover operation going on.

    Nick is in serious delusional crazy -mode. They way he nixed the subjest and told how “that part of his life is over” tells me he is so deep in it.

    Why is Sami wearing that GOD-AWFUL red lipstick again?! Ugh it looks horrid!

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    LOVE when John Aniston is on as Victor and yes he’s a comedic genius. Any time he’s throwing shade at one of Salem’s “hussies” is always gold in my book(even if it is someone I love like Nicole).

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    I noticed that god-awful lipstick as well. What a strange look.

    Love Victor … he always hits the nail right on the head about these “hussies” — Chloe, Kristin, Nicole. And it seems like they all hang out at his mansion.

    The Rafe/Sami scene was painful to watch. Ouch.

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