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Connie storms into the courthouse, and declares Kristina did not try to kill her. Connie takes the stand and explains everything is a misunderstanding.  When questioned about Kris and the baseball bat, Connie claims Kristina is trying out for the softball team. When asked about the handprints on her neck, Connie recalls Kris was trying to help her remove a necklace.  

The DA asks why Connie called the police.  Connie admits she was grieving and lashed out. She was honestly trying to hurt someone else.   Alexis asks for the charges to be dropped.  The DA thinks there is enough evidence to take Kris to trial, even though Connie has recanted her original statement.  The judge agrees to charge Kristina with second-degree assault, and orders her to community service.   
Tracy wants to know if Luke found anything out from Carly, but Luke hasn’t had any luck getting in touch with his niece.  Luke asks about Lucy and her 1%, but Tracy explains about Lucy’s stint in Ferncliff. Luke reads about Heather's escape, and becomes worried for Anna. He immediately calls to check on her. Tracy still thinks Carly knows something about an heir, and begs Luke to find out.   
Todd checks his safe for his passport and money, only to have Carly show up behind him with those items in hand. Carly threatens to call John, but gets Anna instead.  Anna asks if Carly has seen Todd, and Todd begs Carly to hear him out. Carly caves, and tells Anna she hasn't seen Todd. 
Todd asks Carly to run away with him.  He wants them to start a life together, because they have a connection.  Carly points out Johnny wanted her to run away with him too, and he was lying all along.  Todd claims he’s different than Johnny. He swears Carly knows everything there is to know about him.  He knows she loves him, and he loves her. They can deal with everything together.  
One of Anna’s officers informs her of John’s partial print being found on the murder weapon.  Anna reads the results and discovers it’s not an identical match. She wonders about the possibility of the print being a relative of John’s, or a lab error.  
John wants to go over the events of the night Alison was murdered with Rafe.  Rafe admits they’ve been running forever, and someone was after them.  John asks for a name, and Rafe tells him Caleb.  Rafe stresses he saw John kill his mother, but John says he isn’t Caleb. He has proof of who he is, and believes Caleb must look like him. John asks the young man about minor details.  Rafe remembers seeing a ring on Caleb’s hand, and describes it to John.  
Lucy’s terrified to see Caleb standing over her.  She accuses him of killing Alison, and vows to protect Rafe.  Caleb would never hurt his own son, and wants Rafe to know the truth.  Caleb decides he’s going to claim his son.  Lucy swears he won’t get near Rafe, and Caleb snarls she won’t stop him.  Caleb comes at her, but Lucy wakes up to find herself alone.  
TJ and Molly fight about Rafe being a murderer.  Molly believes Rafe is telling the truth, and accuses TJ of acting jealous.  Anna breaks up their argument, and TJ rats out Molly to Anna. Anna’s upset Molly would put herself in danger. Molly swears it won’t happen again.    
Kristina wonders why Connie recanted.  Connie says it was the right thing to do.  Sonny thanks her, and asks her to make things right by Michael as well.  Connie admits to Michael she lied about Sonny and the ELQ information. However, she refuses to give up who actually gave her the proof.

Todd swears to Carly that she can trust him.  Then, Luke shows up looking for Carly.  
Federal agents arrive at the mansion to arrest Tracy. 
Caleb shows up at the PCPD to see Rafe.
Lucy sneaks into the PCPD, but is quickly recognized by one of the officers.  Anna overhears a ruckus, and finds Lucy standing over the officer with a gun. Lucy points the gun at Anna, and screams about saving Rafe from Caleb.

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    so happy that Caleb and the vampire stuff is back, for real this time and it’s not just Lucy’s imagination!!

    only wish Alison was still alive. don’t know why Caleb killed her since they were friendly on the final arc of Port Charles.

  2. Profile photo of NERescuer

    I am glad Caleb is back too, but I can understand why his character killed Alison. Alison and Rafe were the one’s who tricked Livvie into stealing Caleb’s ring and making that ill fated wish that ended up making Alison pregnant with Caleb’s child. Alison after that kept his child from him and from the looks of things she and Rafe and their scheming made him lose his Olivia.

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    Loved Tracy and Luke together. I hope they get another chance, because I see nothing between Luke and Anna and besides, Anna needs to be with Duke. OT…I don’t know if it was my television or what, but Luke sounded like someone overdubbed his lines. I was doing something else and had to look up to see who it was.

    I am really not into Vampires, so I hope this does not drag on for too much longer. Having said that, I like Caleb’s swagger. Funny, I don’t see it in McBain. I like that it’s not John McBain with a ring and a weave.

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    Secrets and Lies

    I’ll say it: Connie was great today. Reminded me of what I liked about the Kate character last year – Kelly Sullivan does vulnerability very well. I hope she stays integrated for a while and picks up the relationship with Sonny – they both deserve a little happiness after this whole saga.

  5. Profile photo of liason4real

    I am not looking forward to Sonny falling in love with Connie/Kate/Konnie, because the story has been done way too many times with men falling in love with DID alters (OLTL’s Jessica/Nash, OLTL’s Jessica/Ford) and now Sonny/Connie.

    I see Sam has gone from a mob moll to a cop moll. John McBain does NOT need Sam to help him do his J.O.B. Jason did not need Sam to help him as a mob enforcer, and Lucky did not need her to do his job as a cop. I see a pattern with Sam where she has to stick like glue to whatever man is now her next male pairing.

    WTF has happen to Todd Manning? He asked Carly to run away with him. :Sp I seriously hope TSJ is considering going back to OLTL as Todd/Victor, because GH’s version of Todd Manning has become a big old wuss.

  6. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    I still think part of the vampire is Lucy’s imagination. I do believe that Caleb exist but not as a vampire, just an evil person. I never heard Allison mention anything about him being a vampire, she just seemed to say he was dangerous. And wouldn’t he had bit Allison in order to kill her instead of killing her with the arrow thingy. And once I saw that Lucy was dreaming her encounter today with Caleb, Im convinced that the vampire part is just all in her head.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Okay. Caleb IS hot, way hotter than John McBain. There is no denying that. Still, I kind of hope it would have all been just Lucy’s dream. Is it?

    Luke had something very weird about his voice! Either he had a cold, or he’s had one for a long time and has now been cured. He did look better than the last time, though. Love Tracy!

    Carly looked smoking hot, loved the short new cut and the blue dress.

    Anna was great in cop mode, and telling Molly about not going down to the holding cells. Although, why wasn’t she curious as to what she was doing there?

    Glad Connie told the truth about Sonny not being behind ELQ’s demise.

    Is it just me, but are there way too many court cases going on in PC these days? We’re in that courtroom every other day! I’m glad that Alexis is well employed, but come on. They seem comedic. Do we have to see all the court scenes, especially for something so minor as Kristina swinging as baseball bat? Who cares.

    I have to wonder: We are now one episode away from Laura returning, but emotionally the show is a million miles away from everything around her? The Caleb thing is front and center, and that has absolutely nothing to do with Laura. Nor should it. I’m just sort of worried at the pacing. I don’t want them to just spring her on without plausibility. But I guess I shouldn’t looka a gift horse in the mouth…

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    [quote=robertscorpio]I still think part of the vampire is Lucy’s imagination. I do believe that Caleb exist but not as a vampire, just an evil person. I never heard Allison mention anything about him being a vampire, she just seemed to say he was dangerous. And wouldn’t he had bit Allison in order to kill her instead of killing her with the arrow thingy. And once I saw that Lucy was dreaming her encounter today with Caleb, Im convinced that the vampire part is just all in her head.[/quote]

    I agree with you. I think the vampire stuff is also in Lucy’s head. I will say, I enjoyed Port Charles and have no problem with vampires, but I believe Ron and Company have more sense than to make Caleb an actual vampire. I enjoyed every part of yesterday’s episode, so no complaints my way.

  9. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Connie was tolerable today and Kristina was great because she kept her mouth shut. However I still do not want the Sonny/Connie story line to continue. Maurice is to old and Kelly is like 30 yo. It is not working.

    Todd and Carly was FF worthy. I like the pair but I know Todd and this hook up would not last. AJ is a better fit for Carly. Todd and Connie would be a fun ride.

    TJ/Molly/Rafe are my new faves. They need a fourth character to stir things up. TeQuan is a really good actor who has years experience under his belt and they should add someone to mix it up. I think in the summer we should have Morgan, a new girl and the lost heir on canvas.

  10. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Glad someone else noticed the pacing…all i can think is they’re speeding up story due to impending OLTL characters exiting (i wouldn’t miss any of them honestly). WHY in the world they left us hanging w/Maxie seeing Frisco is anyone’s guess. I also assume Geary was super sick so maybe they postponed some Luke /Tracy stuff? Eliot also sounded a bit hoarse. The Davis girls need to go, i’m losing interest fast!

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    I missed a few episodes this week. Last I saw, Maxie sees Frisco for the first time in two decades! Was there a follow-up to that scene? That would’ve been highly watchable and I hate the idea the follow-up was dropped to only be picked up AFTER the meeting at The Floating Rib. Argh.

    I wish the vampire stuff was all a figment of Lucy’s pysche but it appears that a vampire may actually exist in Port Charles. Not thrilled at that aspect but not entirely hating it either because I love seeing Lynn Herring and Michael Easton indulging in Caleb. It’s wonderful to watch.

    I did not love nor hate the Tarly scenes. It was predictable but I’ll be darned, I can’t help but think Tarly has great chemistry. Still, the idea of them being “in love” is heavy handed. Mutual attraction and affection is enough of a driving force. Between Carly/Todd and Carly/AJ, I think Carly/Johnny is best left forgotten.

    Nearly broke my finger FFWDing all of the courthouse scenes with The Davis’ Girls, TJ, Michael, Sonny, Konnie and Black-Jason. I like TJ and Molly with Rafe but all of the characters could exit and I would not bat an eyelash.

  12. Profile photo of GHteenybopper

    As someone who never watch Port Charles, I have no interest in this Caleb/Vampire story, I have no idea who’s idea it was to not have a follow to the Frisco and Felicia scenes…NO FRISCO AND MAXIE FOLLOWUP??!?! REALLY?? SERIOUSYLY??? Instead we get the court crap and the vampire crap….ain’t nobody got time for that!

  13. Profile photo of westvirginiafan

    Let Caleb be a psychopath (cartini do those well, although please no more gay serial killers (nora’s husband that killed jen was the most contrived).

    and resolve this so Lucy can be her conniving work over the rich character again (and have her have the satisfaction of Kevin having to recognize there was some basis to her fears).

    Have mcbain go underground (or be kidnapped and held by caleb) so this plot does not drag out over the next six momths while waiting to see if the oltl characters can come back)

    keep rafe around–he’s a find. have a real back and forth triangle with mollie having two good guys (TJ needs to ease up, maybe become friends with Rafe so there’s some poignance in the triangle, not just one character acting like a jerk).

    have kristina do community service in another country that drops diplomatic relations with the US so we don’t have to see her until they can bring back another actress. (and why was it she couldn’t have gone off with trey, who turned into a good actor, until he could bring her back as another actress.)

    or have trey and cole having been resurrected by david heyward (as long as prospect park is working out crossovers) discover in recovery that they have fallen in love and have Starr have to sing her way through challenging a hope has two daddies subplot

    other than that GH is doing just fine

  14. Profile photo of soapbaby

    [quote=westvirginiafan]Let Caleb be a psychopath (cartini do those well, although please no more gay serial killers (nora’s husband that killed jen was the most contrived).[/quote]

    ^^ Ron Carvialti did not write Nora’s husband, Daniel Colson, murdering Jenn Rappaport. Dena Higley wrote that story or at least the conclusion that Daniel was a closeted gay man who happened to murder Jenn. Still, Carvialti wrote his fair share of psychopaths and mentally unstable characters while on OLTL. I found parts of Marty Saybrooke’s descent into lunacy fun but overall her character was destroyed in the long-term and poorly written out. Eli, Schuyler, Jessica (as Tess, Bess and Wes) are examples of potentially quality characters inexplicably and poorly written into murderous psychotics! And then there was Stacy Morasco and Mitch Laurence who were as one-note as you could get.

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