General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Michael receives the daily newspaper, which headlines the Ferncliff escape.  When Starr doesn’t seem overly upset, he wonders if she wants Todd to get away. However, Starr quickly denies it.  Michael decides to head to the courthouse to support Kristina, even though Sonny will be there.

John updates the officers about the escapees, and reminds them Todd and Heather are dangerous.  Sam tells him Danny is with Monica, and John is exasperated Ferncliff hasn’t been able to contain Todd and Heather.  John receives the forensic report from the weapon used to kill Alison, and discovers his own partial print is on it.  He wonders if Rafe may be telling a bit of the truth.    
Todd, Heather and Lucy find themselves hiding out at Windermere.   Todd quickly discovers some clothes and heads out.  Lucy reads the paper, and comes across an article about Alison’s death.  Lucy's upset she wasn’t able to protect Alison, but knows she needs to protect Rafe from Caleb.   Lucy realizes everything she thought would happen is coming true. She wants to go to Rafe as soon as possible. Heather stops Lucy and reminds her she’ll be caught. Heather feels they need to work together. 
Rafe is Johnny’s new cell neighbor, as Johnny awaits transport for his sentencing hearing.  Johnny’s curious about Rafe killing his own mother, but Rafe claims McBain did it.  Johnny admits he killed his grandfather, and hiding the truth is the worst punishment. Johnny is taken away for his hearing, as Rafe denies killing Alison. 
Alexis takes Kristina to her arraignment.  Kristina runs into Johnny at the courthouse, and explains to him how she tried to kill Connie.  Johnny understands the feeling and wishes her luck. 
Olivia stops by Connie’s office to talk about Heather being at large again.  Connie reassures her Heather will be caught in no time.  Olivia wants to talk about Kristina.  Connie says Kris tried to kill her.  Olivia points out Kris is still grieving over Trey. She believes Connie is only trying to get back at Sonny through his daughter.  
Olivia cares about her cousin, and feels sending Kristina to prison will not solve anything.  She doesn’t want Connie to ruin Kris’ life, and earn Sonny’s hatred.  Olivia wishes Connie would honor her son, and let Kristina go.  
Sonny’s concerned about Kristina, and Shawn wonders if his boss wants him to take care of Connie.  Sonny knows they can't kidnap Connie twice. He confesses the first time he was desperate to get through to Kate.  Shawn wonders if Sonny has gone soft, or if he has a thing for Connie.
Molly sneaks in to see Rafe, and offers her condolences. Then, she asks if he did it, based on what he said to her at the diner.  Rafe swears he loved his mother and would never do anything to hurt her.  He stresses he saw McBain do it.  He asks if Molly believes him.  Before Molly can answer, the guard sends her away. 
Todd shows up at Starr’s apartment and begs her not to call the police.  He needed to see her one last time, because he can't go to prison.  Todd says the only thing that kept him sane when he was kidnapped was the hope he’d see her again.  Todd admits he made a mess, but this is goodbye.  Starr realizes she’ll never see him again.  The two hug and say they love each other before Todd leaves.   Todd heads to his office for something in his safe, which is now gone.
John wonders if there really is a Caleb, since Rafe claims to have seen someone who looked like him. Also, Alison and Lucy both thought he was the vampire.  He gets a call about an abandoned car by the Quartermaine Mansion, and Sam’s heads out to check on it.  
TJ shows up at the station, looking for Molly. He finds her and becomes angry when he discovers she went to see Rafe.  
Michael gets to the courthouse, and runs into Johnny.  He asks if Johnny gave the ELQ information to Sonny, but Johnny says he would never help Sonny. 
Inside the courtroom, Michael offers Kristina his best wishes and takes a seat beside Sonny.  Sonny is glad Michael came, and swears he didn’t leak the ELQ story. 
Olivia arrives, and informs Sonny she talked to Connie, but isn’t sure she helped.  The judge asks Kristina how she pleads, as Connie enters the courtroom and declares not guilty.  
Starr arrives for Johnny’s hearing, and wishes him a lengthy prison sentence.  
John talks to Rafe, and tells him that he didn’t kill Alison.  Rafe didn’t either, so John wonders who did.  
Lucy finds some clothes at Windermere, but decides to take a nap before heading out to look for Caleb.  Heather waits until she’s asleep before slipping out.  Caleb shows up, as Lucy’s wakes.    

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    TV Gord

    So, Kristina was in jail for two days, but neither of her sisters bothered to go and see her in jail? Considering how much people visit other people in jail on this show, I’d feel pretty neglected. Hell, Molly sneaks in to visit a guy she has had one conversation with, but her poor sister was left to languish behind bars without eyeliner for two whole days! Nice family.

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    Those mug shots were absolutely hilarious!

    I liked how Monica got a mention today. She can be in story and not on screen. It makes sense and glad Sam is keeping grandma Q involved in her grandsons life. Poor little Danny is probably safer at the mansion than strolling around on Pier 52!!! Hope we see Sam pick up Danny from her tomorrow. Previews showed Tracy so hopefully we are treated to some Tracy and Monica banter.

    Nicholas and Emily also got mentions today … even if it was just about their left behind clothes. Lucy looked a lot better in Emily’s clothes than that fern cliff outfit!

    Enjoyed how heather and Lucy seemed to warm to each other. I wonder when they will realize they have Scotty in common? I hope they write that … Could be really funny.

    I hope wwe don’t have to wait too long to get back to Frisco and Maxie.

    And finally, for the love of god, send Kristina away for life! I hope the judge is so annoyed with Connie for interrupting his courtroom that he sends her off too.

    Sorry, one more thing … We haven’t seen Carly In days. And the show is just fine.

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    TV Gord

    Come on, J. Bernard! She was acting without eyeliner, dyammit! It will probably end up on her Emmy reel! This could be her Burning Bed!!! :-D

    [quote=iowaninmn]Poor little Danny is probably safer at the mansion than strolling around on Pier 52!!![/quote]

    Maybe, but in five years, when he’s in college, he’ll be having flashbacks to those visits to the pier and remembering seeing his daddy Jason growing gills in the water…and that’s when Jasamphibian will be reborn!

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    I have to admit, this episode left my scratching my head. It was easily the weakest episode of the week. I mean, where in the world was Frisco & Maxie? I’m sorry but nobody can say that Kristina, Konnie and the Vampires are more important than a veteran return after 18 years and the possible confrontation between Maxie and her bio-father. The mere fact that we have a character like Konnie at the same time as these veterans is appalling.

    But on to things I did like:

    The Wyndemere thing was funny. Heather treated the place like it was “some shack they had been staking out” instead of the Castle of Darkness.

    It was nice seeing the Davis girls all together in a scene, albeit if brief. Also nice to see some Johnny/Kristina interaction. I also loved the remark that Danny is with Monica, that was exactly the right thing to say.

    LLo looks indeed beautiful these days.

    The Shawn+Sonny were total FF material.

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    Todd’s mug shot had me laughing! Liked the scene with Starr and Todd, him calling her Shorty. KA seems to do her best acting in scenes with Roger. It looks like they are preparing for them to leave the show. I hope it’s only temporary, I’ll miss Todd and his funny antics. There was an article about all this in the NY Post, which surprised me. Seems to be causing a lot of buzz. ABC says it’s trying to work things out that Todd, Starr and John could may-be appear on both shows. Bob Woods says OLTL will be filming 5 weeks at a time, then 5 weeks off so it’s possible the 3 actors can arrange a schedule to be on both shows.
    I like how Micheal Easton transforms from John into Caleb, the straighter hair, and the evil eyes. He made a sexy vampire on Port Charles, way before the Twilight movies and True Blood. I guess this is the way they will explain John leaving the show.
    I noticed also how Ron C starts a story, then you have to wait a few days for it to continue, like the Felicia, Mac and Frisco story. My head spins at times with all the different storylines going on at the same time, BUT, getting to see all my old favorites again, I’ll take it. Can’t wait to see Laura and Scotty. Hope they make Laura into a stronger character, like Genie always wanted. Luke will explode if she’s involved with Scotty now. Also can’t wait to see Bobbie.

  6. Profile photo of katehhoward

    The vampire stuff is actually pretty cool. Caleb is one sexy Vamp. While on the subject of sexy Chad (Michael) without a shirt on is oh so delicious. He has been showing skin quite often as of late. FV loves these guys showing off some skin. Bring it on Michael. He is the only sexy guy with a nice body on that show on contract. If TJ was a bit older Tequan has a nice body also. Bring on the sexy naked men….woowhoo!!!!!!!

    Molly, TJ, Rafe scenes were pretty good. Lucy, heather and Todd always a delight. The scene between Todd and Starr was touching. If you were a fan of OLTL you would understand the bond between Starr and Todd. Might I just say also how sexy Kirsten Alderson is. She has grown into such a beautiful young lady.

    The Kristina and Johnny hook up may end up being really good. But I am kind of over Lindsey Morgan as Kristina. I gave her a chance and she has not really brought it. Also Kelly Sullivan needs to go. I loved Connie at the beginning but as Shawn said Connie is here now no more Kate. Unless they plan on killing off Connie/Kate just find a way to write her off. If they can find a love interest for Sonny in someone else I hope they do so ASAP. Sonny and Tracy might be an interesting pairing?

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    I really liked this episode.. Loved Monica watching Danny and I also hope we get to see her pick him up..

    I am digging the vampire stuff also- seems to be leading somewhere interesting.

    However I am tired of Connie/Kate.. Her hot and cold is just to much for me to take..

    I didn’t watch PC- but was Livvie a vampire too??

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