DC #706: Bullet Holes and Strippers

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens and Regan Cellura dish the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live and The Young and the Restless headlines and storylines, including:

All My Children and One Life to Live’s production dates are revealed. Where will the characters of Todd Manning, Starr Manning and John McBain end up, and what will happen to their portrayers?

Lawrence Saint-Victor makes his The Bold and the Beautiful debut. Taylor and Eric gross the DC gang out by kissing.

Sami and EJ make love on Days of Our Lives. Brian wedges his way in between Will and Sonny. Why isn’t Stefano in Salem?

Frisco returns to Port Charles, but how will Mac, Felicia and Maxie react? Alison Barrington is murdered, leaving her son Rafe behind penniless. Do you root for Team Rafe or Team TJ to win Molly’s heart? Is Carly Schroeder returning as Serena Baldwin? Genie Francis pops up in a General Hospital promo.

Dylan pets Avery’s rock on The Young and the Restless. Is Avery really worthy of a Steve Burton character? Fen’s behavior shakes Michael and Lauren’s marriage to the core. Congressman Wheeler recognizes Leslie as Valerie.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!


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I had the same reaction as Luke when I saw Alison and Rafe. My first thought was why are they so hungry and poor? I was also surprised that Amanda was dead. I remember that character being sick on Port Charles but I don't think she died on that show. Must've been off-screen sometime over the years I guess.

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Yeah, I don't see the big deal about that rock on Y&R. I seriously thought it was a joke when I saw the post on DC about the rock...but i guess Luke was serious. LOL. It was possibly a 10 second flashback...if THAT. He placed the rock on the bar, and Avery saw it...COMBINED, the rock lasted for at the most, 2 minutes. Good lawd...you would've thought they had signed it to contract or something. They barely even addressed it afterward. But anyway, glad Y&R is getting a little more love on the podcast.

As for B&B. I just CAN'T. I'm done caring about any of this. The Steffy/Dope/Lame triangle is just ridiculous at this point. I'm tired of them going out of their way to say Liam doesn't want to do with Ridge did...well yeah, he's NOT doing what Ridge did. Because Ridge made a commitment to a woman and KEPT it for years. He didn't waffle back and forth every other week. He wasn't some weak sniveling little kid like Liam...and I actually could understand why Brooke and Taylor wanted him (at THAT time). Liam is like a kid who gets his lunch money stolen at school...PLEASE. He may be Hope's type, but that definitely doesn't seem like someone Steffy would even CONSIDER being with in real life. Yet, Brad Bell kept insisting he was going to get away from this ridiculous trio, but he only put them aside long enough to kill of Stephanie, give Heather Tom her emmy reel, and now we're RIGHT BACK to this crap!!! Dayzee's story showed promise, but there's been absolutely NO follow up to it. Were they even SHOWN this week? I don't think so...it seems like its been ALL about the Stefalope...and I HATE it. Dayzee also seemed like she knew Marcus' brother from somewhere, but I could be wrong...

GH...I'm really really trying to stay interested, or at least GET interested. I just find it incredibly campy, but not so much in an incredible way. i sincerely rolled my eyes at the tv...could be because I'm not that much of a GH historian...I don't have any history with the show, and when I watch it, it feels like an even GOOFIER version of the way OLTL was toward the end. And I've reaaally been trying!! Most people on this site adore GH, and I'm trying to jump on the bandwagon, I'm just finding it hard to see the appeal. I can't see where the storylines are that great...I can't see the "brilliant" acting. I can't see where the show is the "best soap" on the air. I just CAN'T...but I'll keep trying.

DAYS, I don't really watch, but I gotta say, it's been really good, the few glimpses I've been catching. I miss my ED, but she's kicking behind on DAYS, so I'm happy for her. And I know it's GOT to be more fun playing Kristen than it was playing Ashley Abbott...so good for her.

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ROFL....I love "Pychic Olivia"

Truthfully I never cared much for Olivia until she grappled with Heather and got stabbed full of LSD. Now I actually look forward to her appearing on the show. I agree though I am always wondering why folks don't listen to her more but the way she behaves when she has a vision...well nuff said.

My absolute fave though was when she told everybody that Heather was running through GH with Sam's baby and nobody paid her no mind and she goes to the stairwell herself and promptly gets her behind thrown down a flight of stairs by Heather and everybody just keeps finding Olvia's semi-conscious ass in that stairwell and asking her "WTH happened to you?" ARE YOU PEOPLE SERIOUS ?!!?

Jamey you know a Black psychic would have done with that caper.

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Pet Rock!!! Lmao. Yes its a new Y&R. Its still here though. Thank God.

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How did you know what I needed to get me through this blizzardy Friday?!

I haven't listened yet but I will be listening in by this evening.

Thanks in advance GC crew!!

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looks at some familiar faces from y and r!!!!

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I must have been very good because I earned a mention of Grant Harrison's pre-op, tranny daughter, Kirkina, who left Bay City to work the corners of Genoa City! ROTFL!!!

Y&R is pretty good these days. I think Josh Griffith has well-integrated the new characters but I do wish I cared more about Mac aka Dylan. Steve Burton and Jessica Collins are not selling the story for me. I am intrigued by Leslie's past with Grant Harrison, errr, Senator Whoever. Nikki's medical issues and especially Michael/Lauren/Fen/Jamie. Christian LeBlanc actually has a storyline to justify his previous Emmy wins!

Ron Carvialti needs to take a lesson from Josh Griffith on integrating new characters on a canvas. I like the young man who plays Rafe but I still cannot stand Sabrina and Britt who have been onscreen for months and in a story for vapid than B&B's never ending triangle of Hope/Liam/Steffy. Yep, I said it. And while Texas Battle is bad, GH has more than enough terrible actors worth mentioning, like Lindsay Morgan, Sean Kanan, Kristen Alderson, Scott Reeves and Sean Blakemore. I like GH but it has more dead weight in its cast than any other soap. Such a bloated cast with too many stories that drag on and on. I look forward to Genie Francis return but will Laura Spencer be backburnered in favor of Ugly Betty 2.0!

Jamey's enthusiasm for DAYS nearly makes me want to tune in...nearly Wink I don't think Blake Berris and Camila Banus are good actors.

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Fen (Max Ehrich) is ultra worthy of all of the screen time that he is getting. So is the kid who plays Jamie. Who'd have thunk that MAB would have cast such a good actor as Fenmore Michael Baldwin? Hopefully, Fen can be redeemed a little bit more, and he doesn't end up like Ricky Williams. Not sure why Josh G couldn't have written Eden into all of this somehow, instead of relying on Adriana. Oh well. Take the good with the bad.

Good to the max, to see Phack on their way back. The cologne scene on Thursday reminded me of the way that it really should be. Instead of steamy desk sex by Red, we had some serious romance and lovin by Jack testing out the new perfume. Wow. Hot. I thought that Phyllis was going to go all 'wet pants' on herself, with John Abbott Jr after her like that. You take em both, and there you have, the facts of life.

Cant believe that Josh G wrote Avery and Mac as such pivotal characters. Im a hopin that Mac is Nikkis' long-lost son, or something, cause he is truly a one-note character. Give the guy a gun or something, his scenes a snooze time.

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@ hey mon: I completely agree about the Phack scenes. It was my hotter than the overt flirting among Tyler with Lily or Cane with Chelsea. Or the pawing between Neil & Leslie. Peter Bergman & Michelle Stafford exude chemistry and never relies on the gratuitous.
I completely disagree about Dylan needing a gun to be more interesting. 1.) A gun could not make a character more interesting if the writing is not there and 2.) the actor played an one-note, gun-toting mob hitman on General Hospital for well over a decade to the character's detriment. There was an over-reliance on guns and violence on that soap. Not a fit for Y&R in my opinion.

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I love this podcast, been listening to it for almost a year, but I had to sign up and comment when I heard Jamey say: "Die... JUST DIE!!!"
I swear I thought that I was the only person who loved that line from A Different World. Diahann Carroll was sheer genius as Whitley's mother & that episode was on the other day.

I've been really loving Y&R lately, more so everything not Kevin/Chloe or Victor vs. Jack (I totally agree that needs a long break)
Fen/Summer/Jamie and how that's bled into Lauren and Michael marriage has been so good and I agree with Luke about Avery/Michael when Avery first arrived, but Im glad that they didn't go there. I love that they're giving TEB something to do beside rolling her eyes at a Fisher clan scheme or screaming Shelia.

B&B: What happened??? What happened to the show that had the battle for the Belief formula? that had Brooke running around in lingerie to Right Said Fred's "Im too sexy" for Brooke's Bedroom line? that had Brooke put a bed in her office for inspiration? that had Rick/Amber and the Alphabet Kid? I cannot take this Liam/Hope/Steffy thing... for almost 2 years? it is ridiculous and a snooze-fest. Where is Oliver? where is Amber? Why is Steffy pregnant when she can be in the Bill/Katie/Brooke mix? Then Eric and Taylor...No, just no because not only would Taylor be on par with Brooke she would be beyond because Taylor would have been with the Forrester Men(Eric/Thorne/Ridge) The Marone Men (Nick/Ridge), & Whip like Brooke. But also she would have been with Brooke's son and father. going back to the last podcast I really dig that idea of bringing back Susan Flannery in a "Marge" type of role, if written right it would be so good. And the breakdown of Marcus was so hilarious because those scenes was some Deanna on OLTL type of mess.

Days has been so good. From when Brady and Kirsten first got together to the wedding to now, I have been thoroughly enjoying Days. Eileen Davidson and Blake Berris have really brought some energy to the show, everybody's energy seems to be up. And watching Victor taunt Nicole at the precinct was gold. Although I must say that I wouldnt be mad if Sonny and Brian stayed involved and Will took the time to know his daughter, I dont want to see a custody battle like the one for Sierra Rose on OLTL. Also can we give Hope something to do beside be the advice giver/busybody?

GH: Not really into the Port Charles redux, but that's more of me not being familiar with the characters, but it not bad and it holds my interest. AJ/Tracy and ELQ has been good. The veteran parade keeps rolling on, but Im ready for Genie Francis to hit the scene next week.

I wont act like Im well versed in the legality involving PP/ABC. I hope that it works out for everybody but if it turns into a matter of ABC keeping the actors and PP keeping the characters doesnt it even matter? It would be a stalemate but Im still excited for the shows to start up again.

Anyway, love the podcast guys. It's always something that I look forward too every week. I Enjoy the conversation there's always something that makes me laugh.

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Kudos to Jamey who said what I was thinking in the podcast.

I love the character Avery and Jessica Collins in the role and I'm happy with the arrivial of Steve Burton in the role of Dylan. I was sick to death of seeing the same characters say and do the samething on Y&R. I had no desire to see Phyllis & Nick, Jack & Victor fighting over Newman, or Sharon running around town and sleeping with different men. In order for the show to keep me interested and bring new viewers in we needed something fresh with new characters. Thank goodness JFP & JG got it and brought in new characters and have also started writing for some that MAB just threw away like Avery, Leslie and Chelsea. All three of these actesses have been doing a great job but if it was up to Luke I guess we wouldn't be seeing them but instead the same ole actresses that have been on Y&R for the last 20 years doing what I'm sure we have all seen them do many times.

Also the scene Jessica Collins gave with Steve Burton on Tues & Wed proved she is an amazing actress and will have no problem working up against SB.

Not sure why Luke had a problem with the rock it was something the writers used to drive story so Avery would go look for Dylan. It would be the samething if you saw a character go rent a car and then later hit someone with it. You have to know what happened before in order to get what causes the result.