Has Mason Sold His Soul to Genoa City’s Ultimate Devil on The Young and the Restless?

The promise of a fat promotion—if and when Victor (Eric Braeden) resumes control of Newman Enterprises—has Mason Wilder (Lamon Archey) contemplating the unthinkable on The Young and the Restless. Is this young man really so ambitious, he would actively help Victor destroy Sharon's (Sharon Case) sanity?

A quick look at Archey's Twitter profile reveals the handsome actor may already be catching hell online for his alter ego's misdeeds. Tweeted Archey:

Y'all cut that man some slack! Mason is the one slipping her sugar pills — not the actor. Besides, Share Bear was bound to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs again at some point. 

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    The Victor/Mason storyline is quite interesting. Classic line from Adam today to Jack re: Victor “he brushed me off like dandruff from one of his 386 black shirts.” I was ROTFLMAO! :D

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    hey mon

    I think that Josh G should try to showcase this Mason guy a bit more. Instead of a one-note guy who is so pro-Victor he’ll do anything for The Moustache, make him more believable. Tampering with Sharon’s pills is going to get Mason a one way ticket off The Show, and that would be a terrible waste, the guy is contract-material. Oh well.

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    I would like more for Mason also, he’s such a HANDSOME man! :O But he couldn’t do it…sigh…has a conscience which is welcome to see and not another character that is vile as all have done the last decade. Watch he will tell Victor he did it… ;) Another hit on ole Victor! :)

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    Adam’s comment was perfect…and so well delivered. it HAD to be an adlib.

    I was glad to see Mason couldn’t tamper with the pills after all, even though I know old Vic is gonna be PISSED

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    He’s definitely fine as hell–even moreso than Redaric Williams IMO–but the acting is kinda painful to watch. Maybe if TPTB invest a little something in the character he’ ll improve with time.

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    I think the fact that Mason couldn’t do it today made him a little more multi-dimensional. I was really expecting him to switch those pills, but when he didn’t, I couldn’t help but smile. Showed that at least the guy DOES have a bit of a conscience…at least for now.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Here’s hoping Mason double-crosses The Moustache. Victor just peeled off a wad of cash to pay off Mason to do his evil wishes. The fact that Mason has a conscience and didn’t switch the medication was great. I want him to stick it to the old fart. He needs to expose Victor’s scheme to Adam and then the shit will really hit the fan.

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    Mason’s a tiny bit hotter than Tyler but Redaric is a much better actor. So, for the show’s sake…put them both on contract. We don’t need to pick just one!

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    I am not a fan of the double dealing with Mason because it is being done soooooo obviously… meeting at the penthouse, at the GCAC, etc. It would be much better if they used the street set outside of Jimmy’s Bar where Victor arrives in his car or limo and either rolls down his window or Mason hops in and they discuss what they have to do.

    This out in the open type of dealing between the EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT OF NEWMAN’s CEO, Jack and now ADam with Victor Newman is just sloppy all around on the production side of things. Sarge saw them together his first day back (sadly Sarge is now gone) and he put two and two together. WHY THE HELL ISN’T ADAM HEARING ABOUT THIS or SHARON or even Jack?!!

    I mean, everyone eats at the GCAC so why hasnt this been discovered?!!

    As for the actor, good looking but dull deliveries.

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    Like Tyler, Mason needs a girlfriend who isn’t part of the show. Tyler needs to have his “I am HOT” bravado solidified by showing him with a hot chick all the time when out. The fact that he shows up everywhere alone only makes it seem more like this dude is FULL OF HOT AIR and can’t satisfy a woman like he can his right hand OR that he plays for the other side and is on the DL.

    The fact that he has eyes ONLY for Lily is creepy since he has ONLY HAD EYES FOR HER since he arrived in town!!!

    As for Mason, giving him a girlfriend … or even boyfriend… would allow the writers to flesh out why he would not just keep working HONESTLY for Adam and letting his intentions be known that he wants more career wise. I basically understand his motivations but need more to buy the whole thing hook line and sink.

    Right now, both are just hot guys misguided by stupid writers.

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    I actually prefer Mason myself and wish he’d continue to be on more.

    He’s more my type than Tyler, for what it’s worth. >) >) >)

    I don’t think he’s lacking in the acting department either. Up to now he hasn’t been given anything to do. Give the guy a chance.

    Anyone who screws Vic is “the man” in my department.

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    Mason IS good looking!!! :) :)

    I am so glad that he decided against switching Sharon’s pills. I wonder if he is going to confess to Victor or just play like he actually did the deed.

    I think Mason is more of a good guy, softy, and Tyler is more of the dirty type. I just wish he would get over Lily. So far, I would have to say Rederic is the better actor. Lamon comes off like he is reading from a script.

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    Victor messing with Sharon’s meds? That would be one of the most disturbingly despicable things he or anyone in Genoa City could even think of doing. If all comes to pass then surely this should be the crime to finally shrivel The Great Teflon Bratwurst. Yes it is in his character to do so but messing with the health of another is still rather nasty.

    Mason basically is one note so far and I can’t stand that he is Victor’s b..boy. He’s a mole and a snake and it bugs me. However … maybe it will all come back to bite Victor in the near future. Moles do tend to ply their trade where it best suits them.

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    hey mon

    SoapA — You got it.

    The Underground!

    Hot Blooded Nights. Monday nights — Mason, Noah, Tyler, Fen.

    Tuesday nights. Young Girls! — Summer, Eden, Abby, Roxanne!

    Wednesday nights. Daddy’s Club! — Neil, Cane, Billy, Nick.

    Thursday nights. MILFs! — Ashley (Eileen or Brenda), Phyllis, Vicky, Chelsea, Sharon.

    Something for everyone.

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    What would be nice since most wants a gay character on Y&R…Mason could be it! His story is open being new, comfortable in his own skin…it would be delicious if he had a past with Rafe ;)

    When does Mason get to use the sauna, I’m waiting! >)

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    Actually Mason right now is rather a clean slate so he could go either way. I just still doubt it will ever happen in our Genoa City environs.
    Rafe is gay and look at all the screen time he gets (unless Adam decided he liked it and has Rafe trapped down in his wine cellar).

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    Lets be serious MAB wanted to do a gay story and Sony or someone said NO probably they knew they were ridding the bitch from the soap back then and was waiting until they could do a gay story.

    Off with MAB’s head…oh it happened…YAY! :)

    I don’t want a gay story about young person coming out AGAIN…been done to death on soaps now. I want a gay person comfortable with their sexuality an adult with maturity and knows what they want…which Mason fits that bill just IMO.

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    Its extremely doubtful that they will make Mason gay on this show. I would love it if they would but if you look over Jill’s long soap history, I don’t think you will find a gay character anywhere in the mix. i don’t think she is homophobic, I just don’t think she considers adding them to her mix of characters because she can’t play them off one another sexually later down the road.

    I am a gay man, and although I would love to see a gay character arrive on the scene in Genoa City and not just come out as one, I don’t think that soaps will ever truly jump on board with them even if Days is playing one right now. For one thing, Days may have gay characters but they have put the main character right in the mix of a traditionally straight story of a custody battle with all the little juicy trimmings of back stabbing, double dealing and underhanded blackmail.

    On Y&R, there are soooooo many triangles being created right now that to add a great gay love story into the mix would be hard. it would require the introduction of another actor and this show already has so many with history still to be revealed that I don’t see it happening. You have Adam/Chelsea/Sharon (always there), Adam/Chelsea/Cane/Lily, Lily/Cane/Tyler, Lauren/Michael/Carmine/Abby, eventually it will be Jack/Phyllis/Kyle, Chavez will have to fall into the mix somewhere on this program and I see him either paired successfully with Chelsea in yet another triangle with Adam or he will be paired with Chloe with Kevin completing the triangle. Least I forget the Avery/Nick/Sharon/Dylan mix. So where on earth can they throw in a gay love story. AND do we need another love story?! NO

    They will have to play out the Mason story and eitehr see the character and actor jell with the other cast or with the fans or just see him as collateral in the fight for Newman. Then we will have to see something new and better happen.

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    hey mon

    I’m straight, and I think that it would probably be best to have bi guy or bi gal characters, as well as gay or lesbian. That way they can be played off against each other. Kevin could easily be a bi, and it would prob make Greg Rikaart happy to have a non-stealing bag-of-money s/l once in a while. JFP could make Jamie a bi, too, throw a little realism into the mix here and there, Have Jamie say that he likes Fen, or something like that. That way with bi’s, the writers could get away from the ‘What do we do with our gay character this month?’ conundrum.

    Plus, when The Underground becomes a strip club, Kevin could strip for the guys and the gals, and I gotta believe that Greg R would like that.

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    hey mon

    harlee — you know I am all things to all people.

    On Gaytime (ha ha) Confidential, I am a gay-friendly straight guy who can talk about Y&R and DAYS. Trust me, you guys love to talk about about ‘gay’ things. So for me to survive around here, I have had to ‘see the gay POV’, and be able to articulate it. Plus, everyone here definitely appreciates Eileen Davidson on both shows, so I am happy. On soaps.com, I am the Cougar-liking straight guy (which I really am). At MLB.com (Major League Baseball), I am the Detroit Tigers expert who is a Little League baseball coach, and fan. And on and on across different fourms.

    So, just trying to fit in.

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    hey mon you do fit in…LMAFO…”Gaytime Confidential”…perfect! :bigsmile: :beer:

    U definitely been educated on gay humor and slang on this site. I was by no means making fun of you but being playful. ;)

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    They could do a gay Mason.

    I’ve stated this before but it was such a non event (in a very good way), when they had Rafe disclose his sexuality. On this show the gay card shouldn’t be something that should have to be sold to the typical Y and R viewer. It just should “be”.

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    hey mon

    I think it would be much more realistic for Mason to be lightly and gently ‘going after’ Lily, rather than the MILF approach that Josh G has given to Tyler and Lily. I see the big snowstorm hit today, and Lily and Tyler are alone in the car. What’s next?

    I have got to agree with the Lane fans on this one. Too contrived. Too strange, is the forced pairing of Lily and Tyler. Why would Tyler want to completely jeopardize his role at Jabot by going after his bosses’ wife, or his bosses’ daughter? And I’ve got to believe that a guy like Tyler simply doesn’t ‘have’ to have a married woman, with his commitment to fitness and regimen. I’ve got believe there are other women in GC who would notice him.

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    hey mon…well put

    I’d also buy the Tyler character a bit more if it hadn’t been shoved down our throats since they started talking about his audition tape many months ago. We KNEW they were going to split the duo up and that Tyler was the one. No developing the story, no build up, too one note.

    It’s sad because I loved Sharon and Nick together, but also bought their break up and Nick cheating with Phyllis. The story made sense. I’d like to be happy about this story too, but I don’t want to see him with Lily.

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    Yes the Tyler\Lily hook up is tepid. Tyler needs more fleshing out because I think Tyler is evolved big time in the Senator Wheeler story and Leslie is protecting him. That’s where the story is better.

    Give a reason why Lane will be busting up. I do think Lane needs to break up to add something to their story but if it’s going to be with Tyler slow it down. Maybe Cane ends up in affair w\Chelsea which could have the cause effect for Tyler\Lily. Tyler being a friend not using mirrors to look up Lily’s short dresses ;) as a sexhound.

    Regardless, CK rocks in those shirt dresses and looks absolutely beauitful in red! :O

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    So agree.

    Can’t wait to see them apart, but not sure Tyler is the one. Bleh.

    I DO like the Senator Wheeler story and it gives a different perspective on his character. I’d rather see them use him in that one. When he’s showing what a great “talent” he is I don’t buy it.

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    So after the past couple of episodes with Mason and his girlfriend, I think we need to keep waiting a bit for that gay Y and R character. Probably for the best right now. (And this is coming from a gay male…)

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